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    Main lines
    Presidio on edge
    With rumors proliferating about increased activities on the European war front, a visitor to the presidio overhears only conversations about whether Presidio forces will be heading for the war in Mexico or for the war in Europe. In Europe, Italy has double crossed the Ottoman League and joined the Allied Entente. In response, forces of the Ottoman Empire have taken up the shelling of Anzac troops at Gallipoli.1 President Woodrow Wilson continues to assure the nation that America will be kept out of the European conflict at all cost. In Mexico, the revolution is relatively quiet with General Pancho Villa resting his troops and recovering from the impact of a recent battle lost.

    Coast Guard coming?
    Captain Muriel Edwards is in town and staying with acquaintances in the Grove. Edwards says that his primary purpose is to evaluate the establishment of a Coast Guard station here. Although in existence since 1770, Congress recently acted to confirm the Coast Guard’s continued subsistence as a vital service. The question is … if the Coast Guard does set up here (or near) the Grove, how many of the nation’s sailor boys will turn coat and continue their nautical vocations locally? The weekend gatherings at the pavilion could see increasing numbers of young men appearing to dance and to woo.2

    Saturday cleanups coming
    All of Pacific Grove should be interested in making our community more appealing to visitors … and to us. Hence, all residents are encouraged to participate in Cleanup Days, scheduled for every Saturday during the month of May. Just pile cut grass and pulled weeds near the street. The Grove has arranged for trams to go about making pickups. Anything natural removed from yards, vacant lots, and—most importantly— sidewalks and walkways can be included. Not included are tin cans and household rubbish, as the picked up material will be remade into compost. Place your litter near, but not in public streets.

    Chautauqua invites Hearst
    The Chautauqua selection committee has extended William Randolph Hearst an invitation to travel by train the few miles north required to appear on the Chautauqua docket as a speaker. However, the initial response is negative, by way of ill health. We can but wish WRH a speedy recovery. Hearst is the proprietor of the international news service by wire recently subscribed to by the Pacific Grove Review.

    Secret Society open to new members
    The Ancient Order of Foresters, Pacific Grove Court, extends an invitation to join. The secret society meets every Thursday evening in Scobie Hall. Social activities begin at 7 and the business meeting starts at 8, at which time all non-brethren are asked to excuse themselves. This notice posted by Glen Ryan, secretary.

    Sponges now available
    To anyone not in the know, sponges as seen in stores are quite unlike the marine animals from whence they come. This animal is rather solid looking, slimy, and fleshy. In the natural state, sponges vary in color from yellow to brown. They are shaped in forms determined by the environments from which they have been removed. Sponges, once processed, are valuable for many purposes such as assistants in kitchen cleanups to the application of paint. Many women swear by a sponge as an aide in bathing. Small pieces of sponge serve well as ear plugs. Now, you can get sizable sponges from the Culp Brothers store at the discounted price of 35¢ each, or two for 65¢.

    Side track … Tidbits from here and there

    • Beautify your home’s landscaping with the help of Crow’s Orchard. Young trees of every sort are ready for immediate shipping by rail right to the Grove. Purchase now and receive a sun cap to protect your skin outdoors—free! We’re a Santa Clara Valley Nursery located in nearby Gilroy. Max Crow, proprietor.
    • Master Samuel Bunker is here from the navy yard at San Francisco for a visit with Miss Amy Crumstead. The pair encountered each other recently at the Pacific Panama Exhibition, and have been corresponding since. Cupid, where art thou?
    • The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, always free to visitors, announces new hours for the season. The museum will be open daily, except Sunday and Monday, from 10 am until 8 pm. The museum is located on Grand Avenue near the Pacific Grove Hotel. All are invited!
    • Political announcement. William W. Isbell announces his candidacy for Constable of the Pacific Grove Township. Remember William in the special election, this coming August 25.
    • Pacific Grove Millwork and Construction. Our work is only the best! Telephone Red 530 for a free estimate.
    • Miss Kate Collins and Miss Ann Bent have returned from a week-long visit to the Pacific Panama Exhibition. The girls were chaperoned by Mrs. Adrian Davison.

    And the cost is …

    • Great for cooking fires. The Pacific Improvement Company is offering short cuts of scrap wood. Delivered. By the cord, $6. Contact us by telephone by connecting with Main 530.
    • The Union Supply Company has sacked coal available for 75¢ a gunny sack. Delivered for an additional 5¢ per order. 104 Fountain Avenue.
    • Try an all-you-can-eat lunch at Damewoods. Includes beverage and desert. Cafeteria style. 75¢ each person. Kids, 35¢ when accompanied by two adults.
    • Free sample from your local drug store. Allen’s Foot Ease. A powder for the man looking after his feet! Don’t do without and go down in de-feet!

    Author’s notes …
    1. Fierce fighting there would take place off and on for nearly one year.
    2. Woo was a Victorian word. When used as a verb, woo meant to court or seek the romantic interest of.

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