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    Main line
    Do you use appliances? Years ago, tradition held that one would need to shop an autonomous market place to acquire appliances. Such is no longer the case. Today, potential customers may do their shopping in one unified location, the same place they obtain their gas and electric services. And just where is that? Coast Valley Gas and Electric Company, of course. If an appliance purchase or service purchase is not up to your standard … just tell them about the problem and it is as good as resolved. Be unified, not fragmented. Depend on CVG&E, the company that is here to serve.

    Group picnic
    Members of the Itinerant Club, along with member’s wives and children enjoyed a ride in private auto mobiles from the Grove to Moss landing last Saturday. While there, participants broke out baskets of food and spread tablecloths on the sand in order to enjoy a beach picnic. The time flew by, according to several independent reports. As the crowd of attendees grew at the Civic Center meeting place, it became clear that there would be an inadequate number of auto mobiles, so a pair of omnibuses were called for as transportation alternatives. 1
    Late in the morning, teams were selected by Captains Poole and Sylvester. Battle on! This war was being fought to a standstill, the score at 14 – 18, when the lunch bell sounded, ending the competition. After lunch, baseball teams were selected by Captains Burwell and Menker, but the game was called after three innings with the score standing at 20-1.
    Many of the participants were preachers, and the comment frequently overheard was that most Itinerants knew a lot more about preaching than about playing badminton or baseball. Upon return to the Grove, Itinerants made their ways to the Civic Club where services were held followed by an evening meal of bread and abalone stew. A committee was chosen and assigned the task of planning the next Itinerant event.

    Women meet
    The Ladies of September2, now the Ladies of Spring, chose to meet Saturday in a “borrowed” St. Anne’s by the sea chapel. More than an estimated 100 women showed up from all across the area, causing some sessions to be presented twice to different groups of people. Dr. William Peck served as chair, and presented the keynote address entitled: “With the help of Christ.” Considerable ado was made by guest speaker Alice Stebbins Wells who, on September 12, 1910 became the first female police officer with full arrest powers in the United States (Los Angeles). Additional sessions treated everything from Revelation to Salvation. It was agreed that the annual meeting of the Ladies of Spring again will be held in the Grove one year from today.

    Important visitors
    Several weeks ago, it was speculated by the Pacific Grove Review that a special meeting of the International Society of Physiography3 Associates would be convened in the Grove. Now speculation has become truth. On the first day of the gathering, associates were treated to a walking tour of the facility and the grounds and gardens of the Del Monte leisure center, but then activities shifted to Pacific Grove. Here, Dr. E. E. Abbott, from the Monterey County Botanical society, president of the group, guided spectators on a half-day tour of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History before all were transported to the Pacific Grove Hotel for a luncheon. During the afternoon, a panel of notable botanists were seated. This included: Dr. Adolph Engler (Berlin), Prof. C. Vonn Turbent (Munich), Dr. W. Paulson (Copenhagen), Dr. Carl Schnoter (Zurich), Dr. Edward Rubel (Constantinople), Dr. H. Brockmane (Florence), and Dr. T. Jerome (Chicago). A magic lantern presentation photographed by Dr. John Gould (Los Angeles) followed the discussion. 4

    Financiers yield
    The withdrawal today by J. P. Morgan & Company from participation in more than 27 of the nation’s greatest corporations, coupled with the speech presented by George Fisher Baker5 announcing his pending retirement, gave Wall Street such a shock that trading almost closed out. While it was probably true that bankers and financiers had some meager information foreshadowing this move toward ending inter- locking directorates, the public had no advance knowledge of the events. All across the nation, including in Pacific Grove, groups of money-interested people gathered to discuss the all-absorbing topic.

    Side tracks … tidbits from here and there

    • Quality makes food a pleasure. Buy your groceries from A. S. Hendricks, Grocer. Located at 566 Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove. Ask to be connected with phone number 80 for information on specials and free delivery.
    • Mrs. M. H. Snapp departed yesterday on a two-week trip to Berkeley intending to spend time with her son, who is in school there. 6

    And the cost is …

    • The Pacific Grove Garage, a first-class repair facility, will install a new, softside tire for $12, tire and installation.
    • Strong & Camp have cottages to rent for as little as $15 weekly.
    • The Hotel Court in San Francisco is a quality hostelry that is all yours for $1.50 per night.

    Notes from the author …
    1.  An omnibus is a large vehicle pulled by horses.
    2.  Since the month of September is the month of sorrows, these women were the Ladies of Sorrow but, since spring, no longer are.
    3.  Students of physical geography.
    4.  Quite an international lineup…especially for an event no one seemed to know about just a few weeks earlier.
    5.  George Fisher Baker was the founder of the First National Bank, New York City. He set a record as the nation’s most prolific investor by earning $42,000,000 (1914 dollars) in one week, a record that still stands.
    6. Presumably enrolled in the University of California, Berkeley.

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