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    What is Esperanto?
    Contributed by Jefta Laudrum*
    As well-known as Esperanto is throughout the world, it is still a common, everyday occurrence for someone or another to inquire: “Exactly what is Esperanto?”
    For the benefit of such inquirers, I will try to give a complete overview. Esperanto is a living, world language designed from several other languages around the world. Dr. L. L. Zamenhoff is the creator of Esperanto. It required several years to build a phonetic vocabulary and the near-perfect language we now call Esperanto. It is hoped that this language will become a “second” language for millions around the world so that people of different nationalities can talk together. Others have been tried and all failed, however, as each language was too difficult to learn and use. Esperanto is different; it is simple to both learn and to use. A test group of more than 40,000 persons have learned Esperanto so that they can use the new tongue daily. Zamenhoff (and I) hope that those thousands will quickly mushroom into millions.
    How about you? Why not give Esperanto a try?

    Trustees and visitors addressed
    Mr. M. Kraig gave an interesting and forceful talk at the recent assembly of trustees and visitors last week. Kraig’s topic was the needs of the Peninsula, in general, and of Pacific Grove in particular. Kraig said that among things urgent for the grove are a sizable cafeteria, or other eating place, and a large, free-standing apartment complex. He is, however, proud of the opportunities presented by the Grove.
    Kraig is certain that our community will continue to be a boomer.
    A Monterey photographer was present and took the floor as a follow-up. The photographer offered to provide large photos of the grove’s bathing beach at a cost of $1.25 each, unframed. He said the council should take charge of having pictures of other local subject matter framed and hung at different locations around town.
    The next speaker observed that Esperanto activists had formed a club within the Grove, called the club the International Esperanto Association of Pacific Grove, and he wondered how many were making plans to attend the international congress being held in Belgium. He said that he believed 200 to 300 Grovians were active users of Esperanto but, of course, not all could be expected to want to trek to a foreign country for an assembly.

    Wanted: good roads
    At the Chamber of Commerce meeting last night, it was agreed to hold the annual statewide meeting on May 26, next, and a notice to that effect will be mailed to all members
    A letter was then read from a member to the Chamber. The letter requested that a meeting be called to be held in Hollister to form another “Good Roads” booster organization. It was noted that Monterey, Santa Clara, and Madera Counties already have one or more clubs promoting good roads. Now, these groups are promoting a paved road from Pacific Grove to the San Joaquin Valley. In support thereof, San Benito County has already built a connecting roadway through that county, but has no booster club. Our writer feels that little more can be done locally, and we should “broaden” our horizons. All those who appreciate auto mobiles should be involved.

    Civic Club breakfast
    The ladies of the Civic Club served their annual breakfast at the noon hour yesterday. About 80 members were pressured into acting as assistants and their busy fingers responded by preparing eggs, omelets, pan cakes, grits, coffee, and fresh fruit. The tables, set with bouquets of live flowers, were laid in the main hall of the Civic Club hall. The tables were lovely with their snowy white clothes, the dainty chinaware, and the silver utensils. The entire club was also beautified, with garlands of yellow and white (the color scheme) flowers hanging everywhere. Breakfast offered choices of boiled eggs or omelets, orange a la moyes, whole fruits, grapefruit slices, pancakes, French rolls Winston peas, new potatoes, cress, creamed chicken on toast, ham, almonds, mints, and coffee a la Peil.
    Mrs. Ella H. Lloyd served as toastmistress and general manager.

    Side tracks … tidbits from here and there
    Be it known that I announce myself as a candidate for Superintendent of Schools for Monterey County and that my name be respected in the August primary. I am now serving as principal of Monterey City Schools. A. J. Hennessy.
    Friends coming? Contact the Pacific Grove Hotel. Ask for J. W. Foster, assistant manager, to arrange special room rates. We also offer 75¢ discounts off group meal prices.

    And the cost is …

    • Stetson the Tailor is offering a special on three piece suits. Whether for a man or a woman, the cost is just $16. Come in and get measured!
    • We sell ribbons for your Remington typewriter. $1 per pack of three. Remington Typewriter Company, San Jose.

    For $1 you can try out a Domestic Sewing Machine for thirty days. If you like it, pay just $30 more after the thirty days. Terms available. We pay all shipping. Your total cost is $31, discounted from $55 regular.

    Notes from the author …
    1. A change in policy. Editor Brown was now accepting contributions written by those other than himself. Jephta Landram appears to be a pen name … which were very popular at the turn of last century.
    2. Dr. Zamenhoff, a Jew, believed that a universal of people learning to say such things as Ĉu vi parolas Esperanton? [Do you speak Esperanto?] would lead to world peace. Wrote the doctor about his hometown of Białystok: “In such a [multi-lingual] town a sensitive nature feels more acutely than elsewhere the misery caused by language division.” (Extracted from a letter addressed to Nikolai Borovko.) Stalin learned Esperanto and Hitler banned it. Yes, Esperanto continues to be used. Get on the web to learn more.

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