• High Hats and Parasols, PG in 1909

    Spain and USA at odds
    For the past several months, the people of Pacific Grove have watched with considerable sympathy the numerous nationalities that have turned again the Spanish.  Several have driven the occupiers out.  Now, Pacific Grove’s attention is turning to Cuba.
    There, atrocities committed by the Spanish are building into grandiose proportions.  The brutality with which Spain put down Cuban requests for a degree of local autonomy and personal liberty aroused both the sympathy and the anger of our residents.  Support for the cause of Cuban independence has deep historical roots in Pacific Grove, California, and the United States.
    President McKinley, who has opposed war in the past, is now thought to be changing his mind.  The President may ask congress for a declaration of hostilities in the near future.  Our own politicians are adopting a hopeful “wait and see” attitude.
    Meanwhile, several groups such as the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) are planning fund-raising activities.

    Forest study completed
    Mssr. John Hatton, the acting district forester for Pacific Grove, has completed a very thorough investigation of the forest in (and surrounding) our community.  Hatton spent nine days touring the area by horseback.  His journey took him up and down the trails that are fronting the ocean and traversing the mountains.
    Mssr. Hatton says the grazing resources of our forest are quite desirable.  The areas that furnish feed for cattle and sheep are scattered and small, and there will never be any serious over-grazing here.  Hatton says the great value of our forest will ultimately be recognized in the conservation of our water resources.  He says the opportunity for successful eucalyptus planting on the slopes of mountains should receive attention in due time.
    Game is plentiful in this area, according to the study.  Hatton reported seeing numerous animals and birds, and was able to snapshot many of them.  Included in his pictures, are trout, quail, deer, coyotes, bear, and wildcats.

    Moonlight picnic begins at dusk!
    The young people of Pacific Grove will be treated to a beach party tonight.  With good weather and a full moon upon us, all participants will meet at Lighthouse Avenue and Eighteenth Street.  From there, the crowd will walk to the beach where they are expected to enjoy the moonlight.  Chaperones for the gala are Mssr. and Mrs. J. M. Olive, Mrs. Hugh McIver Porter, and Mrs. W. G. Thrower.  Activities begin at sundown.

    Record shipment of gold heading this way from Alaska
    The steamer Jefferson is tied up at Seattle to take on water, coal, and supplies after her long trip from Alaska.  From there, the Jefferson plans to set sail along the coast and end her journey in Monterey Bay.  The steamer carries six and a half tons of virgin gold, valued at $3,200,000, which is said to be the largest amount ever brought down from Alaska.  $2,800,000 will be left off at San Francisco and the balance is to be brought to our port.  To get aboard the Jefferson at Juneau, the gold was put into bags and transported by a dozen mail wagons.  The shipment represents a very large clean-up in Alaska.  Another $15,000,000 will be shipped aboard a steamer, the Tanana, soon.  Rich color (gold) is still showing up in the north-country creeks, and waits there for the taking.

    Visitor here from Stanford
    Professor E. P. Cook has arrived in Pacific Grove to present a series of lectures at Chautauqua Hall.  A teacher at Stanford, the professor will be talking about wildflowers near the ocean.  He is being hosted by the Pacific Grove Hotel.

    California’s is better
    Mrs. W. T. Boynton, who traveled north by train to take in the Washington Exposition at Seattle, has returned to her home.  Mrs. Boynton said that while the Exposition was pleasurable, it fell short when compared to California’s.  The number of exhibits presented at Sacramento far surpassed the exhibits lined up by Washington.

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