• Hats, 4/4/14

    Main line
    History repeats, wedding bells heard
    Master William Nichols, who is stationed with the military at the Presidio, and Miss Ivera Smith exchanged wedding vows here. By choice and not by coincidence, this was the same space in which Ivera’s mother took her vows upwards of twenty years ago. That marriage has certainly endured pleasantly enough, and Miss Smith thought this might be a good omen for her nuptials.
    The happy couple entered the room to the strains of Mendelssohn’s wedding march. Smith, wearing a striking, white silk dress, and Nichols, attired in formal military duds, took their places beneath a polished carriage bell, and then gave their promises to each other. The ceremony was guided by the pastor of the Methodist church,
    After the rituals, the party departed for the home of Mrs. Smith at 228 18th, grandmother of the bride, where a scrumptious meal, prepared by the elder Mrs. Smith, awaited. Mr. and Mrs. Nichols then departed under showers of rice to enjoy a weeklong honeymoon which began with a tour around the Grove and Monterey in a gleaming Buick auto mobile. Hoards of cheering soldiers lining both sides of the roadway greeted the newlyweds at the Presidio.

    New proprietor
    This week, the Pacific Grove feed and grain store finds itself under new management. After months of negotiating, W. J. Gould, who happens to be a Grove trustee, purchased the business from T. A. Work. Gould promised a continuing of excellence in service and products. One change is likely. Considering Gould’s attitude toward auto mobiles, deliveries are likely to be made from some sort of auto truck rather than mule and wagon. Work said that business was fine, but his age was forcing him to cut back a little. Come by for a visit. Gould will see that you are gifted with a pound bag of birdseed…yes, entirely free.

    Want ads work
    If you are looking for special merchandise, wish to buy a home, or want to invest in special property, you are well advised to scan the Review’s want ads. Some rare, unique, and outstanding opportunities are therein waiting to be discovered.

    Heavy rain
    With this year’s wet season being very wet, it should come as no surprise to learn that this past weekend’s dinner, sponsored by the Women’s temperance league, was washed out. The ladies’ claim to desire to do nothing in halves. Therefore the dinner and accompanying skits will be held next weekend, weather permitting.

    Conference to commence
    The annual California Conference of the Methodist church will convene next week in Pacific Grove at the church building. This will be the 61st year for the conference to assemble. For the past 19 years, the conference has opened in the Grove. There are 133 branches, including Pacific Grove, set to dispatch 296 pastors to the confab. Training composes a big part of activities. Learning how to work more closely with parishioners will be stressed.

    Preliminary hearing postponed
    Ace C. Craven, of Berkeley, appeared Thursday afternoon in Justice of the Peace Wallace’s court to respond to charges brought by W. J. Newlove of Pacific Grove. The testimony of one witness had been heard, but the defendant had not yet taken the stand when Wallace pronounced the affair postponed until next Monday.

    Vessels coming to port
    The Associated Oil Company’s tug boat, Navigator, and its tow barge, Montero, had journeyed to Coalinga to take on shiploads of oil. The vessels then left for the Port of Monterey where they will tie up to be emptied and to take on new crew and provisions.

    Polo on tap
    Four matches of polo will be played on the polo field at Del Monte this weekend. The match pitting Monterey against Pacific Grove is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday. Monterey stands out as a slight favorite.

    Special events tonight
    * There will be a performance of the high school drama, “The Death of Life” pre- sented at the Civic Club hall. Curtain is at 7:30. * Belshazzar’s Feast will be served at the Methodist church at 6. Fifty cents per person. * Moving pictures will be screened at the Colonial theater. Opening show at 7. 20¢ per adult. 15¢per senior or child with adult.

    Side tracks … tidbits from here and there

    • Mr. T. J. Anderson, from Austin, Texas, arrived at the Pacific Grove hotel on a brief business trip.
    • Friends of A. M. Fitzsimmons, who wish to vote for him in the upcoming “special” election, are advised they can simply write in Fitzsimons’s name on the ballot. Those who cannot write have ample time to learn the making of the name. 1
    • Miss Helen Daphne, of San Jose, is in town for a visit with her secret beau.
    • Abalone fritters and other delicacies made from Point Lobos deep sea abalone are great nerve vitalizers.
    • Next Wednesday evening has been set aside for a band concert by the sea performed from the band stand on Lighthouse by the Peninsula band. Plan to bring a picnic basket for a 5:30 start.
    • Buses and auto mobiles will transport an assemblage to the Pacific Grove hotel on Saturday to meet as the United Auto Drivers of the Peninsula. A contribution of 50¢ is requested.
    • Come spend an afternoon enjoying nature’s treats at the Downtown Farm-to-Market, Pacific Grove.

    And the cost is …

    • Good Valley farmland, unimproved. Offered by the Kuhn Irrigated Land Company on easy terms. $5 an acre. Only 10% down. Contact us at 412 Market, San Francisco. 2
    • Get in the Coffee Club habit! Try our homemade pie with coffee, just 25¢.
    • Rent a safety deposit box from the bank of E. Cooke Smith. Just $2.50 by the year.
    • Subscribe to McCall’s magazine. $2.50 per year through the Review.
    • Kodak Finishing. Mail to Web’s in San Jose. 35¢ for a roll of 8 pictures, replacement film included.

    Notes from the author …

    • Editor Brown seemed highly supportive of write-in candidate Fitzsimmons.
    • The Great Depression approached. Selling on margin caused many firms such as Kahn’s to go under.


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