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    Salaries furor closer to resolution
    Our State Assemblyman Charles B. Rosend has announced that the assembly has agreed on a supplemental raise to be paid to constables in California. If the proposition becomes law, these invaluable employees will hereafter receive an additional $10 monthly, plus 10¢ a mile to cover travel. The effort occurred after examination of the average wages reported by the census of 2010. These wages include, on a yearly basis: County Clerk, $3,000; Deputy County Clerk, $1,200; Sheriff, $3,500; Deputy Sheriff, $1,200; District Attorney, $2,400, Assistant District Attorney, $1,500.

    Well known author-poet dies
    Mrs. Helen Grace Hibbard, who for several years has been a resident of the Grove, was visiting in San Francisco when she suddenly passed away. She was 76 years of age. Mrs. Hibbard made many friends during her residence in the Grove. All were sorry to learn of her demise. Hibbard was the author of a number of popular books and poems. Arrangements for her funeral have not yet been made. 1

    Technology Advances: send letters by wire
    The Western Union Telegraph Company announces the establishment of the “Day Letter” which is intended as the companion of the very popular “Night Letter.” The Night Letter was established one year ago and the Day Letter now comes along as an additional telegraph service which secures to the people of this nation the cheapest wire service in the world. The business man can conduct his correspondence by wire with every advantage which may be gained from a saving in time, the elimination of distances, and the immediate attention that is always accorded telegraph.
    • The Day Letter has been made possible by the economical and efficient use of the telegraph company’s surplus facilities, when such facilities are not utilized by more urgent traffic. The Day Letter will be transmitted and delivered with promptness at all points, and fifty words may be transmitted at a cost of 1 1⁄2 times the regular rate for a 10-words telegraphic message. Hence fifty words may be sent from New York to Pacific Grove at a cost of $1.50.
    • It should be noted that that cost gives the sender the privilege of sending just fifty words and for any additional number of words a charge of one-fifth of the rate for fifty words is made. In the case of a message destined for New York, this would be an add-on which would be one-fifth of $1.50, or 30¢.
    • All Night letters will be handled with such dispatch as to secure reasonably prompt delivery, but the full-paid Day Message will be given as expedited a service as possible, which of course must be maintained in order that its value be as held as the value of a quick and specialized, but short, message. As in the case of Night Letters, the Day Letter will be written in plain English to avoid the delays and complications of code words and coding symbols, neither of which will be accepted. II

    Come to fashion show
    The Big Style Exposition combines the individual displays of a multitude of the leading retail stores in one fashion event worth traveling miles to see. Nothing like it has ever been attempted. Among the stores participating in the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, event are Davis Schonwasser Co, Golden Gate Cloak and Suit House, Hale’s, Roos Brothers, Prussia Company, D. Samuels Late House, The Emporium, and S. N. Wood & Company.
    • A low round-trip rate of $4.20 for transportation from the Grove to San Francisco and return can be obtained through the Fashion Show Traffic Bureau. This special pricing is extended to each person within a group of fifteen (or more) who wish to travel together. The price of the ticket should not be included when you send in your application to attend to Fashion Show Traffic Bureau, Room 9030 Palace Hotel, San Francisco. Pay for the ticket (COD) when it is delivered.

    Notes from around the area…

    • The Frances Willard Lodge No. 237 of the International Order of the Good Tem- plars will meet in the Scobie Hall, Pacific Grove, each Friday evening at 8 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend. Posted by Mrs. Alice Oliver, Pres, and Mrs. Edith Brown, Sec’y.
    • The Del Monte Laundry Agency wishes it known that its services have been improved with the addition of a delivery wagon. Telephone Red 373 to arrange for the wagon to call.
    • Hare-Harkins Optical Co has opened a second office at 322 Alvarado Street in Monterey. The daily hours of the Grove office, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., remain unchanged.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • H. W. Foster of the Pacific Grove Hotel invites your out-of-town guests to board and lodge with him. Room rates as low as $1.50 nightly, with community bath- room.
    • When you wish to hang yourself, buy your rope from Wright’s Hardware. Purchase standard rope by the yard for as little as 6¢ a foot. Screen doors also available at $6.20 each.
    • Need some electricity? Phillips & Lawrey handles the Davis & Kidder genuine magneto-battery machines. $7.25. III
    • Visitors will enjoy calling when they must ring a Standard Door Bell for entrance. Sold in kits, ready to install, for $3.75 at the Fair.
    • Fine, lady’s watches can be yours from Roth Coney, Pacific Grove. Gold fill, stem wind, 20 years guarantee. Waltham movement. From $9.10 to $29.15. IV

    Author’s Notes
    I. Helen Grace Hibbard also wrote as Helen Grace Porter. From time to time, pre- owned copies of her works can be found on Amazon … according to an unconfirmed source.
    II.  Eh? Readers should be advised that one hundred years ago, advertising was being sold that appeared like a news item. This front-page article seems to be one of that ilk, created by the client. It has been shortened considerably by your present-day author.
    III. This “machine” produced electricity by a person hand-cranking a handle. This electricity could be stored in an internal battery for a short period of time.
    IV.  A Massachusetts firm founded in 1818, Waltham competed with Elgin to be one of the world’s premier watch- and clock-makers. Many manufacturers purchased time-piece works to be inserted into other items such as saddles, snuff- boxes, necklaces, breast-pins, shirt-studs, hair-pins, bracelets, and finger-rings. An individual working the ten-hour shift in Waltham’s 1911 factory would average three dollars daily in wages.References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post.

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