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    New Monterey Rag Carpet Co. expands into gloves
    J. White, who resides in the Grove, has developed a canvas glove with leather palms, leather finger tips, and reinforced rivets. White, after locating his business in New Monterey, began manufacturing gloves, both plain and fancy. The name was changed to New Monterey Rag Carpet and Glove Works. The address is 110 Light- house Avenue. The store and manufactory is located between McClellan and Drake. White says that whatever else he may be, he is a “practical” craftsman.

    “Yes” votes take the day for waterfront
    Two hundred of the four hundred and eighty postal cards mailed to the voters of the Grove for the purpose of ascertaining views regarding the issuance of bonds to improve the Grove’s “water front” have been returned to our City Clerk, E. S. Johnson. The vote is considered “good”, while still being counted. It now stands as follows: for the Waterfront bonds, 195; opposed to the Waterfront bonds, 5. The cost to be covered by the bonds is estimate at $29,188.

    Sheriff and deputy in accident
    Sheriff W. J. Nesbitt and Deputy Sheriff Davis will both be laid up for some time, although Mr. Nesbitt’s injuries are not so serious as was first supposed. The two men were descending a hill about five miles from the Grove when the axle of the auto mobile in which they were riding broke and sent the machine end over end.
    Nesbitt’s left shoulder was dislocated, his left thigh badly hurt, and his right knee was badly cut. He face was well skinned and he was badly shaken up. Davis landed on an embankment some twenty feet from the overturned machine and, although bruised and shaken, he was able to walk about. Fortunately, M. Conness came along in a one-in-hand. I He said for the two wounded men to wait and he would be right back. Conness then secured an auto mobile from a nearby farm. Mr. Nesbitt was taken to the Monterey Hospital for treatment. Deputy Davis was tended on the spot by Dr. Cooper, passing by in returning to Salinas. The wrecked auto mobile was said to have been traveling between 20 and 30 miles per hour when it crashed.

    Strong arm robs stranger
    A man, unnamed but said to be a resident of Pacific Grove, was the victim of a pair of daring thugs while he was strolling about the depot at the Southern Pacific Station. The robbery occurred about 9:15 last night. The victim was waiting on train No. 21 to pull in from the south. The train was late, however, and did not arrive until about 9:30. Consequently, very few people were about at 9:15. The two thugs approached and proceeded to give the man a strong-arm treatment, resulting in severe injuries. They then went through his pocket, obtained an unknown sum of money, and made their escapes. The robbery was witnessed by the depot’s news agent. Policeman Matt Thompson was summoned to the scene. The victim’s name will be released as soon as it is learned.

    The Houstons are coming
    The famed Houstons are billed to appear at the Monterey Theater on Thursday evening. The performers have been sponsored as a joint activity of the high school students in Pacific Grove and Monterey. Concerning the quality of this entertainment, Critic Dwight Liasson, recently writing for the Star,II said: “The Houstons gave a most unique, original, and delightful performance here last Friday evening. They charmed a house absolutely filled with spectators. Mr. Houston is a magician of first quality. He surprised his audience with remarkable tricks. He is the greatest Impersonator today working the boards and has no rival in his peculiar field. Members of his family added much vest to the show on a variety of musical instruments. All are charming people.” III

    Notes from around the area…
    J. M. Gardner has announced the availability of livery of all sorts on the lowest rental rates available. Whether you need a horse or a carriage or both, Just give Gardner’s Livery a call.
    Tired of being mastered by booze? The Gatlin Institute assures you of an absolute cure in just three days. You’ll longer be able to tolerate Johnny Barleycorn. No harmful after effects. Thousands of cures are made every day. Write to the Garlin Institute for full particulars. 128 Garden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, California.
    Got a lot? Need a house? The Serra Building Company, Builders and Contractors, build the best of houses wherever you want one. Installment pay plans available.

    And your bill amounts to …
    • The Southern Pacific offers tickets to Houston for $25.05 or to Kansas City for $25.90. See E. Schillingsburg, District Passenger Agent, or C. R. Estabrook, Local Passenger Agent, for complete particulars.
    • The Ford Motor Car is not a cheap machine, as its price might suggest, but a first class auto mobile. $875. Ask W. Hoffman to see one. 625 Forest Avenue.
    • You must ask for Paradise if you want the very best soda biscuits in California. Paradise are crisp, clean crackers made by the Standard Biscuit Company of San Francisco. Special this month! Two biscuits free when you purchase a bottle of pop for just 5¢.
    • We handle second-hand cars exclusively and can furnish machines to suit all requirements. The Van Ness Auto Sales company, 301 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco. Write for our list of present properties. Fine auto mobiles starting at $25.

    Author’s Notes
    I. A one-in-hand is small, two-wheeled carriage pulled by a single horse.
    II.  Kansas City Star.
    III.  Impersonations, combined with magic routines, composed stalwart vaudeville.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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