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    Modern dance touted
    Mr. Ted Shawn, husband of the famed dancer Ruth St. Denis, arrived in Pacific Grove last week. Mr. Shawn hopes to find recruits interested in attending classes at the new Denishawn Dance Shool established in Los Angeles by his spouse. Mr. Shawn came by train because the “artsy” reputation of the Grove promised that he would find many prospective students here. The founder of the school of modern dance, Ruth St. Denis (Denis is spoken so that it sounds like saying the niece) is particularly noted for the Radha (Indian) and Cobra movements. Miss St. Denis hopes her school is so successful she’ll be prompted to establish multiple Los Angeles schools. 1 Rumor holds that Mr. Shaw will offer a Chautauqua appearance by his wife next season while here. He claims a past Chautauqua experience as the source of his awareness, and of the appeal of Pacific Grove.

    Space comes to California
    President Woodrow Wilson signed legislation yesterday establishing the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics. Although the advisory agency’s focus will be on flying next to earth and on the potential for new flying contraptions, some consideration will be given to intergalactic matters, or space travel. Headquarters will be at the Ames Research Institute in Mountain View. Among the committee’s earliest obligations will be to send a group to locations around the state, including our Presidio, to present in an interesting fashion information on safety in the new world of aeronautics. 2

    Recognizing sperm oil workers
    The expiring days of lighting oil lamps and candles have closed several whaling stations which once operated along the Peninsula coastline, including the whaling station at Point Lobos. Millions of barrels of sperm oil were thence sent by railroad to processing plants. Most oil from here was shipped north to San Francisco. Several Grovians earned their livings working in the sperm oil industry. Individuals from here and all around the Peninsula are invited to participate in activities honoring these folks with a recognition day. The featured event, inspired by remarks of President Woodrow Wilson, will be a dinner and after dinner roast chaired by narrator W. H. Scott. During the day, beginning at 1 a.m., games, contests, and a clam dig will prevail. The cost per family to participate in all activities, including dinner, is $4 per person. The cost of the banquet alone is $2 per person. Think it over. If you recall once working in sperm oil, get connected with Main 547, and sign up. Sperm oil worker, you’re the one being recognized and applauded!

    The Tramp is coming!
    Released by Essanay Studios, Charley Chaplin’s new film, The Tramp, will be playing at the Colonial next week. The slapstick story, a silent film, begins with the tramp, Charley, finding the “girl of his dreams” (Edna Purveyance).” The Tramp takes a farm job so that he can be near the object of his desires. It takes a while and several mishaps, but the Tramp finally realizes that his sought-after already has a serious boy- friend. The Tramp takes to the road again, whistling and singing, swinging his cane … but terribly sad inside. Enjoy the surprise resolution. Mary Culpepper will be at the piano. Running time is 32 minutes. Advance tickets can be purchased at the Culp Bros. store. The cost is 20¢ each advance seat, 25¢ at the door. The Tramp will be shown alongside several shorter works.

    Enjoy news internationally
    The Pacific Grove Review has recently expanded itself by subscribing to the International News Service, a wire amenity offered by Mr. William Randolph Hearst. Now the Review knows what is happening worldwide almost as soon as it happens. Additional trivia is also offered, including tips for day-to-day living, jokes, bromides, and other material designed to please the most discriminating reader. Here at the Review, we’re watching readership numbers carefully to see if the wire service is a worthy addition.

    Side track… Tidbits from here and there

    • Mrs. Phoebe Hearst, mother of newspaper magnum William Hearst, is offering to pay the train fare for women from anywhere in California to Pacific Grove. The offer stands for any woman wishing to participate in summer activities of the YWCA, focused at Asilomar.
    • Miss Kate Collins and Mrs. Adeline Roote have returned to the grove after visiting in San Francisco for several weeks.
    • Mayor A. F. Bunker has returned home after several days of political visiting in Salinas.

    And the cost is …

    • The T. A. Work Company serves as agent to the Studebaker Company and has just received its 1915 display models. Studebakers feature left-hand drive, floating rear axle, foot operated clutch, Timpkin bearings, and a posh interior. Studebaker offers a utilitarian touch of reality. Stop by to view the vehicles, then telephone Main 732 to schedule a test drive. The basic model’s cost is just $975, but you can compare with vehicles costing $1,125, base.
    • Strong & Camp is now offering loans on automobiles or property at 4%. Ten percent down. Located on Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove.
    • Plug a lamp into every light socket after visiting Culp Bros. Sunbeam Mazda lamps start at just 75¢.
    • Luxury American plan now being offered to Grovians at the Metropole Hotel in Oakland. Delicious meals. Inside plumbing. We’re a business hotel offering special summer rates of $2 per night, American plan, and $1 per night European plan. Proprietor J. W. Brace.

    Author’s notes …
    1. The successful Denishawn Schools, Los Angeles, would be responsible for the creation of another chain of schools in New York, starting five years later.
    2. NACA was the predecessor of NASA.

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