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    “La Guerra de Intervenciόn” may be over! I
    Mexico’s so-called “War of Intervention” may have come to a successful conclusion.This newspaper has received word that the beleaguered Mexican President, José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori, submitted his letter of resignation on May 25 and is seeking exile in France. Díaz has served as Mexico’s hard-handed President intermittently since 1876. The leader of the revolutionaries, Francisco Ignacio Madero González, is expected to assume the presidency.After the success of his book, La sucesión presidencia (The Presidential Succession), Madero opposed Díaz in the last election, and is thought to have won overwhelmingly. However, Díaz rigged the vote counting to show himself clearly as victor. Madero then urged Mexicans to revolt. La Guerra de Intervenciόn started. The United States responded by preparing its military to assume duty posts along the Mexican border. II No word has come from the Presidio on the status of its troops.

    Auto mobiles race
    Forty auto mobilers showed up with their machines in Indianapolis on May 30 past to participate in an auto mobile race that was 500 miles in length. Grovians eagerly awaited news of the contest because of the entry of California’s own Teddy Tetzlaff, who is nicknamed “Terrible Teddy”. Tetzlaff drove a Lozier.After the grueling run, only twelve drivers remained in contention. Terrible Teddy Tetzlaff had been knocked from the race during the 30th lap at the 125 miles marker by a crash with Louis Disbrow, who was driving a Pope-Hartford. A blown tire caused the unfortunate incident. Tire failures and breaking steering knuckles knocked most of the racing casualties out of the melee. At least 100 were injured and 3 killed during the motorized spectacle. III
    Racer Ray Harroun took the track’s crown with an average speed of 75 mph, winning $10,000. Racer Ralph Mulford crossed the finish line in second place. It is hoped that the size of the crowd (approximately 90,000 attended) will insure that the Indianapolis 500 becomes an annual affair.

    Work on new RR line being surveyed
    A committee composed of A. Albrecht, E. R. Shaw, and S. Bates gathered with representatives from Fresno, Coalinga, Monterey, and the Tidewater Company to review progress on the railroad line proposed to connect Monterey-Pacific Grove with Coalinga and Fresno. The collected group intends to travel the route, starting from Fresno.
    At the rate the committee has been traveling, they could reach Coalinga in three days, but it will probably be a week. After Coalinga is reached, there are no further stops planned but the committee will go to Pacific Grove before their labors are ended.

    Divorce given
    In the superior court on Monday, Judge Sargent granted Mrs. Pansy Van Nuya Childs a final decree of divorce from Clarence Leroy Childs. The divorce had been applied for in 1909 but delayed because of what the judge referred to as “careless errors and oversights by attorney.” The interlocutory degree is now granted.

    Amateur night at Monterey Theater
    Buster Brown, his dog Tige, and Mary Jane will be the features of the vaudeville show this weekend at the Monterey Theater. Everybody has read of Buster Brown and his witty sayings, but few people have seen him on the stage. Theater manager Clancy has arranged a very funny one-act musical comedy which will also be presented. The plot of the comedy, though simple, is true to life. To complete the bill tonight, fourteen amateurs – including such characters as Mutt and Jeff, the Yellow Kid, Hall Room Boy, and Dolly Blonde – perform.

    Change in schedule
    C. R. Estabrook, agent for the Southern Pacific, has posted several changes to the Railroad’s schedule. At 6 pm daily, arrival from San Francisco, Oakland Sacramento, Stockton, Santa Cruz, Salinas, and Monterey. At 7:35 pm daily, arrival from San Jose Gilroy, Sacramento, Santa Cruz. At 9:25 pm daily, arrival from Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

    Notes from around the area…

    • The Baptists will meet with Mrs. O’Hara leading the session on Thursday for prayer and the monthly business meeting. Outsiders are cordially invited to at- tend. 409 16th street.
    • The rainfall in this city for the most recent 24 hour storm ending at 7 pm, ac- cording to the United States official weather gauge, was .49 of an inch. The year’s total climbed to 8.93 inches, most of that during the month of May.
    • Professor T. H. Reed will speak. One of the most distinguished instructors for the University of California will speak in the Civic Club hall Friday night. The learned Prof. Reed will address the questions of why have we recently experi- enced such fierce rain, and why the cold, north wind persists. Reed is sponsored by the Pacific Grove high school student association.
    • Looking for work? Learn to sell real estate. I want energetic men and women who are under 35 years of age to take up this booming profession. At least $3,000 a year guaranteed after matriculation. Send particulars to Box 406, San Francisco.

    And your bill amounts to …
    Wrights Hardware offers garden hose in any length you wish. Tubing is genuine rubber. 11¢ a foot.
    Your editor has made arrangements with the Cosmopolitan magazine company to handle subscriptions to its magazine. Just imagine! Each issue of Cosmopolitan delivered right to your front door. $2.25 for a year. Subscribe at the Review office.

    Author’s Notes
    I. Due primarily to successor Madero’s weak leadership, sporadic violence continued at least another decade.
    II. Díaz lived the remainder of his life in France. He died in 1915 and was buried in Paris’ Cimetière du Montparnasse. In Mexico, after much internal bickering, Pedro Lascuráin replaced Madero as President in 1913.
    III. Frustrated, Terrible Teddy Tetzlaff, from Los Angeles, entered the Indianapolis 500 again in 1912. Then, after 200 laps, he crossed the finish line in second place. The California icon became active in filming movies about auto racing.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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