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    Side tracks … tidbits from here and there
    Feast of Lanterns Planned
    Members of the Feast of Lanterns board and guests met this past weekend in the home of the Board of Trade President Edward “Ed” Simpson. The primary purpose of the gathering was the formation of sub-committees to go to work on preparation for next year’s Feast of Lanterns.
    The following have been named:
    Charities Committee: Charles Culp, James Harper, Joseph Wilkes.
    Finance Committee: Frank Wilcoxin, R. M. Wright, E. W Fisher.
    Fireworks Committee: C. W. Gretner (with power to select other members, if needed).
    Decorations: Joe Wilkes (with power to select other members, if needed).
    The meeting was followed by refreshment trays, punch, and coffee. Cramped conditions caused the next meeting to be scheduled for the Board of Trade Rooms on Fountain.

    Farmers organizing to defeat 8-hour law measure
    The Farmer’s Protective League, which has a large membership spread throughout California, has established headquarters at the Traveler’s Hotel, Sacramento, for the purpose of working to defeat the universal eight-hour working day law. Informative and adversarial pamphlets are being prepared by a Sacramento firm.
    If passed, this law would restrict all workers within the State of California to work- ing no more than eight hours daily, without the unlikely, arranged payment of overtime. This law is to be voted on in the November election.
    But hold on! Nothing is yet approved.
    Committees of fifty persons per county are being organized for the purpose of convincing voters that passage of the law would amount to punishing by fine, and possible imprisonment, an employer who permits a worker to labor more than eight hours each day or forty hours each week. This is seen as seriously impacting agricultural interests within the state, not to mention the earnings potential of laborers.
    The League has announced that its membership takes no view for or against organized or unorganized labor, but will contest this anti-working law to a standstill. The League emphasizes that this measure is not now on the books and the existing campaign has nothing to do with current law. The measure was not secretly passed some years ago.
    Women should be advised that this measure will also impact their rights to determine working time.
    Locally, Culp Bros., B. M. Childs, and Curnow & Curnow have all spoken out as favoring passage of the law. 1

    Children’s Night
    After a short business meeting of Ocean Spray, Chapter number 68, Order of the Eastern Star, the doors of the chapter were thrown open Saturday afternoon to children and other family members there for the fun of “Family Day.” These visitors were in a festive mood, ready to receive an interesting program prepared for the occasion.
    Some of the visitors joined in as participants, according to plan.
    The program was as follows: Piano solo – Ellis Jones, Recitation – John Robley, Recitation – Esther Caires, Magic Lantern summer pictures – Marina Varien, Carrie Freeman, Elizabeth Varien, Vocal solo – Dorothy Greene, Piano solo – Josephine Gardner, Musical sketch – Harold and Claivene Grownell, Vocal solo – Carroll Fitzsimmons.
    After the program, cake, ice cream, and spritzers were served.

    Summer school in Home Economics
    The importance of women in the home is being stressed by a summer school offer- ing in Home Economics. Mrs. Elizabeth Kroger has arranged with the school board to open her home economics class in one of the school rooms … all summer long. Mrs. Kroger intends to stress such skills as general house cleaning, family nutrition, vacuum cleaning2, keeping supplied, modern equipment, renovations, and other topics. She will supply her own home for sample work projects.
    The announcement of class times will be published in the Review upon receipt.

    Trout for the Carmel River
    Mister Frank McCrea, Superintendent of Distribution for the California Fish Com- mission, arrived in Monterey this weekend along with fifty steel “milk” cans containing fingerling steelhead trout. These fishlings are intended for distribution in the Carmel River and its tributaries. The fingerlings are from Serano’s Hatchery. They are to be handled by Mr. McCrea, Mr. P. H. Oyer (deputy commissioner), and Mr. F. A. Serrano (hatchery owner). The party of 100,000 or so plans to travel out Carmel Valley to the headwaters by wagon and team.

    Editors make good legislators
    Almost every class of laborer has something good to say about itself. The lawyer is equipped with legal technique. The store owner has great patience. The farmer has common sense. But no one is in touch with a wider range of subjects than a newspaper editor. Every legislative body should have an editor seated. Does the Pacific Grove town council? Perhaps that can be remedied in November? 3

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • Duncan Sterling, former Superintendent of Schools, and his wife are in the Grove for an extended visit.
    • N. Greene and family have traveled to Woodland to enjoy some time off.
    • Mrs. J. E. Yant and her son and daughter arrived here by train from Salt Lake City. The threesome plans to summer in the Grove.

    And the cost is …

    • B. M. Childs is offering sugar-cured hams for 20¢ a pound.
    • Swift Soap, 11 bars for 50¢ at Fisher’s Grocery. Green stamps given.

    Notes from the author …
    1.  This article may sound a bit slanted, as written, but remember that newspapers had to kowtow to advertisers. (Local) advertisers, on the other hand, had to kowtow to the working public. The idea of greater payment for lesser hours was causing confusion. Most employers wanted more hours for less money.
    2. These were not vacuum cleaners as we know them today. They were hand-pumped devices that looked like a five-gallon can mounted on a stick. Some dirt could be pulled into the can.
    3. Having observed the editor of the Cedar Street Times, Marge Ann Jameson, with her assistant Katie Shain, my question is … what editor-type person has time to serve on a legislative body?

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