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    Main line
    Railroads discuss auto mobiles
    Several railroad representatives have gathered in Los Angeles to discuss what, if anything, can be done to counter the negative impact auto mobiles have had on the numbers of train passengers. Mr. C. A. Eastabrook, passenger agent for Pacific Grove, said the numbers of riders for every destination are falling. Eastabrook also said that he can foresee no ready solution. Former riders seem to enjoy auto mobile travel as much or more than train travel. Auto mobiles offer greater flexibility in schedule and they make door-to-door service possible. Several auto mobile owners are earning extra cash by picking a passenger up for delivery to a nearby location such as Salinas. Eastabrook said that he hoped railroads would enter the transportation business with networks of buses, but that that solution seems unlikely. All that can be done for the moment is to reduce the numbers of passenger seats by dropping either cars or entire trains and offering cut-rates on special “vacation” packages. Eastabrook sees little impact from the slogans being considered at the Los Angeles confab, including: “Take a train! Leave the driving to us!”

    Southern Pacific and Argonaut Hotel cooperating
    The Argonaut Hotel has agreed with the Southern Pacific to offer train riders from Pacific Grove rooms at the rate of $1 per night. The Argonaut has set aside as many as 100 rooms with private baths for occupancy at the special price. The other 150 rooms will be let to guests without train tickets or ticket stubs at the hotel’s standard starting rate of $2.50 nightly. Edward Rolkin, hotel manager, said that guests of the hotel will be provided free transportation to and from trains and to dock connections with steamers and sailing ships. Rolkin claims that the Argonaut is California’s most popular hotel. The Argonaut is located within one block of trolley stops.

    Got a patent?
    Whether you already have a patent or hope to acquire one, it’s Scientific American to your aid. A company representative will be available at the Pacific Grove Hotel, starting June 20, for however many days are required to meet with all Pacific Grove inventors and authors. You are also invited to attend a public workshop revealing all there is to know about inventions, patents designs, copyrights, etc. A magic lantern1 slide show accompanies the discussion. You may bring your pictures, manuscript, or sketches with you for review by our instructor after the class. Promising designs and materials will earn a private appointment later in the week. If Scientific American elects to represent your project, the charge for all our services (including making blueprints) is just $5. Be sure to bring the money (bills or coins accepted) to the private session. We also offer discounted advertising of your product in our trade journal, the Scientific American. Annual subscriptions are gifted to you at the start-up price of just $1 for the first three months. Our firm has been serving inventors and authors for 65 years, and our price is still the same. We are Munn & Company, 361 Broadway, New York, NY.

    Hazing spreads
    They did it at Carthage University and at St. Augustine’s conservatory. The “it” being referred to is the practice of hazing new students. Now hazing has spread to Stanford, Berkeley, and San Jose Normal2 School. For instance, some select students are taken blindfolded into the night to participate in what is being called a Snipe hunt. The hazed student is left outside all night long holding the bag with which to catch the imaginary snipes, none of which ever appear. The following day, worse is to follow. Although the practice of hazing has been renamed the practice of fagging, the peeves continue to be cruel and vicious. Pacific Grove parents who have a son or daughter entering college in September, would be well advised to warn their fledgling students about fags so that fagging can be avoided.

    Changes in Southern Pacific schedule
    The Southern Pacific Railroad has posted the following changes in its time table.

    • The local hop will run from Pacific Grove to Del Monte (and return) each morning at 5:50. This train connects with the Lark which is destined for San Jose and San Francisco.
    • The Del Monte Express, which travels direct to San Francisco with one quick stop at Monterey, departs Pacific Grove at 8:05 a.m. Monday through Friday.
    • The Shoreline Limited travels to San Francisco with stops at Monterey, Del Monte, Gilroy, and San Jose. Connects at Watsonville Junction with River Limited bound for Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles.
    • The Shoreline Runner to Salinas via Monterey, Del Monte, Watsonville, and flags.
    • The Scenic Local to San Francisco daily via Santa Cruz, West San Jose, and where flagged at local stops. Departs at 5:05 p.m.

    The Southern Pacific appreciates your continued patronage and apologizes for reductions in travel opportunities.

    Tidbits from here and there…
    ·  Are you expecting to grow rich? Then invest your cash with us. We’re paying 4% interest on all savings accounts worth more than $10. Bank of E. Cooke Smith.
    ·  The Pacific Grove Review is published every day except Sunday. Subscribe by the month or year. Wallace Clarence Brown, Editor.
    ·  Lost or stolen at or near Lovers Point. A gold charm bracelet bearing 8 charms. Leave your find at the Pacific Grove Review office and collect a small reward, no questions asked.
    ·  Mrs. L. C. Smith and two children have moved into a beach cottage for a spring vacation. Mr. Smith will travel here from San Jose next week. Mrs. Smith said that the family wants to avoid the summer heat of San Jose.

    And the cost is …
    ·  Are things looking blue? Change colors with a can of paint. Just $2.25 a gallon. Looks gggreat! A. A. Phillips Store. 171 Forest Avenue in the Grove. We also sell Kyanize!
    ·  How about lunch at the Pacific Grove Dairy Store? A sandwich with fruit, beverage, and cup of ice cream. Only 65¢.
    ·  Things looking fuzzy? Visit Hare-Harkins Optical Company on Alvarado and ask for our Grove special. Eye exam, specially ground lenses, and wire frames. All for $13.50.
    ·  Wood shavings. Good to burn in your stove or fireplace. Redwood for 15¢ a 50# bag. Pine for 25¢ a 50# bag. S. J. Tice Builders, Contractors, and Mill Workers. Leave orders with the Review. We’ll deliver.

    Author’s notes …
    1. Magic lanterns were slide projectors.
    2. The name of San Jose State University while it was still a teacher college.

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