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    Interested in summer travel?
    While the summer season is not quite yet upon us, planning for summer vacations is. So … here’s an idea you might be interested in looking at. Mr. E. Schillingburg, regional passenger agent for the Southern Pacific Railroad, is working up a summer vacation plan he’s calling the Community Car. Here’s how the plan works. A passenger car is set aside for transporting passengers to some particularly scenic location, say, the Grand Canyon. A discounted ticket price is announced, but those tickets, until some preset date, will only be sold to individuals who identify them- selves as residents of a particular community such as Pacific Grove. Hopefully the car will be entirely filled with community residents, who all know each other and are ready for good times and camaraderie. If seats remain available after the preset date, these seats will be offered to the general public at the discounted price, questions of residency unasked. The ticket will be round trip (nothing else will be sold). All passengers are responsible for their own meals: by basket, by eating in the train’s dining car (when available), or by patronizing one of the Fred Harvey Houses or Detour Luncheonettes near stations along the way. The unlikelihood of someone going hungry will be assuaged by a sandwich and drinks concession aboard every Community Car. The first Community Car, organized last season for a trip from the Peninsula to Yosemite, offered at $23.10 per adult seat, was a fantastic success, according to Schillingburg. Now Schillingburg, persistent purveyor of passenger seats, is busily working out details for a round trip to our nation’s newest national park destination, the Rocky Mountain Park (established in January, 1915) near Boulder in Colorado. Interested? Give Schillingburg or C. R. Estabrook, our Pacific Grove agent, a call to let them know of your interest. 1

    A tale about Farmer Corn Tassel
    A nearby farmer in ill health came to the Grove to see his doctor. The doctor suggested several pills which were prescribed along with drawn out instructions for taking the medications. During a return visit, the doctor asked how the patient was doing. The farmer replied that he had been so confused by the instructions he had decided to give up worrying about not feeling well. “I’ve felt better ever since,” said he. Worried about your health? Patronize any drug store or pharmacy that sells the Rexall brand! It’s good for you! 2

    Polo planned
    The long-awaited polo match between the Soldiers from our Presidio and the Juniors from San Mateo is planned for Saturday next. The match, to begin at 2:30, will be called at 4:30 and, in case of tie, the rematch will take place one week hence. This struggle should answer the nagging question of polo dominance in central California, if not the entire state. Spectators are advised to keep an eye on the Presidio horse Phantom as an outstanding steed. Transportation is provided by the Hotel Pacific Grove, and is free. A special bus will leave from the hotel lot at 11 am and return right after the match, win or lose. Complete souvenir programs are available for a dime. Box lunches will be sold at the contest, but you are welcome to bring your own. The admission fee is 25¢ per person. Children are welcome at the cost of 10¢ each.

    Hahn celebrates 80, then dies
    F. A. Hahn, long a much-appreciated resident of the Grove, celebrated riotously his 80th birthday, then retired alone to his home and died. The cause of death is not known. Persons celebrating with Hahn heard him remarking about how very much he looked forward to celebrating his 81st, so suicide has been ruled out. Hahn had replied, after being queried about the lack of a will: “I’m so busy tending affairs of the present that I have no time for the future.” Portentous words. No will has yet been discovered. The Court of Monterey County will establish an executor.

    The Review erred
    In reporting on progress made toward this summer’s marathon swimming contest, the Review made a couple of errors worth reporting. The distance from the Pacific Grove beach to the beach at Del Monte is 3 1⁄2 miles. From the Grove to the bell buoy is only inches more than 1 mile. The Review hopes that over stating these distances did not deter anyone from entering the marathon. Your editor promises to be more careful in the future. Distances should be correctly stated for the benefit of both swimmers and observers.

    Side track… Tidbits from here and there

    • Regain your youthful figure instantly in a Barclay Custom Corset. Also: women are needed to serve as local representatives. Contact Barclay Corset Company, Newark, N. J. No investment needed.
    • J. H. Loan will clean your yards and haul your garbage away. Just leave instructions at the Review office. I’ll pick them up and get right to work.
    • Did you know that trains numbered 539 and 540 depart from or arrive in Pacific Grove daily? These locals will take you to such places as Gilroy, Los Gatos, Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, or Salinas. Grab yourself a ticket, climb aboard, and take a seat. Train travel is still the best. All aboard!
    • Photo work is our specialty! Your exposed film should be developed in a place with the best equipment available. Replacement film is available free when you send your work to us. We print only on Velox! Webbs in San Jose.
    • Mr. A J. Grimmel of San Francisco was met at the train depot by a tram from the Pacific Grove Hotel. The nature of Grimmel’s business or his intended length of stay are not known. Rumor holds that Grimmel is a businessman seeking to move business or to expand it into Pacific Grove.

    And the cost is…

    • All you can eat for lunch or dinner! Damewood’s is cafeteria style. Beverage and dessert included. 75¢ per adult. 25¢ a child accompanied by an eating adult.

    Author’s notes …
    1. The advent of automobiles was reducing railroad revenue from passengers. Hence, the railroad was conjuring new ways to drum up trade from the traveling public (even at reduced prices).
    2.  Rexall, originally a drug store and then a chain, had licensed more than 12,000 businesses to use the Rexall name and/or to market Rexall products. Who grew up during the 1900s not recognizing the name Rexall?

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