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    Dead in New Monterey
    Mrs. Frank O’Connell was found dead in her New Monterey home by Oak Grove family members coming to visit. The gruesome discovery was made Saturday morn- ing at about 10 am. Time of death is not certain. Mrs. O’Connell was married to, but separated from Mr. Frank O’Connell, proprietor of Mineral Wells of New Monterey, a popular spa and resuscitation center. Mrs. O’Connell, born in 1870, was a native of New York who moved to the Grove to be with her then newly-wed husband twelve years ago. Undertaker Pell has taken charge of the funeral arrangements. A head-marker has been ordered from the Oakland Marble Works. Pending autopsy, foul play is not suspected.

    Notice to creditors
    From the Superior Court, State of California, County of Monterey, comes these greetings and presents. In the matter of the estate of George Brown, deceased, notice is hereby given by the undersigned estate administrator that all persons believing they have claim(s) against the estate come forth to present evidence of same. The deadline for such presentations has been set as midnight, October 31, 1914. This notice has been published by Morris S. Brown, administrator of the estate.

    Railroad is bound to come
    The enormous growth of Fresno and the rapid development of the surrounding alfalfa and apple-growing regions provides an almost certain guarantee that improved transportation will be needed. Most see this as a full-gage railroad running from Fresno to Pacific Grove. Once in the Grove, shipments can be downloaded for additional travel by rail, auto truck, or steamer.
    Just forty years ago, Fresno was a sheep camp at the epicenter of a sprawling desert. Today Fresno is the fastest growing community in the State of California. It is a hard proposition to find a house for rent anywhere in Fresno. Many residents dwell in tents or cardboard shacks. Businesses are springing up like mushrooms. Her headcount is predicted to surpass 40,000 in a few short years.
    What is the reason for such phenomenal growth? Fresno is no grand railroad center. She boasts of neither oil nor timber. Fresno has too few schools and too few churches. Fresno is well supplied with only saloons and bawdy houses.
    Yet, Fresno is at the center of the most abundant fruit and alfalfa growing regions in the state. These lands are well watered by the Church Kings River system, which has few if any watery equals. Right in the middle of these rich areas, reaching right up to the outlying zones of Fresno, are the Bullard Irrigated Lands system. There, experiments are underway growing the likes of oranges, figs, olives, apricots, peaches, and grapes. The result of all this pending bounty is the pressing need for more transportation.
    Strong voices are being heard for the building of the Fresno-Pacific Grove Railroad. In the opinion of this editor, these are not cries in favor of luxury, but are cries for necessity. The Fresno-Pacific Grove Railroad is bound to come.

    The origin of bank checks
    It is claimed that the business world owes the existence of bank checks to nothing less than London fog. These fogs can be of such density that one can see but a few inches before him. An outstretched hand becomes invisible.
    Several hundred years ago, the attacks of brigands and highway men on passersby of every ilk became rife. Robbery was the purpose. The identity of the thieves could scarcely be established, so heavy was the fog. It was an easy matter to come upon someone, club him in the head, seize his belongings, and then disappear into the murky atmosphere.
    Hence came the idea of the check. This was but a piece of paper, scribbled upon, which required presentation before a cash conversion would be made. If word of the robbery had gotten around, an arrest could become instantly next in the order of business.
    Pacific Grove has fog! Checks are free when you bank with E. Cooke Smith! 1

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • A capable lady is being sought to represent the Barclay Custom Corset Company. These corsets are custom-made for the customer. The new hireling will handle sales and other business. A new corset will be manufactured for her, free. Her territory will be guaranteed. She will also market hats and gowns. Remuneration is on a commis- sion basis. Earn all that you care to earn. All who are thinking of applying may send for our colorful brochure. Write to Barclay’s Corsets, Newark, New Jersey. We will provide an application.
    • Developing something new? We’ll help you obtain patents, trademarks, copyrights or anything else that is pertinent. When the patent office receives applications through us, special notice is taken. We also publish the magazine Scientific American. Subscriptions available. For more information or to sign on write to Munn & Company, 361 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 2
    • Need to borrow money? Have collateral? See S. L. Fritz in the Wells Fargo office.

    And the cost is …

    • We deliver promptly at rock bottom prices. Delivery is free on orders of $5 or more. On special now: small-bulb scallions at two bunches for 5¢. Curnow & Curnow Grocers.
    • Hotel Manx. Your house of comfort in San Francisco. Let us get to know you. Chester Kershaw, manager. $2 per night, bath3 and supper included. Powell Street at O’Farrell.
    • Clover Leaf Toilet cream. Manufactured at the Cloverleaf Pharmacy in Cloverdale, California. Softens and soothes your skin. One jar and shipping cost only 35¢.
    • The best hand-washed and hand-ironed laundry available. We do not dry clean. A good wash requires water. Special this week, one set of men’s collar and cuffs for 15¢. Bring all your dirties to us! Eleventh at Lighthouse.
    • New process for cleaning your suits and dresses. Dry cleaning. Bag your dirty clothes, enclose your name and address, drop bag off at our cart located in front of moving picture show on Lighthouse. Introductory special. Men’s three-piece suit for 50¢. We are the New York Repairing, Cleaning, and Dye Works. We will deliver when done.
    • The Monterey Theater proudly presents for one night only. The Greatest Play of the Day and an international success. Summer Itch. Played for over one year on the Broadway stage. Coming to the Grove with the original cast on Thursday, September 11th. Prices are $1.50, $1, or 50¢ (standing room). All entrants (including children) must be paid for. Make an early ticket purchase at Long & Gretter’s Drug Store.

    Notes from the author …
    1. A rather sneaky means of front-page advertising, eh?
    2. Representational services started at $5.
    3. Yes, but the bath was in a separate space, not in your room.

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