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    Huerta executes U. S. soldier
    War drew one step closer to war this week with the decision of the Huerta government to execute an American soldier.
    Private J. C. Parks had been walking guard duty on the America-Mexico border when Parks accidently strayed a little into Mexico. Immediately, a number of Mexican soldiers swarmed around Parks, disarmed the American lad, and led the hapless soldier away. Parks was then transported to Huerta’s headquarters in Vera Cruz.
    After a mock trial at first based on alleged infiltration, then alleged spying, General Huerta’s judicial committee ordered that Parks be shot. Again, the young man was led away. This time the youngster, who was but eighteen years old, who held no grudge against Mexico, was deprived of all clothing down to his long johns. Parks was then stood, hooded and gagged, against a wall and shot by a multiple of Mexican solders.
    It was learned through the wire that President Wilson and Secretary Bryan labored long into the night to create a “strong” warning to the Mexican government. It might become necessary to view the evil transgression as an “unfriendly and hostile” deed, they said.
    Instantly, Mexico wired back. The Mexican government stated that the execution was well within Mexico’s rights. Parks was known to have been a spy working for a foreign government.
    President Wilson then wired a return with a brief message considered adequately stern. The President replied: “Nonsense!”
    While it is known that Parks was shot, the disposition of the body remains hazy. One source said that Parks was buried in the Vere Cruz cemetery. Another source stated that the Parks body had been burned to ashes in a kiln made over to accommodate the bodies of enemy soldiers killed in action.
    Either scenario leaves Americans livid.

    Mediation stops!
    The three-nation South American mediation team seeking a peaceful solution to the impasse between the United States and Mexico have packed up and returned home. The team cited the reason for their failure as being the recent slaying by firing squad of Private J. C. Parks, an American soldier accused of being a spy. That could not have been, said United States sources. When captured, Parks was in full uniform with a full backpack. No mention has been made of what the United States intends on doing as retaliation.

    Conference postponed
    The Niagara Falls Mediation Conference has been announced as postponed. News from Mexico as to the whereabouts of J. R. Stillman, a missing American citizen, has not yet been received. The Niagara Falls Committee plans to give the Huerta government one more week in which to respond. After that, a recommendation for “war” will be handed to the United States government.

    Sorry! No more tips!
    Service workers lament! A bill making it unlawful to give or accept gratuities has just passed both houses of congress. Payment for services must be included in the price of goods or services. The bill was introduced some time ago by Senator Wayne Davis, a westerner. The Senator has since excited much ridicule. A similar bill, passed in Canada, failed miserably and is now largely disregarded. *

    Young thespians perform
    The young thespians of Pacific Grove High School ambitiously and flawlessly performed the Broadway show The Amazons.* The young men and young ladies who carried out the complicated affair did so with such aplomb as to be looked upon as professionals. Alas, no theater facility in the Grove was large enough to contain the show and its sizable cast. Upon learning the news, the Monterey Theater on Alvarado immediately made itself available. Unfortunately, the theater was no more than 50% filled, including the space in the balcony. The smallness of the crowd was likely due to inadequate advertising. Local black-faces entertained between acts.

    Mrs. Adams entertains
    Mrs. William Adams entertained about thirty of her women friends this past Saturday. Participants were asked to present themselves attired as some character or another. There was much merriment as each new costume showed up. Winner of the prize for best costume was Mrs. F. H. Dale. The winner was attired as Buster Brown.

    Golf at Del Monte
    The esteemed Del Monte Resort has announced a four-days golf tournament begin- ning September 20th. Trophies will also be given for the best non-qualifying scores in the qualifier rounds. The highest scores in consolation play will earn special rewards. Men will play 18 holes. Women will play 9. The entrance fee is $2 per player.

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there
    Miss Hazel Daugherty has resigned her position as science teacher in the Grove schools. Miss Daugherty plans to wed.
    A demonstration of aluminum as cookware is being presented by members of the Woman’s League of the Presbyterian church. A 15¢ donation will be gratefully accepted. All participants will receive a small pot free.
    J. Landron does expert shoe repair. 203 Forest Avenue. Pacific Grove. Twelve Ford auto mobiles have sold in P. G. this past year.

    And the cost is …
    Rent the entire Civic Hall for $8 per day. Includes one-half day use of hall for practices. Contact Mrs. J. A. Pell.
    Crossroads and the Highwayman are currently playing at the Colonial. 15¢ per seat. Breeders Trotting Club activities run fourteen days long. $2,665 in prizes to be given away. Livestock parade. Horse racing. Goat wrestling. Agriculture exhibit. Evening dances. $1 per day or $10 for the entire run. Salinas.
    The Owl Drug Company is inviting investors to consider Owl ownership by way of stock. The price is $2,000 per share. For full details, write us at 511 Mission Street, San Francisco.

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