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    New auto mobile on display
    It’s here! And in a new wide streamlined body style. By it, we refer to the Hudson Sixes. Here, ready for your inspection and consideration, comes the most handsome auto mobile of the year!
    Consider the interior! Soft luxury seats, fawn colored, with seat covers which have been precisely sewn of kid leather, and hand-fitted. On the floor, mats to protect from dirt, mud, or rainwater. The slanted wind shield, opening at the bottom to keep out the elements even when the top is raised, is one-piece glass, braced with a center bar. Glove pockets are sewn into every door’s carefully crafted panels.
    Outside, the body comes in solid colors … coal black, deep ruby, olive green, or cobalt. We’ll order your color choice when we order your car. Broad band white side- walls are a hit. Spare tires are fender mounted between the front door and the hood. The top unbuckles and folds down handily and hangs over air, not blocking the rear seat or trunk. An optional dust cover for the folded top can be purchased for $25.
    The Maxwell’s engine comes as a standard six, or as a light six or economy six, with cost but a few pennies more for one or the other of the non-standard engines. The hood sports an open temperature gage as ornament, visible from the driver’s seat thus protecting against heat. Every door is above a full-length running board. The frame stands tall enough to avoid all but the tallest jutting rock. The vehicle’s entire weight is 2,080 pounds or a little more, depending on selected options. Seating for five, com- fortably. Only 500 of these frames available nation-wide, and a Hudson mechanic is waiting to assemble your classic machine.
    This vehicle has been more appreciatively received than any other auto mobile. The six-40 model can be yours for $1750 and up. The six-fifty four model starts at $2,250. Financing is made available through the bank of E. Cooke Smith. 1
    The Maxwell will be your joy for the rest of your life! Stop in and see L. H. Peterson company in Pacific. They promise not to talk turkey, but to talk Maxwell! 1

    Profitable tithing
    The little book Daily Heavenly Manna3 is enjoying the largest circulation of any book recently published. And there is more. Christian readers consider the book to be one of the most helpful books … ever!
    If Christians allow the rush and crush of selfish ambition to deprive them of their daily ration of heavenly food, such Christians must not be surprised if they grow spiritually leaner day by day, and if the peace of God gives way in their hearts to the discontent which is growing in the world, notwithstanding the multiplication of our comforts and privileges.
    Daily Heavenly Manna contains a collection of Scripture texts with appropriate quotations for everyday of the year. Surely the little tithe of time daily spent partaking of morsels of heavenly consult cannot fail to profit all who partake. And guidance can be found within the pages of Daily Heavenly Manna, which is published to be helpful, and not for profit.
    The extra room given over in this book to autographs accompanied by a birth date is a great convenience. Opposite each day of the year a blank space waits the signatures of friends and family. In this manner, the book’s owner is reminded of birthdays as each occurs. As time goes along, the book becomes more valuable. Marriage and death records are added. Ten years after purchase, the purchaser would not sell his book even for ten dollars. Also included is a table showing which day a specific date occurs on over a period of 150 years.
    Printed on bond paper, covered in imitation alligator, this book can be purchased for 35¢ from the Review office. Obtain your copy now! 4

    Committee Boosts Highway
    The Review is in receipt of a letter indicating that a group of Grovians have formed a booster club for purpose of promoting better roads. First on the club’s targets is the possible highway between Pacific Grove and the San Joaquin Valley. Their second target is the proposed coastal highway the length of the state, with the first segment running from San Jose to San Luis Obispo, probably through or near Salinas because of the valley’s flatland ease of construction. The principal boosters are R. N. McKaig, E. Cooke Smith,5 F. L. Buck, and E. B. Gross. The group reports enthusiastic meetings favoring the construction of auto mobile roads of exceptional quality.

    Women’s advocate representative returns
    Miss Caroline Oyer has returned from the California Assembly of Advocates of Women’s Rights held in Riverside this last week. Miss Oyer reports being satisfied with progress

    Civic Club president to speak
    Mr. James Pheland, president of the Peninsula Civic club will speak Friday evening in Monterey, and Saturday evening in the Grove. Both talks will be held in the respec- tive community’s Civic Club houses. Both presentations begin at 7. Asked about his topic, Pheland said, “Mum’s the word! Come and be surprised.”

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there
    Build your own lodging. We have pine, oak, and Douglas lumber stacked and ready for free delivery by the Pacific Improvement Company. 630 Lighthouse.

    And the cost is …

    • Now on display at the Culp Bros. garage. 1914 Maxwell’s auto mobiles. Model 25 is $835. Model 35 is $1,325. Come in for a test drive. Telephone us at Black 854 to arrange a special appointment time. 6
    • For a short while only, enjoy free dinners with each room rented at the Pacific Grove Hotel. Refer friends, neighbors, and out-of-town guests to us. We’ll take good care of them. $2.50 nightly.

    Notes from the author …
    1. A century ago, vehicles were especially ordered for special assembly…with factories often located within someone’s back yard garage. With the exception of Fords, pre-assembled automobiles simply were not available “off the shelf.”
    3. Manna was the food prepared by God for Israelite consumption during the desert crossing.
    4. Editor Brown received 10¢ per book sold. Editor Brown is branching out, commercially, perhaps raising funds for a November run for political office.
    5. E. Cooke Smith is increasing his community visibility. Note smith’s involvement in the roads club.
    6. 1914 witnessed a riot of automobile advertising and a blizzard of manufacture. Most brands failed.

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