• High Hats and Parasols 1/16/09

    One hundred years and more ago
    by Cedrick Hunter

    Councilman Schroeder has voiced concern over the town being so far in arrears. It’s bills are not being paid in a timely manner. City Attorney Lacey represents several local contractors and business people in dire need of the money which is owed them.
    The Mayor has proposed the approval of two bonds which will enable the city to get caught up. The first bond is proposed for arrangement with the National Surety Company of New York. This bond will be in the amount of $1,750. The Mayor has indicated willingness to personally co-sign the bond as required by the company.
    A second bond is being negotiated elsewhere and is in readiness pending the finding of an individual willing to act as co-signature.
    Council member Adock has complained that the town’s sewer work is not progressing satisfactorily. Deadlines are being missed and the work that has been accomplished seems sub-standard, according to Adock’s report. Council member Clark responded by saying that Adock’s sewer committee is supposed to be in charge of this work, and that the committee should be to blame if anything is going wrong.
    Clark also stated that the Council might consider having another look at the appointment of Adock as sewer committee inspector.
    Councilman Tholcke noted that the problem might be one of the council’s negligence in passing ordinances permitting streets to be sewered and in failing to make money for the work available on a timely basis. The sewer issue has been tabled pending further investigation.
    Dr. Gyberson and his wife arrived in Pacific Grove last evening and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Abbott in the Abbott’s Pacific Grove cottage. Dr. Gyberson will be lecturing at next week’s public session to be held here in Pacific Grove. Medical practitioners and all who are interested in health improvement are encouraged to make plans to attend the lecture. Admission is 15¢ per seat.
    New faces and new topics are in the planning stages for the Summer Institute Series at Chautauqua Hall. Dr. Elmer E. Brown from the California University at Berkeley has submitted his agreement to appear. Professors Thomas Bailey and Elwood Cuberly are also affirmed. Miss Katherine Ball, San Francisco, a feminist of foremost stature, is on the program. The lectures are to be given quite a boost by the appearance of Joaquin Miller. Mssr. Miller has agreed to present his new lecture program, “Life in the Northern Lights”, which was favorably reviewed in the Western Journal of Education.
    Judge G. W. Roadhouse had a narrow call yesterday morning. At about 10 o’clock, Constable Allen brought a drunk into the court room for trial. On entering the room with his prisoner in tow, Constable Allen discovered the judge seated in his chair unconscious and apparently about to expire. The Constable promptly dispatched the prisoner for ice while he sent one of the witnesses for a doctor. Both soon returned with missions accomplished. The physician, after some trouble, succeeded in restoring Roadhouse to consciousness and stated that the Judge was suffering from heart failure. Although the Judge was able to be about soon after, court has been recessed. Charges against the drunk may be dismissed by way of a reward for his cooperation.
    F. H. Lang, Realtor, is featuring Pacific Grove area offerings. Lang now has several choice lots available between the Grove and Old Monterey in the vicinity of New Monterey. These lots are priced for quick sale at $100 each, cash, or $105 each, financed. Lang is also offering good farming land in the county priced between $40 to $60 per acre.
    Iverson Brothers Machinists would like everyone to be aware that you needn’t purchase a new vehicle after all. The Iverson brothers can fit new springs to your old buggy or wagon with bargain prices that begin at $1.50 per leaf, installed.
    Hiram Corey Ranch, Las Palmas Area, has posted notice that hunting permits are available for access to Corey’s land. The cost is as low as 50¢ per day, depending on the type of game being hunted. Be also aware that those caught hunting Corey’s land without a license will be prosecuted for trespassing.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 16, 2009

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