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    Main line
    A clean wash
    A clean wash is the only sort of wash to be tolerated. A pretty face requires clean clothing that is ship-shape and fresh. That, by the way, is how we launder. When we are finished with your once-dirty clothing, the cleansing is thorough and the ironing delicately finished. All work is immediately done. No endless waiting. The only things not high are our prices. We are your antiseptic laundry. Grove Landry of Pacific Grove. The very best! On Lighthouse at 12th. Free pickup or delivery by arrangement. To phone, please connect to Red 45.

    The mystery of a haunted house
    The mystery of a haunted house was explained by a recent San Jose contact. The “house” was a sprawling, handsome structure located in the Bay district. Rooms were often let out. The “haunt” was located somewhere on the third and fourth floors where servants once loitered and children once played, but now paying guests could stay. Not too long ago, people sleeping in the house began lying awake all night suffering feelings of dire apprehension. It was reported by Mr. and Mrs. George Syntel, one-time guests, that both had experienced sensations like weights pressing upon their bodies. Other guests began complaining of an odd aroma. Hours of poking around, both by candlelight and daylight, trying to discover what was up, revealed nothing. Continuing investigation at last provided, by following the nose, visual contact with a polecat, by then dead, calmly stretched beneath a bed. Decomposition was setting in.
    Mystery solved. A polecat once rambled those upper rooms, giving substance to a variety of ghostly happenings (Polecats are known to be ghostly.). Once dead, the evidence the polecat produced was … well, smelly. The sensation of weights upon the body and feelings of malaise are believed to have been imagined … excuse us, Mr. and Mrs. Syntel and others. 1

    Minds of all dimensions
    Pacific Grove, like the entire world, must realize that beauty is essential to the well-being of the entire universe. And there is nothing less beautiful than inequality. Equal flues, smooth surfaces, and symmetrical planes have no beauty. We must have hill and dale, mountains and valleys, sea and sand, suns of different magnitudes and intensities, worlds of all sizes, minds of all dimensions, and faces of all casts and colors for the universe to be truly beautiful. That is why visitors to the Grove so easily find the peace and harmony for which they seek.

    At the Reception
    Mrs. L. Shipley gave a reception at the Grove’s Civic club, Saturday afternoon past. The affair was intended to honor Mrs. Shipley’s visiting sister, Mrs. Heathrow Vice, who is in town from Sacramento. The group played auction bridge, listened to Miss Elsinore Long sing, and enjoyed refreshments. The afternoon passed pleasantly.

    Side tracks … tidbits from here and there
    The First Baptist Church of New Monterey will celebrate Christ on Sunday beginning at 11 AM. Arise! Arise! Arise! One block up Preston from Lighthouse.
    New Grove Suit Cleaning. Our best work guaranteed. Prices right. Phone Black 713, or stop by 401 Fountain.
    Watch our windows for displays of the latest “rags” and popular music. All orders are filled within two days. C. J. Moyes on Forest avenue.2
    All photo work is a specialty with us. That’s why we ask you to send us your film. Free replacement roll for each roll processed. Webbs. San Jose, California.
    Monterey College of Law! Sign up now. Get ready for a new career.
    New prices on Mazda “Sunshine” lamps of all sizes. Come in and choose your wattage. Culp Brothers of Pacific Grove. 3
    Get your job printing done at the Review.
    Miss Alice Neighbors left this morning by train for a rendezvous with her beau, who is at Berkeley. The couple plans to ?

    And the cost is …
    We are offering wood cut from large trees. Pine and oak our specialties. $12 per cord, delivered. T. A. Work. 570 Lighthouse avenue. Pacific Grove. 4
    We offer an outward sign of inward quality. A suit from Stetson retains its shape because the shape is built right in. Ladies: $40 suit reduced to $25. Men: $30 suit reduced to $16. Stetson the Tailor at 152 Alvarado street in Monterey. Telephone for your measuring appointment. Monterey Main 133. 5
    Go Yosemite and return aboard the Southern Pacific. Discount tickets will be sold through August 31. Ask agent E. Schillingburg (San Jose) or C. R. Estabrook (Pacific Grove) for details. $23.10. 6
    Do you want to buy the best clothing for the least money? Our prices for a splendid man’s suit start at $18. H. P. Brown and Sons, Monterey / Salinas.

    Notes from the author …
    1.  This is the second haunted house in this area. The first was in Soledad. Both mysteries were resolved.
    2.  “Always Treat her Like a Baby” by Irving Berlin was at the top of the 1914 charts.
    3.  Culp Brothers advertised modestly, but persistently. This new lamp seemed to have the store’s personnel excited.
    4.  Why so cheap? The wood is rough-cut, sold unsmoothed. A kind of “do-it-yourself” project.
    5.  More Monterey merchants are beginning to advertise in Pacific Grove.
    6.  Pricewar? Western Pacific countered with a price of $22.25, same trip, advertised in the same newspaper.

    Extras. Patti: Sorry I can’t be more help finding your grandpa. Individual names are tough to locate on purpose, but if I happen across it… /
    Julie: I tried. Did it work? *!@# computers. /
    Sir, I had quite a bit of info about Phoebe, but none about the chap you are looking for. Sorry. 

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