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    Main line
    Bids to be accepted on the John Tennant Memorial Home
    Mr. J. P. Pryor, treasurer, has decided that the land and the business located on lots 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 of the original Grove plat, Cox survey, should be offered for sale on the basis of high bidder. Said land now is home to what is described as the John Tennant Memorial Home. John Tennant passed away during the month of May, 1912. All bids must be in writing. Bids will be accepted until the 31st day of July, 1914. These bids will be opened and read on the 1st day of August, 1914. A duplicate bid should be notarized as a true copy and retained by the bidder.

    Harris Real Estate wants your business
    The Harris Real Estate Company, newly opened at 592 Lighthouse, wants your business. Harris serves foremost as a Notary Public, available on demand by day and available by night on the basis of telephone appointments.1 Harris also handles insurance and is offering choice lots for sale on reasonable terms, and other property for rent or for sale. We have improved properties and choice buildings available for you to purchase. We take full charge of property while an owner is absent. We represent furnished bungalows available as vacation rentals. Harris handles brokerage transactions. Get connected to Red 135.2

    Huerta ready to resign
    A dispatch has arrived from Mexico announcing that President Victoriano Huerta may be ready to toss in his hat…er, sombrero. A repot that Huerta was killed and his body dumped into the harbor at Vera Cruz has proven false. Still, Huerta ranks among the least popular of Mexican politicians. Not only is Huerta fiercely strident, he is rumored to drink far too much. If Huerta departs for Spain, it is hoped the President will remain there.3

    Mexicans have target practice on U. S. troops
    Three soldiers from Mexico’s Constitutional Army, stationed along the border with the United States, opened fire yesterday on a squad from the 12th United States Cavalry which was riding on patrol duty. The 12th is permanently stationed at a position near the Sixteenth Infantry camp which is not far from San Francisco, but has been dispatched to Mexico on temporary duty. The American boys refused to fire back, and are offering themselves up as ideal targets. No one was hurt. For the past two weeks there has been occasional sniper fire across the border. General Sancho Panza denies all such actions claiming that peace has reigned ever since the failed invasion by Mexican forces on horseback which was repulsed by a charge of Model T auto mobiles. American officers are now discussing whether to authorize our troops to return fire.
    This editor says enough talking. Let’s shoot!

    The Pasmore to delight!
    Tomorrow evening, the celebrated trio making up the Pasmore sisters is scheduled to offer a rare evening of entertainment in the dining room of the Pacific Grove Hotel. Skits and singing begin at 7 pm. How these girls can enthrall an audience is nothing short of miraculous. The entire program is highly intelligent. Songs include Shoofly and Moon Mood. The whole soul of each performer goes into her voice and actions.

    Seventeen Mile Drive most popular
    It’s official! Del Monte’s Seventeen Mile Drive is now the Peninsula’s most popular road to travel. With voting open to all who live or travel on the Peninsula, most have lauded this trip with being of a dreamlike state. Mila Bekins reports that each time he gets down, he just cranks up his auto mobile and heads out along the seventeen miles of the drive. Right away, Bekins reports, he begins to pick up. The Review is considering printing cards inviting folks to come west and drive the most magnificent seventeen miles available anywhere.

    Beautify your home
    Palms, ropes, dahlias, ferns, flowering shrubs, evergreens, shade trees … can all be counted on to beautify your home. Mrs. J. Crow of Gilroy has them all and she herself is available as a consultant, given time to travel here. What’s even better is that Mrs. Crow has arranged for the lowest shipping prices to Pacific Grove that it is possible to obtain. Everything you order is on hand within two weeks, cheaply. Contact The Crow for Trees, Birds, Plants, and More. Mrs. J. Crow, prop. Gilroy, California.

    Pacific Grove Museum open
    Free to the public, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is open daily, nine to five. The exhibits are changed on a regular basis. All are invited to come and see.

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • Mr. C. Holloway has rented the Allen Cottage on Ninth for the remainder of the summer.
    • Mr. Author Cope has returned to San Francisco after enjoying a visit with his folks here in the Grove.
    • Mr. H. G. Wilson left town to spend some time in San Diego.
    • Editors make better legislators!
    • Mrs. Emma Castro will host an old fashioned picnic for all her friends on Saturday. Lovers Point Park.
    • Strong and Camp are your best sources for Notary Public work.

    And the cost is …

    • Take the street train to Monterey and we’ll reimburse you for the price of your ticket. You’ll not want to miss the corsets clearance at The Emporium, 418 Alvarado. $3.50 goods cut to $2.45. $5 goods cut to $3.45. Many styles available.
    • Are you expecting? Most folks are expecting to earn a little more at the E. Cooke Smith Bank. We pay 4% interest.

    Notes from the author …
    1. Notary Publics were more important one hundred years ago than today. Rarely are contemporary businesses based entirely on providing notary public services; a Notary Public’s services are adjunct to another endeavor, generally. A notary public is empowered to witness signatures, certify a document’s validity and to take depositions. A Notary Public’s services most often could be obtained for 50¢ a century ago.
    2. A brokerage charges a fee for handling business arrangements between two parties.
    3. Huerta abdicated at the end of July, 1914, fled Mexico, and did not return. In 1916, Huerta died of cirrhosis of the liver.

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