• High Hats and Parasols 1/2/09

    A dangerous man to be at large!

    by Jon Guthrie

    With so many of the young men from the peninsula shouldering pick and shovel to head north to seek wealth in the Yukon gold strike, word from San Francisco of the largess available for the digging may cause even more good men to abandon their homes here to seek wealth elsewhere. The steamer Roanoke has dropped anchor in Monterey Bay carrying 450 passengers and a substantial amount of gold dust … most of which is headed for deposit in our local banks. Reliable sources have indicated that the value of the gold dust exceeds $3 million.
    Among the passengers are two miners who claim they are returning to their homes carrying gold valued at $24,000 to be left with their families. Mssr. George Carmock, the man who discovered the Klondike gold, was also aboard. Area residents L. C. Castillo and V. T. Ogroske made the voyage, still empty handed, and will visit their families here before returning to the northland.
    Another one of those outrageous indecent assaults, which are becoming altogether too common in our county these days, has been revealed. Joe Woodworth is charged with the crime of assault to commit rape. On Saturday, a highly respected lady-whose name shall remain confidential-was driving home alone in a two-seated spring wagon. She had nearly reached her destination when she encountered Woodworth on the road. The scalawag is believed to have been lying in wait. He stopped the horses and compelled his victim to dismount from the wagon. He was in the process of carrying out his evil designs when the victim’s son rode up. The son, on horseback, was following his mother home. He interfered at once, making himself into a hero. Woodworth fled.
    Constable Church, armed with a warrant, a posse of several men, and weapons, had to cross over the mountains to find Woodworth’s cabin near the Dorn ranch in San Bernabe Canyon. The villain was found hiding there in preparation for travel to Watsonville after dark. He was taken before Justice Browne, who arraigned him, and fixed his bail at $5,000.
    Not having that sort of cash, Woodworth was locked up in the county jail. Neighbors say that Woodworth has made many threats of an ugly nature, and is a dangerous man to be at large. He has figured before in the police courts around the county.
    In response to such vile acts, The American Protective Association, newly established to help hold to law and order in Monterey County, will meet the first and third Monday of each month. The APA will revolve its meetings among county communities so that travel will be shared equally. The first meeting will be held at the Good Templar’s Hall.
    Pacific passenger trains will now be making runs into Pacific Grove. No run is to be expected on Saturdays or Sundays. Connections may be made immediately in Monterey for Castroville, Watsonville, San Jose, and San Francisco. Hold-over connections are available for points south.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 2, 2009

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