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    Monterey breakwater moving closer
    City trustee William Oyer is in receipt of a message from his sister, Mrs. Charles Rosendale, who is now in Sacrament with her husband, Assemblyman Rosendale. The message stated that the bill before the legislature appropriating $200,000 for a breakwater at Monterey has been approved by the finance committee. This practically insures the passage of the bill by the Legislature. I

    Church wants to convert to Baptist
    Representatives of the Emmanuel church will travel to San Jose to meet with the regional Baptist association. The purpose of the assembly is to consider the request of the Emmanuel group that it be admitted to the Baptist denomination. The meeting will be held at the Presbyterian church, very generously loaned to them for that purpose.

    Death of Caroline Johnston
    Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. Caroline E. Johnston, mother of Mrs. Margaret Moore. She was also the grandmother of Miss Carol Moore, who resides in the Grove. Mrs. Johnston passed Friday afternoon at Susanville, California.
    ऀMrs. Johnston had been ill but a short time, and there were strong hopes of her recovery. However, heart trouble developed and caused sudden death. It comes as a shock not only to those who were related to her, but also to her many friends. She was seventy-five years old at the time of her demise.
    Mrs. Johnston has visited her daughter in the Grove often, and has many friends here who will be very sorry to learn of her passing. All who knew her extend sympathy to the family in this hour of sorrow.

    Bishop Harris to speak
    A special treat is in store for all who attend the Prayer Meeting at the Methodist church next Thursday evening. The Bishop M. C. Harris, a missionary of the Methodist church, will speak about the country of Korea. Bishop Harris has spent a number of years in this remarkable land and speaks on the subject with authority. In addition to the interest that his topic offers, librarians around the country stress the importance of getting more acquainted with the country. All who are interested are invited to attend, no donation required. II

    Crowd for superb show disappointing
    “This Woman and This Man” was presented last evening, but deserved a much better crowd. The play represents a chapter of 20th century life about which we often hear. It is a drama that is interesting and pleasing and holds the attention of the audience through every scene. The troupe presented the play in the same manner that it has been presented since New York performances and throughout its history.
    Mr. Merberick, manager of the new play house, is endeavoring to please his patrons. He is offering the best plays and companies that can be found. Merberick’s efforts should be encouraged. III

    Fine five-acre tracts for sale
    The Monterey County Real Estate Exchange, located in the Grove, is representing several five acre tracts of fine land located about six miles from Monterey-Pacific Grove near the county’s Carmel road. These feature good drainage and dry soil. 1⁄2 of each plot is planted in eucalyptus trees, about nine months old. Last year, 123 sacks of potatoes were raised on the land. These parcels are offered at $100 per acre. Pay 1⁄3 down and easy terms will be arranged on the balance. Call to get full details.

    Local bank is growing
    The Bank of Pacific Grove, a commercial and savings institution, reports a good year. Adhering as they always have to safe and conservative practices, the accounts of individual and firm deposits has brought the bank’s resources to more than $400,000.

    Catholics offer pancakes, coffee
    Grove Catholics are planning to raise some money with the sale of pancakes and coffee. The event takes place Tuesday from 5 pm to 8 pm. Maple syrup and butter accompanies the pancakes. A donation of 50¢ a plate is requested. Coffee is 5¢ extra. Stop by the Parish House for your repast Tuesday evening.

    Notes from around the area…

    • Cummings Orchestra is performing for a dance at the Pavilion Rink this Friday evening. Plan to attend for a very good time.
    • The Civic Club of Pacific Grove will sponsor a class in cookery this Monday beginning at 3 pm. Instructions will include dishes that the average housekeeper should learn how to prepare.
    • Lost! $5 gold piece between the post office and the croquet grounds. Leave at the Review office and claim reward.
    • An ordinary specimen of our laundry work alongside the best effort of our competitors would prove at a glance the superiority of our laundering. Our wagon passes your door every week. Shall we order it to stop for pick up and deliveries? Pacific Grove Laundry Company. Phone Red 43.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • Wright’s Hardware Store will cut your garden hose to any desired length. Buy rubber hose this week for 16¢ a foot.
    • Roth-Coney of Pacific Grove offers fine lines of towels, sheets, and pillow cases. Fifty feet of toweling is 6§ per yard.
    • Make Phillips & Lawrey, successors to Lawrey & Hollenbeck, your headquarters for attractive wallpaper. Liquid gilt parlor paper, 4¢ a roll. Border trim, 1ऀ a roll.
    • The Fair of Pacific Grove is featuring crystal bargains. Glassware of every description at prices to please the closest buyers. Handsome oil cloth binding, 4 yards at 22¢. IV

    Author’s Notes
    I. The Monterey Breakwater would become the Coast Guard Wharf. Breakwater Cove is a favorite site for scuba diving.
    II. Korea had not yet become North and South Korea. Korea was one state until 1948.
    III. In 1911, the impact of “moving pictures” is eroding patronage at theaters.
    IV. People considered as parsimonious, or tightwads, were labeled “close” buyers.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post.

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