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    Screen play premiers
    What is considered to be one of the most important theatrical works in decades is premiering on America’s moving picture screens. “A Fool There Was” opened in New York to cheering crowds. Presented by William Fox, the film features Theda Bara and Edward Josè. A happily married man, who is an attorney and rich diplomat, has boarded a passenger ship on a business trip to Europe. On board, John Schuyler (Edward José), who is a devoted husband and family man, meets a vamp (Theda Bara1) with the power to make men fall under her infatuation, and kowtow to her wishes. Completely under the influence of this woman, he loses his job and family. The new life of the man who is now a complete idiot degrades.The silent screen story was written by Roy McCardell. It is based on the book by Emerson Brown. Distributed by American Box Office Attractions, A Fool There Was will be coming soon to the Colonial Cinema, Pacific Grove. Dates and times will be posted.

    Words spelled in light
    They’re not here yet, but soon you’ll be able to see words like Culp Bros. or Ed J. Hardy spelled out in lighted tubes. The invention of what are being termed as neon lights is attributed to Georges Claude, a scientist who has been working on creating electrical power from the up-rising of cold water deep in the ocean. The neon light exudes from a tube filled with neon or argon gas. The gas glows when electricity is passed through it. The tube or tubes can be arranged to spell out messages. Most of these messages are expected to form names or brief advertising promotions. Claude is at work on a book explaining his new creation and suggesting uses.2

    Coast Guard joins military
    The Coast Guard may have been around since 1790, but now it’s as a member of the United States armed forces. An act of the Congress has designated the United States Coast Guard as a military branch. The Coast Guard was first advocated by Alexander Hamilton as stewards of the coast. Both the war in Europe and the Mexican revolution prompted congressional action. While the Coast Guard continues to be responsible for coastal security, it is also responsible for coastal security and safety.

    More troops to Vera Cruz?
    Warning has been sent to military personnel stationed at the Presidio to be on the alert. More forces may be dispatched to Vera Cruz in Mexico. Disregard of the request for information about the disappearance of the U. S. soldier, Private Parks, is seen as exacerbating the international problem. South American diplomats are working to resolve the difficulty. The U. S. War Department already has ships stationed off the coast of Mexico. Citizens of the Grove are invited to participate in the coalition to Demand Action in Mexico!

    New Restaurant
    Formerly reserved for private parties, Damewood’s All-Bay Restaurant, located in the Scobie building at 609 Lighthouse, is now open to the public. Public meals will be served from 6 am until 9 pm. Food is available at other hours by arrangement. Family trade is particularly solicited. Are you a businessman? The special businessman’s lunches can be enjoyed at any hour. Yes, the other Damewood restaurant, where service is still cafeteria style, will remain open.

    Side Track
    Tidbits from here and there…

    • Mr. E. F. Long, who is working in San Francisco, has returned home to spend a few days with his wife, Mrs. Emily Long.
    • Mrs. Mabel Parker caught the evening train yesterday for a trip to Los Angeles.
    • Mr. Frank Smith of San Jose spent the weekend here squiring Miss Sue Hickman.
    • Miss Rose Cochrane departed this morning for a week’s visit with friends who live in the north. Miss Cochrane may also visit Berkeley where she is thinking of attending school.
    • Are you interested in the Pure Food Law? Attend the gathering to be held tomorrow at 6 pm at B. M. Childs, Grocer.
    • There’s nothing to say about the Black Hat except that we’re preparing some delicious treats. We’re the little store on the corner of 16th and Lighthouse. Join the Pacific Grove Coalition for Action in Mexico!

    And the cost is …

    • Ed Hardy, Optician, can help you improve your vision. Everything from eye testing to lens and frame included in your package deal for $2.50.
    • Rexall Spring Tonics are now available at Long & Getner’s with prices starting at 35ȼ a bottle for the small size.
    • Do you have an appetite for good things to eat? Canned goods available from Burlingame’s fine foods. Half price!

    Author’s notes …
    1. Theodosia Burr Goodman was stage named Theda, the word Death with the letters rearranged, and Bara, the word Arab spelled backwards. The name was created as a publicity stunt by Fox Studio to (falsely) tout Theodosia as the daughter of an Arabian sheik. Theda is considered Hollywood’s initial sex symbol. She frequently appeared on screen and stage semi-clad in filmy see-throughs. You can learn more about Theda by reading Hallelujah Hollywood!, the soon-to-be-released historical novel by your Tall Hats author, Jonathan Guthrie.
    2. During WWII, Claude collaborated with the Nazis in developing the V-1 Flying Bomb. He was imprisoned for war crimes.

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