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    Main line
    Marriage of Lieutenant Commander Pryor
    Thursday’s San Francisco Examiner carried the following news concerning the marriage of Lieutenant Commander Pryor, son of J. P. Pryor of this city. J. P. is the former mayor of Pacific Grove.
    The story, in fact, had to do with a pair of United States naval officers snatching up two of the most beautiful and genteel ladies that San Francisco had to offer … in a hurry. The weddings took place at St. Luke’s Episcopal church, where Miss Margaret Gaillard became the bride of Lieutenant Commander Francis Davis Pryor, son of the J. P. Pryors of the Grove.
    Lieutenant Commander Pryor is in command of the U.S.S. Intrepid, berthed at Yerba Buena.
    The other wedding, which immediately followed in the same church, was of Miss Hattie Schultz becoming wed to Lieutenant Commander Richard Kiernan, second-in-command of his ship, the USS Shasta.
    Episcopal Bishop William Ford Nichols, a long time and dear friend of the Pryor family read both ceremonies.
    The weddings had been scheduled for August, but were moved up because the war ships aboard which the two men serve departed the next day destined for waters off the coast of Mexico, where trouble brews.
    The church had been hurriedly decorated with pink carnations. The two brides wore gowns of white satin embellished with pink lace. Both carried armloads of white roses. Miss Florence Stoney served both women as bridesmaid. Miss Stoney is a cousin of Lieutenant Commander Kiernan. Kiernan commented that in the rush, Miss Stoney was the best that they could get. She did fabulously well, however. Miss Stoney exemplified the youthful grace and beauty of the brides. Both fathers were on hand to give their daughters away.
    After the weddings, a combined reception was offered in the Kiernan home. The Kiernans live in San Francisco. Mr. Pryor, from the Grove, assisted in receiving guests. After one night of honeymooning, both young men are on their ways to Mexico. The Review apologizes about playing second fiddle in getting news of one of our own to you.

    Villa’s adherents
    General Pancho Villa has taken command of several petty leaders in charge of the territory south of Terreon. The news is also that General Natera, whose command was torn into tatters by a Federal assault, has moved north with the remnants of his troops to join Pancho Villa. Villa’s army is growing exponentially. 2

    Bellow’s guilt set aside
    Mr. Claude Bellows, who was recently found guilty of concealing assets in order to commit a fraud, now has newfound hope. Bellow’s attorney requested, and received, a stay in order to allow more time to assemble evidentiary material. Bellow’s guilt finding has been set aside and his case continued, likely until some time in August.

    Goes naked into Shasta woods
    Joseph Knowles, famed Boston artist, is imitating his New England fait de acompli near Mount Shasta. Knowles stripped himself naked and set out to wander the Shasta woods au natural. In New England, Knowles stayed in the wild for two summer months … naked. It has been suggested that Knowles will attempt to break his own record in the wilds around Mount Shasta. Several parties have reported spotting the naked Knowles scampering about. Before stripping, Knowles said that when he was occasioned to enter civilization, for such purposes as obtaining food or medicine for instance, he would do so wearing only a breech clout.
    Knowles also said that he was intimately familiar with the New England forests. He doesn’t know the Shasta woodlands at all, and will be demonstrating his skills in unfamiliar territory.

    Newspaper editors make fine legislators
    Consider the vast warehouse of knowledge required to function as a newspaper editor. Is it any wonder that a newspaper man would make such a choice legislator? Think it over. 3

    Side Track – Tidbits from here and there

    • Duncan Stirling and wife are over from Salinas for a few days visit. Stirling is the former superintendent of schools.
    • Mrs. Theodore Demming and her two daughters departed on a Yosemite tour by train. The Demming trio plans to be away for two to three weeks.
    • Mrs. J. L. Yundt of Salt Lake City arrived with her son and daughter, intending to spend the remainder of the summer in the Grove.
    • Miss Gladys Robinson has rented the Yert cottage on Pine as her temporary home. Miss Robinson is negotiating to become a teacher here.
    • The former Board of Trade rooms on Fountain avenue are now available for public use. Contact Mr. Hal Gerome.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Greene are down from Woodland. Mr. Greene plans to return home Monday while Mrs. Greene will remain here with her three children for a month’s vacation.

    And the cost is …

    • We make a specialty of honey cured bacon. 25¢ a pound. B. M. Childs, Grocer.
    • The Metropole Hotel of Oakland is renowned for its hospitality. Come stay with us and see for yourself! American plan (room with board). $2 per night.
    • Pay lower prices on Sunbeam products! 150 watt bulbs, $1.10 at Culp Bros.
    • At Curnow & Curnow, cash grocers, it is the same price to all, rich and poor alike. Asparagus, 20¢ a pound.
    • The Second Hand Furniture Store is offering a cast iron parlor stove for $7.50. We’re at 251 Alvarado in Monterey. Phone Monterey 255. 4
    • We move the world. Trunks and suitcases our specialty. Anywhere on the peninsula for 25¢. Salinas and Watsonville for 35¢. McCoy Transfer Company. 513 Lighthouse, Pacific Grove.

    Notes from the author …

    1. Newspapers were a very exclusive deal one hundred years ago, before radio and television newscasts. Several area communities had more than one news publisher. Being first with the news was of vital importance, hence the apology.
    2. José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, aka Pancho Villa, commanded the northern forces of the revolutionary army of Mexico. Villa’s attempt to invade the United States failed when a counter charge led by American Model T’s frightened Mexican horses.
    3. Editor Brown has not yet announced his candidacy, but he is certainly feeling things out.
    4. A parlor stove was a small pot belly stove used for warmth.




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