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    Volcano erupts!
    California’s Lassen Peak, also known as Mount Lassen, a volcanic mountain, has erupted, devastating the surrounding country and spreading ash for as much as 200 miles away.1 Located in the Shasta Cascade region of northern California, Lassen rises 2,000 feet above the nearby terrain. It was formerly the brother mountain to the volcano Tehama, which was blown away during an earlier eruption. Lassen is part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc which reaches from British Columbia to Northern California. Lassen is the tallest of the volcanoes which have recently erupted.2

    Poem Written
    A doctor involved in providing medical care to injured combatants in the European confrontation, John McCrae was mortified at the death of Lieutenant Alex Helmer. Helmer, a close friend of McCrae’s, had been killed during the Second Battle of Ypres. After the military funeral for Helmer, McCrae set out to honor his deceased friend by writing a poem. McCrae says the poem was written while he waiting—seated in an ambulance—for the arrival of more casualties of the war. The poem was then picked up by a literary companion, who sent it on to British and Canadian interests. These then shared with United States concerns by wire.3 The name of the poem is In Flanders Field. Although space precludes printing the entire poem herein, a snippet is hereby presented. To wit: We are the Dead! / Short days ago / we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow / loved and were loved / and now we lie in Flanders Field!

    New king crowned
    Portugal has a new king! After a continuation of disruptions, Portugal has named Teófilo Braga as its king. Braga—a poet rather than politician—is a man of tenacity and combative nature. Braga is known to have been disciplined during his time at his secondary school in Ponta Delgada (where his father was teaching) for making disparaging remarks directed at his teacher. At the end of secondary school, Teófilo had hoped for improving future prospects. Teófilo even informed his father of his intention to travel to the United States for a professional career (probably as a typographer). But his father suggested expanding his studies at the University of Coimbra. Therefore, Teófilo Braga, student, arrived in Coimbra in April 1861, with hopes of achieving a doctorate in Theology or Law. His first lodging would be at the home of Filipe de Quental, a paternal uncle of the author Antero de Quental. There, Teófilo began writing poetry. It is hoped that the presence of an intellect will strengthen Portugal’s affairs.

    And the cost is…

    • Beautify your home after a visit to Max Crow’s Garden & Farm shop in Gilroy! All sorts of plantings in stock. Your pick of our nasturtiums, just 25¢a plant.
    • Rent the Civic Club House for your meetings and other affairs. Just $6 for all day. Lesser amounts for lesser times. Contact Mrs. J. Pell, president, or Mrs. R. Olmstead, secretary.
    • The “Clean Up” hitter is at bat trying to bring home runners. His chances are much improved if he is using our new cork-center ball. Obtain for $1.25. Make more home runs! Contact the Spalding Company, San Francisco.
    • A brand new Hudson 6-40 can be yours for the amount of $1,750. See L. L. Peterson in Pacific Grove for an appointment to test drive the demonstration model. Terms available through the bank of E. Cooke Smith at 4%.

    Author’s notes …
    1. Lassen was followed by the 1980 explosion of Mount Saint Helen’s, a major eruption that killed more than 50 people.
    2. Mini-eruptions of Lassen had begun in 1914, nearly a year earlier.
    3. The poem In Flanders Field would later be printed by the Review in its entirety. In 1918, John Phillip Sousa would write the music to accompany the poem.

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