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    International Rodeo in Los Angeles
    What our friends in Salinas are touting as an international rodeo is coming to Los Angeles. Started in Salinas, this event has moved to Los Angeles, where it is expected to pep up the month of September with all the standard events. These include horseback riding, calf roping, bull riding, and bronco busting. The events commence with a wild west parade. The Southern Pacific is making plans for a special passenger car from the Grove to Los Angeles. Reservations may be made at any time. The Salinas folk wish us to remind all that the international event does not replace, but supplements, the Salinas affair. It is certain, however, that participants in Chautauqua will not care one wit, being interested in more intellectual activities than straddling a bull.

    Villa splits from Carranza
    This just in via wire from El Paso, Texas, via San Diego
    The highest sources in the Mexican government have confirmed that General Pancho Villa has completely split from the would-be government of Venustiano Carranza. Villa has said that he also intends to ignore the presence of General Natura. It was Natura’s appointment by Carranza to serve as the head of Mexico’s central zone that put Villa at odds in the first place.
    It is being said that Pancho Villa’s taking command of Carranza offices in El Paso was but part of his assumption that he would receive promotion. That this did not happen angered the General. Although Villa is on his way to Mexico City, Carranza has moved his headquarters to Saltillo.
    It is told that Carrunza ordered Villa to dispatch 5,000 trained soldiers to help protect Natura from incursions by the Constitutionalists. Villa refused, saying that these men were needed in the North. After an angry exchange of telegrams, Villa tendered his resignation. Subsequently. Villa formed his own government, swearing to ignore any orders issued by either Carranza or Natura. Villa promoted fourteen of the men serving under him to the positions of General.
    Villa also ordered new money printed. $1,000,000 was then issued.1

    Superior court confirms sentence
    The California District Court in Salinas has confirmed the sentence meted out to Claude Belmont. Belmont, found guilty of hiding personal assets, had been sentenced to thirty days in jail. His attorney requested clarification. The court ordered that Belecort begin serving his time, understood or not, within the next ten days. Belmont’s attorney, John Walters, plans an appeal.

    Female voices espoused!
    Thomas Arnold has become the first man known to have openly espoused the vocal cause of women. From behind a lay pulpit, Arnold said that a woman’s fair voice was more beautiful than the best sounding musical instrument. His congregation evidently agreed. Especially when compared to male voices. When compared to male voices, the listeners always selected the female voice.

    Grove men accused of murder in Salinas
    Ye Hum Kin Yu and Chow Bok Hu have been arrested and jailed in Salinas. The men are accused of murdering Lee Lung Kat.
    The accused stated that they have been wrongfully blamed. The three had been playing a gambling game at #20 Soledad Street, Little China Town, Salinas, when the victim tried wrongfully to pocket a sum of money. The accused protested and went after the victim, beating him about the head and body with stout clubs until he lay dead.
    The victim had been aboard a steamer that put in at Santa Cruz for reprovisioning. Lee, a bit over-eager, had retained an automobile to be used in transporting him to Salinas, where a party, sponsored by Chinese individuals, was said to be under way.
    J. M. Anderson, assistant district attorney, is pulling together trial material. County Coroner J. A. Pell is assisting. The head judge is Carroll Cook.
    A deputy sheriff has been dispatched to Santa Cruz to investigate goings on there. 2

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • Mrs. And Miss Edwin Flagg have abandoned their August residence, to return home to Los Angeles.
    • Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Bullier of San Francisco are guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gould, Pacific Grove. The Bulliers traveled south to see their son off. The young Bullier, a soldier stationed at the Presidio, has been transferred from Monterey to Alaska.
    • J. W. Foster, assistant manager of the Pacific Grove Hotel, is on his way to San Francisco. Foster intends to pay visits on several SF hostelries.

    And the cost is …

    • Culp Bros. Garage has 1914 Maxwells on exhibition and ready to be ordered. Model 25 can be yours for just $835. Terms available. Call to arrange an appointment. Black 854.
    • The very best house cleaning is yours for just 25¢an hour. Make arrangements at the Review office.
    • L. H. Peterson of Pacific Grove is offering the Hudson Six-40 for just $1,750. Ten percent down followed by easy payments.
    • Curnow & Curnow, cash grocers, had on hand the best in olive oil. $1.25 for a five gallon tin can.

    Notes from the author …
    1. In 1917, Carranza became the official president of Mexico. He served until 1920. Villa was assassinated by a combine of thugs assembled by Obregon, the successor of Carranza, in 1923. Printing new money was the common way of financing revolutionary activities.
    2. John Steinbeck incorporated Soledad Street area goings-on into East of Eden.

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