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    Grove case appealed
    Mrs. Augusta H. King has appealed to the superior court to void the recent judgment of the justice court of Pacific Grove township in the suit brought against Mrs. King by J. K. Paul, mortician. The suit, filed in March 1910, was intended to recover $100.15 alleged to be due the plaintiff for services rendered and undertaking supplies used in the embalming of the late Mr. King.
    The case was duly tried in the justice court and was submitted to the court on the basis of briefs. On August 8, Justice William Hill reached judgment in favor of the plaintiff. An additional $3.50 was awarded to cover interest and legal assistance. Attorneys are S. W. Mack for the plaintiff and Ezra Decoto for the defendant.

    Breakwater appropriation celebrated
    The committee appointed by the Board of Trade of Pacific Grove working in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce of Monterey city, on which J. P. Pryor and N. B. Burlingame of the Grove serve, decided that a celebration is in order following tonight’s signing by Governor Hiram W. Johnson of the breakwater bill. II The signing was officially announced by dispatch from Sacramento. It was decided that the celebration should be in the form of a jollification in which both Pacific Grove and Monterey residents―the principal benefactors of the now certain breakwater―take part. I Congressman J. C. Needham will be particularly lauded for again bringing the Breakwater Bill before lawmakers after its failures in 1876 and 1905.
    The Peninsula Concert Band of the Grove and the Brass Band of Monterey will headline entertainment at the festivities. A short concert will be given by each band. Everyone who had a hand in passage of the breakwater bill is to be introduced on stage as a celebrity. After dancing and much gaiety, fireworks will close the event.

    Mexicans fire on Americans across border
    Firing from the Mexican Insurrectos across the Mexican border at Americans solicited volleys of return fire from our troops on Wednesday past. The ragtag Mexican troops are bivouacked at Laguna Salada about 25 miles distant from the town of Algondes. III No one was hurt as a result of the firing, so far as is known.

    Explosive confrontation
    A Mexican federal force of 400 men and a Blanco (white) force of Insurrectos numbering several hundred confronted each other yesterday. The two forces were not more than a mile or so apart. Information in late today is that a fight between Mexicans is imminent near Head mountain, which is nine miles southeast of Douglass. However, the battle may be delayed until morning when daylight will make it easier to see.
    The United States troops at this place, including troops from the Presidio, were called out and marshaled up, just in case needed. Big American crowds went to the boundary and, in the bright moonlight, watched the hostile forces form. The Mexican regulars were moving into position to attack the insurgents, who hold the high ground.

    Bridge across bay?
    The latest scheme to be presented in Sacramento is to construct a bridge spanning the bay between San Francisco and Oakland. The principal question is whether or not there would be adequate traffic to pay for such a bridge. Engineer Neil, who has been working on the breakwater while residing in Pacific Grove, is among the bridge’s many proponents.

    Notes from around the area…

    • El Bethel Mission preaching and praise service is planned for Sunday beginning at 3 pm.
    • The Oceanview home of Trustee and Mrs. Edward Berwick held sway to a grand party and seafood cookout this past weekend.
    • Notice to creditors. In the superior court of the State of California in and for the County of Monterey, in the matter of the estate of Frank Bethell of Pacific Grove, deceased, notice is given that any and all claims against the estate should be turned over to Lucy Bethell, Executrix.
    • The Women’s Christian Union will meet this month in the ladies parlor of the Methodist church on the first and third Monday at 2:30.
    • The Pacific Grove Athletic Association will meet Wednesday at 2 pm to discuss future plans for sporting contests.

    And your bill amounts to …
    • Splendid auto mobile costs only $875. Bank financing available from the Bank of Pacific Grove. The Ford Motor Car is represented in the Grove by M. W. Hoffman and he takes pride in showing what he has for sale as his cars are among the best autos on the market. The Ford motto is “High quality in a low-priced car.” Hoffman says “Quality first, last, and all the time, together with the lowest consistent prices. Ford quality has never been questioned as it has never been sacrificed so that the price might be made attractively low. An inferior product, regardless of price, cannot and will not succeed. Ask the operator for M. W. Hoffman at Mawn 45 to arrange a test drive.
    • Plan on being at St. Mary’s by the Sea for a Saturday concert by Mrs. Lucy Hart, Miss Rose Lake, and Miss Mary Lewis, the former two playing violin, the later playing cello. The program includes “Wanderer’s Night Song” (Rubenstein), “The Bird’s Go North Again” (Willeby), and “The Shoogy-Shoo Swing” (Mayhein). Donations for all seats are 25¢

    Author’s Notes
    I. “jollification” is defined by an early 1900s dictionary as “convivial merrymaking”.
    II. Born in Sacramento, Hiram Johnson became California’s governor in January, 1911. He served as governor until 1917 when he was elected a United States Senator. Johnson graduated from Heald’s Business School (now Heald college).
    III. “Laguna Salada” is a dry lake 10 meters below sea level in the desert country of Baja California.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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