• High Hats and Parasols 1/9/09

    A hundred years and more ago
    by Jon Guthrie

    Water is not to waste
    While this announcement may seem a bit odd considering the heavy rains just past, the light and water company has announced restricted water usage. Absolutely no irrigation may be undertaken during daylight hours. All waste or excessive use of water is strictly prohibited. Mssr. Frank Day, Superintendent, urges all to conform willingly to these rules.
    Meanwhile, Mssr. Lou Hare (Civil Engineer and Licensed Surveyor) will be presenting the results of the recent sewerage and water works survey. The disclosures include irrigation proposals, drainage proposals, road proposals, railroad proposals, not to mention various obvious improvements. The laying out of plats and maps will be made at the Courthouse for all to view on Saturday. A corps of skilled assistants will be constantly be on hand to offer explanations.

    Private Road Upkeep?
    Most astute citizens are aware of the current budget problems. A reader of the Pacific Grove newspaper has written to its editor suggesting a means for relieving the existing financial embarrassment caused by the actions of the council in diverting funds for roads upkeep and construction into other budgets for other purposes.
    What can be done to bring our roads and lanes into passable shape?
    Our council should now consider voting that all roads not considered as principal thoroughfares should become the responsibility of those who live along such roads. Cost of repairs can be determined and divided equally among the respective residents. After being advised of the estimated cost, the resident group would then vote for or against having the repairs made. If passed, all funds would be paid in (or loans arranged) for each subscriber.
    To make certain that no further indebtedness will incur to the town, work would be delayed until the money is on hand.

    Take advantage of big bargains
    Hale’s has announced its specials of the month and invites everyone to drop in and pick up some good buys. Convenient transport is available on board the Monterey-Pacific Grove street railroad. At Hale’s, celebrated Marrioni kid gloves are featured. For best fit, these gloves will be wet fitted to the hand. The cost is $1.25 per pair. Hale’s also has the best abdominal corset ever made! Ask for Style 236. Black only. $2.25.
    Iverson Brothers, Machinists.
    The Iverson’s have announced that they have added horse shoeing to their services as blacksmiths and wagon-makers. You will be charged $1.50 by the horse, not the shoe, and all work is promised to turn out first-class.

    Mott’s Home Store in Monterey.
    Hallelujah, why not save on your physician’s billings! Mott’s now offer Dr. William’s Indian Pile Ointment that is guaranteed to cure blindness, bleeding, and itching. Small tube runs 50¢. Large tube, $1.00.

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