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    Main line
    Grove trustees meet
    Pacific Grove trustees met in city hall this past week. A. E. Bunker, J. K. Paul, W. J. Gould, George Finch, and City Attorney Jorgensen were in attendance.
    Mr. Novack of the Coast Valley Gas and Electric attended in order to enter into an agreement with the board as to the cost of services to be provided Pacific Grove by his company. Novack also discussed the cost and progress of electrical lighting being installed on Lighthouse avenue. Novack offered to place an electrical meter on each Lighthouse light pole and to charge 8¢ per kilowatt hour for consumption of power. It was also agreed to install lighted streamers along certain areas of Lighthouse, and to charge $2 a night for this service.
    Repairs on all equipment will be made free to the city.
    Mr. Doolittle, who has charge of Lovers Point park, said that he finds that a wind- break will be needed for about one hundred yards on the west side of the park to protect plants growing there. Doolittle said that he is willing to construct such a windbreak, but that he is asking the city to have rocks transported from the beach area for his use.
    The matter was referred to the streets and parks committee.
    Miss F. J. Woodcock, director of botany for the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, representing the museum board, asked to be allowed to employ a gardener to take care of the museum grounds. Miss Woodcock said that the museum is what visitors remember most about Pacific Grove and, thus, should be presentable at all times.
    An observer commented that if this matter were important, why send a lowly botanist to address the board?
    The request was tabled for further study.
    W. A. Gould, chairman of the streets committee reported that his group had been looking into the purchase of manhole covers. He reported that covers of different thicknesses were available. Gould was instructed to purchase the thinnest obtainable and was authorized to spend up to $8.75 per cover.
    The board was then asked to increase the annual license fee for outsiders coming into the Grove to do business here, which the Studebaker Company is currently attempting. At the present time, residents are assessed $20 annually, and non-residents pay $50 annually. It was suggested that the increased non-resident fee must be for some sort of “protection.” City Attorney Jorgensen said that it was not legal for cities to pander protection, and that the fees were for purpose of earning revenue only, sort of like charging rent.
    The board then refused to raise any fees.
    As the final item of business, a communication was read which stated that the application of the Monterey County Water Works for permission to increase rates for water will be heard by the Railroad Commission in Colton Hall, Monterey, on June 8.1 All are encouraged to attend.

    City Clerk C. S. Johnston then offered to place anyone’s name on a fulfilment list if transportation were required.

    Memorial Day Festivities
    Memorial Day, 1914, will soon be upon us, occurring this year on Saturday, May 30.
    Last week, at their regular meeting, members of the Grand Army of the Republic gave themselves permission to set in motion everything necessary to insure a proper celebration honoring the men and women who died while serving in this country’s armed forces.
    The principal segment of the Peninsula celebration is slated for El Carmelo Cemetery, Pacific Grove.
    Colonel T. R. Weaver outlined a program breath-taking in scope.
    Women of the GAR and of the Women’s Relief Corps will assemble at the GAR post at 8:30 for final instructions. The women will march to El Carmelo at precisely 9.
    GAR members begin their march at 9:15.
    Veterans assemble at 9:30 to join a cavalcade of auto mobiles leaving for El Carmelo at 10.
    Troops from the Presidio of Monterey, under command of Col. Walter Finley, will provide the invocation beginning at 10:30.
    The Presidio of Monterey military band will provide rousing music. Several excellent speakers follow.
    More music by the military band.
    A minute of silence.
    Taps played.
    The grand march back to the GAR
    All who are in need of transportation to and from the GAR, please contact Rev. Henry Fisk.

    Coast-interior highway boosted
    There was a large attendance at the state Board of Trade meeting held Wednesday last, and much interest expressed in promoting the coast-interior highway.
    The subject was the long talked-about road connecting Pacific Grove and the San Juaquin Valley. R. H. McKaig, E. C. Smith, and P. L. Buck compose the highway committee.
    Alvin Trenan, a Los Palos banker, appeared in front of the group to speak in favor of the project. Trenan said that a significant segment of the population supports the work. Opponents avowed that if we are not careful we will have highways stretching everywhere.
    The Board of Trade voted in favor of support.

    Side tracks … tidbits from here and there

    • W. J. Nesbitt hereby announces himself as a candidate for Sheriff of Monterey County.
    • Culp Bros. store on Lighthouse avenue honors those who have given their lives in service.
    • The 1914 Maxwell auto mobiles are now on exhibit at Culp Bros. garage. Call for a reservation for a demonstration ride. Get connected to Black 854. Or … just pop on in. Maxwell Model 25, $825. Maxwell Model 35, $1,325.3
    • Got dirty duds? Telephone the Del Monte and the wagon will call to pick them up. Monterey Red 237.

    And the cost is…

    • House cleaning made easy! The Review is making available a $12 vacuum cleaner at a cost of only $5.45, accompanying each one-year subscription or a one-year extension of a subscription for this newspaper. See these powerful cleaning machines at the Review office.
    • Use a Remington typewriter for three months for just $5. Rent from Remington Typewriter Company, San Jose.

    Notes from the author …
    1.  Why was the railroad commission overseeing water rates? Anyone know?
    2.  Holidays were once celebrated on a specific date, such as May 30 each year. Now, many holidays are celebrated on a Monday, such as May 26, or whatever that Monday’s date happens to be.
    3.  The Maxwell was manufactured in the United States from 1904 to 1925. The present-day successor to the Maxwell Company is Chrysler Group, Inc.

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