• Hats, 6/27/14

    Main line
    Hearing postponed
    Mr. A. C. Craven of Berkeley appeared Thursday afternoon in Justice of the Peace Wallace’s courtroom in Salinas. Craven entered a plea and witness evidence was heard, but other than that no business was conducted. Instead, Judge Wallace declared the hearing postponed for one month. The hearing had been scheduled for Friday, but the judge declared that his court would be closed that day on account of the funeral of Hiram Cores, and that previously scheduled business hampered other days being considered. Charges were brought by Mr. W. C. Newlove of Pacific Grove.1

    Pavilion rink considered
    The trustees of the Pacific Grove grammar school have taken the question of the Pavilion Rink under consideration. It has been suggested that the rink be opened on October 1, and remain open until next spring. During that time the rink is available to physical education classes from both schools, and to the general public (if the rink is not reserved) after school hours. Ed Hoyts, however, has suggested that the general public’s use of the pavilion be restricted to weekends. Hoyts feels that the old gym on 17th will be demolished soon and will no longer be available. The pavilion will then be desperately needed, as both schools cannot be well served by just the pavilion.
    The board decided to delay making a decision until next month’s meeting, encouraging the public to wade in with opinions in the meanwhile.

    Write-in vote
    Friends of Mr. A. M. Fitzsimmons, whose name will not appear on the November ballot, may vote for their man simply by writing his name on the ballot. However, his name must be written in pen and ink. Pencil or charcoal will not do. Good luck, Mr. Fitzsimmons.

    Conference next weekend
    The California conference of the Methodist church is scheduled for next weekend in Pacific Grove. The conference headquarters will be in Monterey at the Octina building, already in action. The Right Reverend G F. Sweeney, conference director, has arrived to take charge. Sweeney said that he will be glad when his term is over so that he can lean back and relax.

    Polo at Del Monte
    Capable polo players are scheduled to meet in four matches, two each day, beginning this weekend at Del Monte. Games begin at 2:30. General admission runs 25¢ per day, or 45¢ for both days. Picnic baskets, including a bottle of wine, are available from the hotel kitchen. Buses leave from Monterey and Pacific Grove at noon. Return at dark. Make plans now to attend. Call the Del Monte sports desk for more information.

    Wednesday concert
    The last Wednesday evening of this month, and every month, the Peninsula Band will offer a complimentary concert. The music will be played from the band stand on Lighthouse. Included on the program are: When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Call to Arms, and They Will Fight With a Might That’s Right. This month’s concert is dedicated to the memory of Col R. G. Steiner, Seventh Infantry.

    Apple show set
    According to promises made by Mrs. Eva Murphy, Festival of Apples coordinator, this fall’s show will be second to none in the way of exciting things to do. Mrs. Murphy says that certain entertainments on the program have not been tried by any fair, exposition, or festival west of the Mississippi … ever! Among the specialties are outdoor cabaret theater. Apples, of course, form a big part of the festival, with apples- to-eat prepared in just about every way imaginable. Dates for this year’s festival have been set as October 6th through October 11th. A special children’s day has been set for Tuesday, October 7th. Discounted tickets are available through September 15th.

    Left no will
    Mr. F. A. Hahn, who recently passed on, died rather tidily … but with one mistake. Hahn left no will directing distribution of his sizable estate. Claimants are showing up in every corner. Mr. Walter Lundhorf, Hahn’s San Francisco attorney recently seen in these climes, was asked about the will. Replied Lundhorf, “If Hahn had a will, I don’t know about it. He would have had to write it himself. I certainly didn’t write one for him.”
    Hahn, who died at age 89, offered no comment, of course. He is probably up there in heaven enjoying watching the mad scramble he caused down here on earth.

    Original poem
    The following poem was written and submitted by Richard Huxley. Its title is Phantasm. In shapely Groves by the Grovian shore / We will pass the time in pleasant dreams / In the land where mangos and apples grow, even more / Where there are bowers of roses and cool retreats and it seems / Sweet air brought here on the backs of heavenly air ships without delay / Where we will wing our ways and stay, stay!

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • Miss Helen Smith has checked in at the Del Mar for an extended stay.
    • Belshazzar’s feast is planned for this evening at the Methodist church.
    • A high school dance will be held this Saturday evening at the Civic Club hall.
    • Get the sort of lighting you desire for your home from Culp Bros.
    • Monterey County Real Estate is offering easy terms on irrigated farm land.
    And the cost is …

    • Special summer rates on a trip to Yosemite and return. One stop over. Tickets sold until the end of July. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of water running. $23.10. Southern Pacific.
    • The Scientific American will help you obtain a patent. We are a full service agency. Write us at 361 Broadway, NY. Describe your invention in detail. $5. Money returned if you do not receive a patent.

    Notes from the author …
    1.  No mention was made as to the type of charges.
    2.  The railroad price war goes on.


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