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    Main Line
    New business expands
    Mr. S.J. Tice has announced the expansion of his recently opened home framing business. Tice is hiring the skilled staff necessary to expand beyond the framing phase of building construction and to add both interior and exterior services. Tice said during interview that he hopes one day to offer every aspect of building a new home, providing clients a single contract covering construction from foundation to roof peak. For the moment, however, Tice is content to add wood work, including cabinet making, window and door forming and fitting, and indoor-outdoor wall construction. Tice said that he would also consider taking on other jobs, depending on the craftsmen available. The S.J. Tice Company is presently working to to resolve some internal problems at the Pacific Grove bath house. Stop by the company office on 17th and, after chatting and looking around, you’ll receive a bag of kindling, absolutely free.

    Englishman tells of London weather
    Mr. Fred Yond, visiting in the Grove, agreed to be interviewed by the Review. During this discussion time, Yond told of hard times, weather-wise, in London. A heavy wind is often cold and clammy. The river churns. Coal-burning fireplaces and heating devices are blending so much smoke with foggy conditions that it is frequently impossible to see more than a very short distance. A customer in a taxi, for instance, is often asked to step out and walk a few feet in front of the vehicle to provide warning if something is about to be hit. Yond said that while he prefers weather in the Grove (our fog is much lighter), he does plan to return home in a few weeks.

    Male Pipefish carry newborns
    Most Pacific Grove students of the odd and unusual favor the Australian kangaroo as the queerest animal anywhere. But now, an ocean dweller enters the fray as most anomalous. That creature is the pipefish. Pipefish are encountered in almost every ocean. Teeth are found in male specimens only. Females, considerably smaller, eat by straining sea water through a mouth filled with bristles. Encouraged by males to procreate, the female produces from one to several youngsters. These tiny newcomers are swept up by the waiting males, and deposited in a belly pouch, where they will be raised. If a baby-carrying male dies in the sea, the youngsters swim out of the pouch and wait for another male to sweep them up and take over the obligations of fatherhood. Strange? Yes! The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History has several pipefish on display. Stop in and take a look.1

    Ford cars selling well
    Mr. M.F. Hoffman’s sanity was doubted by many Grovians when, in April, he ordered a Ford automobile to do nothing with but show off parked in front of his establishment. This vehicle is used for nothing… not even for test drives. Now, however, times are changing. Hoffman’s vehicular display is attracting visitors, many of them for a close-up look. Quite a few viewers are hanging around to buy a Ford. Just this week, Charles Abort ordered a Ford from Hoffman for both personal and commercial use. Abort said that after his new automobile arrives, it will first be put to use making a trip to Del Monte for watching a polo match. Abort said he didn’t care who was playing. The picnic baskets and automobile venture were the the important things. Contact M.F. Hoffman Company and make an appointment for test driving a Ford Red 255.

    Tidbits from here and there…

    • The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is open to the public, no charge, from 9 until 6, every day except Sunday and Monday and all business holidays.
    • Wanted: a capable woman to represent Barley Custom Corsets in Pacific Grove and nearby area. Guaranteed territory. No investment required. Rep receives com- plimentary corset. We’ll teach you how to fit into our business! Apply in writing to Barley Corset Company, Newark, New Jersey.
    • The El Bethel Mission is now open to visitors, and to probationary joining, all day every Thursday.
    • The Pacific Grove Library will open at 10 and remain open until 6, six days per week, until October 5th.
    • The Monterey I.O.O.F. lodge will meet jointly Tuesday evening, next, with the Pacific Grove membership at the Pacific Grove lodge headquarters, corner of Fifth and Lighthouse. PG Grand Master (President) R.J. Reynolds bids the Monterias a warm welcome. This notice posted by A.M. Fitzsimmons, PG Secretary.
    • Kodak finishing is the the very best! We’ll send you a free roll of film to replace every roll processed by us. Mail your exposed film to Kodak, San Jose, California. We’ll treat your pictures like our own!
    • Mr. W. C. Holloway and family from San Jose have rented the Allen cottage on 9th Street. The Holloways plan to be in the Grove at least for the season.
    • Mrs. M. G. Wilson traveled by train south to San Diego to visit a high school chum. She intends to stay for two to three weeks.
    • Miss Emma Castro will give an old fashioned picnic just north of China Village this Saturday. Help say goodbye to Miss Castro’s friend from Berkeley. Bring your own eating utensils.
    And the cost is…
    1. Subscribe to the Scientific American journal, published on a four-color press, for a full year for $2.75. Scientific American will be sent by mail. Write to Journal, 361 Broadway, NY, or to Journal,, NW F street, Washington, D.C.
    2. Damewood’s Cafe is open to the public in the Scobie Building on Lighthouse. We’ll present you a free bowl of soup before you dine. Salad, sandwich, beverage and pie, just 50 cents. Can’t make it? Try our nearby cafeteria instead!
    3. We offer the very best in second-hand furniture and second-hand stoves. Several classic round-bellies on hand, lightly used. No rust. Stove prices start at $3.50. Smoke pipe costs extra. View all our holdings at the Second Hand Store, 251 Alvarado, Monterey. We’ll reimburse your street train cost after purchase.2
    4. Your editor, Wallace Clarence Brown, promises you a fantastic newspaper everyday but Sunday. Subscription special going on now! One full year delivered by mail can be had for $1.95. See Brown at the Review office.
    5. One packet of Hamilton hand soap containing 12 bars of soap. Perfumed. Only $1.75. This week at Pieter’s Grocery.
    Author’s notes…
    1. For a few weeks after acquiring an international wire service, provided by William Hearst, Editor Brown went crazy over international events. Now the editor seems to be 1 favoring low-key biological pieces. What will follow this enthusiasm? Who knows!
    2. Street train? Perhaps the Second Hand’s owner, an Armenian, meant trolley. 

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