• Hello Little Birdie

    by Naiya Biddle

     Hello little birdie
    How was your day?
    Mine was most excellent
    If I should say

    What now little birdie?
    You seem a little sad
    What is the matter?
    Missing something you once had?

    Don’t cry little birdie
    It’s going to be okay
    What’s done has been done
    And so comes another day

    Don’t worry little birdie
    It won’t hurt you
    Although it is tempting
    Just to rid myself of you too

    Who now little birdie?
    Oh, your dear friend
    Where is he you ask?
    It doesn’t really matter in the end

    But you want to know little birdie?
    That’s fine with me
    He’s in the attic
    He that use to be

    What have I done little birdie?
    You already know
    Have you not heard the screams?
    Have you not watched my show?

    Am I ill little birdie?
    Not as far as I’m aware
    He thought I was
    For I did give him quite the scare

    What is wrong with my hands little birdie?
    They are stained you say?
    And so they are
    I think I like them this way

    Are you scared little birdie?
    Are you aware the end is near?
    Don’t you want to see your friend again?
    Come now, I am here

    Goodbye little birdie.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 17, 2013

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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