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    Popular sayings
    The popular saying “Where there’s life, there’s hope,” was written by Cicero1 in ancient Rome. And it was cynical Diogenes2 who told the world that “Habit is but second nature.” The Ciceronian blurb was extracted from a letter written by Cicero to Atticus. Diogenes’ input was taken from a letter penned by him to Pope Clemente I. “I never put off until tomorrow what can be done today,” was the admonition of Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Lord Chesterfield. writing an essay to explain how he managed to accomplish so much. Employer Julius Heidelberg, in postulating about his rapid turnover of workers, noted about people that: “New brooms sweep clean.”
    The world is filled with such catch-all phrases. Most likely, witticisms will be around forever. Perhaps we should honor the Grove in such manner with something like: Pacific Grove, showplace of the Pacific. After all, some of us would like the Grove to be remembered forever! What do you think?

    Huerta resigning?
    Wire dispatches coming here via El Paso report that Mexico’s constitutional leader, Jose Huerta, may be considering resignation. A deepening loss of respect among Huerta’s followers could be encouraging the unexpected move. Huerta is now so vilified it is said that he is often referred to as El Cacal (the jackal). Unconfirmed rumor has it that Huerta released a letter offering his resignation if two conditions were guaranteed or met. The first condition demanded that a certain, unknown sum of money be paid him, in gold or silver. The second condition asked that a prideful resignation ceremony be allowed him, the ceremony filled with pomp and circumstance such as a 21 guns salute. While the truth of this report cannot be verified, pomp and circumstance would seem befitting of Huerta who wears a pompous white and gold uniform, designed by himself, that includes a pointed helmet and pince-nez. One of Huerta’s favored duties has been taking part in military ceremonies.

    Pasmore Trio to perform
    It has been confirmed! The famed Pasmore sisters will be in Pacific Grove perform- ing within the fortnight. Their show’s curtain opens on Tuesday evening next at 8. This is one of the most exciting entertainments ever presented at the Pacific Grove Hotel. The hostelry’s dining room promises to fill to over-flowing. Dinner will be served at 6. The Pasmore sisters begin their program at 7:30. Your editor promises you an exciting evening. When the Pasmore sisters are on stage, the result is both magnificent and memorable. Get your tickets early! Show tickets are $1.50 each. Dinner (Soup, salad, and chicken or stuffed crab with dessert and beverage) costs $1.75.

    California soldiers fired on
    According to the wire, about a dozen soldiers from the Twelfth Infantry, on guard duty near the Nueces border, were fired on by Mexican soldiers this past weekend. No injuries were reported, although United State’s interests in Washington, D.C. were angered. The 12th Infantry is mostly composed of men from California. Several are from Pacific Grove or area. The names of involved soldiers will be published as soon as it is received.

    Seventeen Miles Driver numbers improve with roads, auto mobiles
    Reports from the Del Monte Lodge people are smiling over more and more visitors making the journey around the Seventeen Miles Drive. Several naysayers have criticized the Del Monte soundly, suggesting even that the Seventeen Miles Drive needed to be closed. While admitting that it is rather unusual seeing a private toll road operating entirely on private property, the Del Monte’s management insisted that the scenic route would remain open. The increase in miles-traveled seems to relate to the improvement of auto mobiles, and the smoothing of roads. Discussions about paving the dirt road are underway.

    Hotel Manx grill re-opens
    What traveler to San Francisco can go there a few times without enjoying the warm hospitality and delicious food offered at the Hotel Manx. Recently closed due to damage by fire, the Manx’s eatery, newly renovated, is now open from 11 o’clock until 9 o’clock. If tradition holds, the Manx will again become famous for is flame-grilled, baby-back ribs. 25% discount on meal if you occupy a room at the hotel. Manager Chester Kelly says “Meet me at the Manx!”

    Side track… Tidbits from here and there

    • Mr. W. C. Holloway and family from San Jose have rented the Allen cottage on 9th Street. The Holloways plan to be in the Grove at least for the season.
    • Mrs. M. G. Wilson traveled by train south to San Diego to visit a high school chum. She intends to stay for two to three weeks.
    • Miss Emma Castro will give an old fashioned picnic just north of China Village this Saturday. Help say goodbye to Miss Castro’s friend from Berkeley. Bring your own eating utensils.
    • You can own a piece of the Owl Drug Company. Shares of stock are being offered for $2,000 each. Write to Owl at Clover Leaf, California.
    • I’ll improve your credit with a guarantee of your real estate loan for a 5% fee. Charles Norton
    • Get your job-printing done by the Review. Come by and drop off your copy. We charge the same price as big-city printers.

    And the cost is…

    • Your editor, Wallace Clarence Brown, promises you a fantastic newspaper everyday but Sunday. Subscription special going on now! One full year delivered by mail can be had for $1.95. See Brown at the Review office.
    • One packet of Hamilton hand soap containing 12 bars of soap. Perfumed. Only $1.75. This week at Pieter’s Grocery.
    • Our order was duplicated in shipping from the factory … again! We have an extra shipment of new pillows made from cleaned feathers, and sanitarily treated before being shipped. Priced from $1 to $5, you may now take 50% off each, upon purchase, and save 10% more when you buy in lots of three. We’re the Lace House on Light House!
    • Don’t forget all of your home’s wood surfaces. Kyanize!3 Looks good! Protects from fire! Just $2.50 a gallon. A. A. Phillips Store. 171 Forest Avenue in the Grove.

    Author’s notes …
    1. Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman statesman, orator, and writer.
    2. Diogenes was a Greek philosopher.
    3. Kyanite was a thick, varnish-like substance applied to wood. Did Kyanite work as well as advertised? Probably not.

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