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    Main line
    Feast of Lanterns
    Preparations for next year’s Feast of Lanterns is now underway. President Ed Simpson called Wednesday evening’s meeting to order in the Board of Trade rooms. A good-sized crowd was present. The following committees were set up.
    Feast of Lanterns main committee. Charles Culp, James Harper (Secretary), Joseph Wilkes (Treasurer).
    Finance Committee. Frank Wilcoxen, R. M. Wright, E. W. Fisher.
    Ways and Means committee. N. B. Burlingame. F. L. Buck, Charles Zimmerman, Joseph Wilkes.
    Military Stunt Committee. J. P. Prior, R. H. McCaig, E. Simpson.
    Committee on Parade of Auto Mobiles. W. A. Gerdes, H. S. Bunting, J. D. Snow, C. Zimmerman.
    Board Reception. B. Burlingame, D.W. Damewood. E. W. Fisher, Hal Gerome.
    Publicity committee. F. Wilcoxin, E. C. Herbert, F. E. Grantham.
    Fireworks. C. W. Greter, with power to select subordinates.
    Decorations. Joe Wilkes, with power to select subordinates.
    The boards will meet on the first Tuesday of each month to report progress. The goal this year is to make this the best Feast of Lanterns ever. 1

    Death of Resident
    Mrs. Laura Conklin died at home this past Wednesday. Mrs. Conklin belonged to the Mayflower Congregational church. The body may be visited at Mrs. Conklin’s home until Saturday when burial will occur at 2 pm.

    Board of Trade rooms now open
    The Board of Trade rooms, located on Fountain Avenue in Pacific Grove, are now open for visits from the public. Mr. Hal Gerome, who is in charge, should be contacted to make arrangements. To complete preparation of the rooms, Mr. Gerome is requesting the donation of tables and chairs. Flowers are also requested for the grand opening of the exhibition next weekend. It is hoped that an exhibit of all of Monterey County’s products will be on display.

    Newspapermen make fine legislators
    History has shown us that newspapermen make strong legislators. Such individuals are trained in interpreting and responding to the wants of the people. Newspapermen feel the public pulse better than those of any other profession. The lawyer is equipped with legal training. The farmer with common sense. The merchant with the good sense of business. The laborer with a strong back. But only the newspaperman is prepared to take care of all the people’s needs.

    Parsifal in moving pictures
    Wagner’s master piece, Parsifal, was presented in moving pictures at the Methodist church on Tuesday evening, last. The presentation was enjoyed by one of the largest audiences ever to gather in Pacific Grove. Those who failed to attend missed something really worthwhile. Miss Carole Monte played a number of solos on the pipe organ and then accompanied the moving pictures.

    More fish for Carmel River
    Mr. Frank McCrea, superintendent of the distributing arm of the California Fish Commission, is back. With him and his assistant come fifty cans filled with steelhead fingerlings. McCrea plans another release into the Carmel river. The car in which the fish are conveyed has been especially fitted for this task. Indeed, McCrea and his assistant sleep in the car, giving full attentions to the fledgling fish. The car is outfitted with a compressed air machine which provides the fish with a constant flow of air held at precisely 45 degrees, the same temperature that is found in many mountain streams. Everything is up to date and modern and every precaution is taken to assure the safe arrival of the little fish. Fishing equipment can be bought at Culp Brothers.

    Villa victorious
    Word has come in from Mexico that the forces of General Pancho Villa have managed a significant victory against Constitutionalist troops. More information will be provided as it arrives.

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • Mr. D. F. Dunning is available for piano tuning. Call Main 372 for an appointment.2
    • Notice: Change in library hours. This fall, the Carnegie library of Pacific Grove will be open from 2 pm until 9 pm.
    • Lodge 122, I.O.O.F., meets very Friday evening at Scobie Hall, corner of 17th and Lighthouse.
    • A. J. Hennessy has announced his intention to run for superintendent of schools, Monterey County.
    • Court Pacific Grove, Lodge Number 04, Ancient Order of Foresters, are planning a group hospital visit. Interested in helping? Please sign up.
    • The Monterey County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals encourages you to report any cases of animal abuse or cruelty to Mrs. H. B. Clark, Mr. F. B. Chase, Mr. Charles Macey, or Mr. Charles Few.

    And the cost is …

    • L. H. Peterson is offering to order the 40s model of your Hudson Six for $1,750. Terms are available. The Hudson is the best-equipped auto mobile to be found on the market today.
    • For just $1 you can try the Domestic Sewing Machine for 30 days. We pay the freight. If you like it, you can buy it for $55 more. Need terms? How about 12 payments of $5 each. Write to the Domestic Company, Spokane, Washington.
    • House cleaning made easy. The Pacific Grove Review is offering a $12 vacuum cleaner for just $5.45 with every paid subscription (or one year extension).
    • Have fun in the sun. A. G. Spalding & Bros. is offering the very finest in cork-filled baseballs. $1.25. Write to us and we’ll send you a free catalog of all our sporting equipment. 156 Geary Street, San Francisco.
    • Special! Rent the Pacific Grove Civic Club for the entire day. Just $8.

    Notes from the author …
    1. Where were all the ladies? But then, women hadn’t yet gained even the right to vote.
    2. Parlor pianos and self-playing pianos were very popular during the Victorian era. Every community boasted at least one piano tuner.

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