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    Main line
    Museum board meets
    The Pacific Grove Museum Association met in the museum building on Monday in regular session. Miss Ella Deming reported that the coming Flower Festival looks most promising, judging from the number of tickets already sold. The sum of $175 has been taken in thus far. Miss Deming said that fund raising efforts this year would include a booth selling cups of ice cream and baked-by-volunteers bakery treats. Mrs. M. E. Hessner reported that the sum of $19 had been donated to the building fund. Mrs. Beach noted that an additional sum had been contributed by Mrs. M. C. Blackmar, a Chicagoan, who toured the museum while visiting in the Grove. After her museum experience, Mrs. Blackmar had given a $10 cash gift. A vote of thanks was then passed, going out to all who had given money or held fund raisers including the Peninsula Brass Band and the United States Cavalry Band, Presidio. Mrs. F. G. Woodstock was voted permission to purchase a display case to accommodate the bale of cotton recently donated by the California Imperial Valley Cotton Growers Association. During the months of April-May-June, 901 visitors signed the museum log. It was again noted that guests are invited to explore the museum, free.

    School board endorses Cushing
    The Monterey County School Board, in regular meeting last week, unanimously voted to extend the board’s endorsement to Charles Cushing. Mr. Cushing, newly retired from the Pacific Grove School Board, which he served for six years as clerk, recently announced as a candidate for the county board. The Pacific Grove Review applauds the school board’s action. Charles Cushing is exactly the right man for this position.

    Stetson discounts suits
    Stetson, the tailor, located on Alvarado Street in Monterey, has announced that women’s tailored suits, usually costing $30, will be offered for $22.50. Men’s three-piece suits, generally sold for $28.50 are being sold for $16.00. Why? Stetson says that customers should not worry about the why of it all. Customers should simply come in and avail themselves of this exceptional value. Stetson would not admit his desire that everyone look their very best for the Flower Festival.

    Passmore Trio returns
    The Pacific Grove Hotel has announced the return of that delightful singing group, the Passmore sisters. The trio will present a remarkable medley of after-dinner talent Tuesday evening, next, in the Pacific Grove Hotel dining room. Following a meal featuring roast beef or lamb shanks, the sisters take the stage to perform a variety of songs and acts. $2.50 per person for meal and entertainment. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the hotel. Unsold tickets will be offered at the door for $2.75.

    Mexican shoot-out
    Word has come from El Paso that a squad of United States cavalry, returning to camp after an exploratory journey along the border, spotted what appeared to be Mexican Constitutional troops of at least company strength. The Mexicans were leaping from their horses and taking cover behind barricades of rocks and trees. The American squad pivoted and also took cover. A shot was fired from the Mexican side. An American soldier returned the shot. Both soldiers evidently were poor marksmen. No one was killed or injured. After a few minutes, the two sides disengaged and withdrew.

    An appetite for good food
    An appetite for good things to eat is born within everyone. It is hard to keep your family in good spirits if you have not tended their desire for good food. That’s where we come in. We is A. S. Hendricks, grocer, the good food company located at 566 Lighthouse in Pacific Grove. Our quality makes shopping here a pleasure. Our prices make shopping here an economic necessity. What’s that? You can’t make it to our store? Telephone us at number 89, place your order, and we’ll deliver. Free in Pacific Grove.

    The old toll gate must go!
    After leaving Del Monte Hotel, wending about the quaint village of Monterey, and passing through Pacific Grove the visitor comes to the Seventeen Mile Drive, that rough and rocky old road belonging to the Del Monte Corporation. Frequently referred to as simply the “Drive”, the visitor must pass through a toll gate in order to move through the pine forest and travel along the ocean’s edge. The Del Monte plans to make this drive into a feature of its attempt to attract guests by offering omnibus1 tours. The Review agrees that this drive is beautiful, but suggests that all California roads should be open to the public and free. What about it Del Monte? Let’s tear down your old toll gate!

    Tidbits from here and there

    • Mrs. W. V. Grimes has returned from Los Angeles where she attended the annual conference of the California Association of Women’s Clubs. Mrs. Grimes will report on the conference Monday, next, in the Civic Club meeting room. Cookies and punch will be served, compliments of Pacific Grove women’s clubs.
    • Master Art Culp has returned from San Francisco, where he attends a private school, for a summer visit with his parents in the Grove.
    • Mrs. F. O. Bevan, who previously lived in the Grove, has returned for what is de- scribed as a stay of undetermined duration. Mrs. Bevan has moved in with her friend, Mrs. H. C. Findlay, at 135 Nineteenth street. Best of luck to you, ladies!

    And the cost is …

    • Classy, modern lids for men and boys. Caps for just 75¢. We’re E. M. Nix Company! That elegant little store on the corner of Sixteenth!
    • Curnow & Curnow, the cash grocer, has early-harvest cherries. 2¢ per pound.
    • Chas. T. Norton will notarize your documents. 25¢ each. 371 Lighthouse.

    Notes from the author …
    1. The omnibus was an all-electric transportation vehicle capable of carry 12 passengers and a driver.

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