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    Special showing at Colonial Theater
    This weekend, the Colonial Theater is inviting you to a special event. Three regular films of exceptional quality will be screened. You will laugh and cry over scenes from “Sad Sally,” “Tired Tire Treadwell,” and “The Chicken who laid an Egg,” followed by an intermission. Then the Colonial will screen 8mm2 footage from the last track meet of the season featuring the Pacific Grove team. The Colonial will also offer a round robin of audience-presented skits, dialogues, songs, etc. Call in and register to be a presenter. Plan now to attend. All seats are 25¢. Proceeds from the weekend shows benefit the Pacific Grove High School track team.Get ready for war!
    Instructions to mobilize lacking only a specific time have been issued by military headquarters in San Jose. All officers of the Fifth Cavalry, Companies B and M, have been alerted. Only an invasion of Mexico by another South American country is likely to stave off United States military action at this point. The local companies have been issued instructions to get started packing. Big guns and other weapons are being readied. Each of the 150-plus men will receive a physical examination before leaving for the mobilization camp. Vaccinations against known contagious disease will be given.1 For the men’s protection this army of reserves is to be blended into forces of the regular army.
    The orders received include everything but the final order to move, which is likely coming. Colonel David Schmidt, Oakland, is in charge of the California invasion force.

    Divining rods in use
    Whether or not divining rods used in the ground search for gold, silver, and other precocious actually work, nothing has been proven. Nevertheless divining rods continue in wide-spread use. While questions about rods generally come from somewhere like the United States Geological, this new correspondent is a person living in Modesto, California. That individual claims that he works for the government, and has developed a divining rod of hollow metal, like a super-size straw, the government will get a 50% cut of anything received. The reply is that while ordinary, dip-needle equipment has been useful in finding iron, nickel, and cobalt, no indicator of divining rods finding gold or silver or other precious metals is on hand.
    This editor asks why not? We should get busy proving or disproving such capabilities. Anyone with an opinion or hard data is encouraged to contact the Review.

    YWCA folder
    From a handsome leather YMCA Asilomar folder just presented the local bunch by its national office, the following information was extracted. The local YMCA girls are authorized to play certain games in competition with girls from the Watsonville YWCA. The PG bunch has just arranged for a railroad car to haul team members and fans to Watsonville. The precise date and program have yet to be set. The Review will publish a list of times and activities after it is released.
    Good luck, Pacific Grove girls!

    Jacks Corporation cleaning lots
    The Jacks Corporation are having their lots cleaned of weeds, grass, and rubbish, company officials announced. Such action will make the Grove look much better, and the Review applauds. Now, it is up to other property owners to follow suit.

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • Think editors as candidates for office.
    • The new Hub Bakery is now open for business at 602 Lighthouse. Carry-out or eat-in.
    • A seven room house that is well located within the Grove is being offered for sale or exchange. His wife passed on and this elderly gentleman can no longer keep up. Got kids? The owner may consider trading across the boards for a smaller home, say two or three rooms nicely cared for. And you need a bigger home! Let’s talk. Contact the Review.
    • According to a U. S. Department of Agriculture, 408,000 acres of winter wheat remain to be harvested. The state is 20% ahead of last year!

    And the cost is …

    • Our buyer returns! Now we can offer a fine line of corsets starting at $2.95 The Emporium is located at 418 Alvarado Street in Monterey. Take the street bus and we’ll pay your fare!
    • Sugar cured hams available from B. M. Childs for 20¢ a pound. Yes, we have an auto mobile for free deliveries on orders costing $5 or more. You can place any size request by phone. Ask to be connected with 487J.3
    • The winner of this drawing will become the owner of a brand new Mitchell seven passenger touring car … and all purchasers of drawing tickets will be signed up as members of the burgeoning Good Roads Club for just one nickel more, the usual cost of which is $1. A ticket for the drawing requires a donation equal to or more than $1. Additional tickets are 3 for $1.The Mitchell is on display at Winston’s Garage. Buy your tickets at Long & Gretter’s. Proceeds will be spent on efforts to get better roads.
    • Don’t sleep on the same old mattress! Your mattress made over for just $4. Price includes labor and materials. Guaranteed results. Alfred Hauser at 436 17th street. Our telephone number is 494J.
    • You get lower prices on all sizes of light bulb. 150 watt bulb for $1.404 at Culp Brothers on Lighthouse.

    Notes from the author …
    1. Eight millimeter film was also new.
    2. Vaccinations were first developed in the 18th century by Edward Jenner. Widespread vaccinations followed.
    3. Note the difference in phone numbers. Efforts are afoot to centralize service into one community-wide switching station.
    4. Does that cost of $1.40 seem a bit inflated for 1914? These bulbs were provided by the Thomas Edison company, which was eager to earn a quick and sizable profit.


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