• High Hats and Parasols 3/13/09

    News-100 years ago
    by Jon Guthrie

    Indian jailed for selling fish
    A person believed to be an American Indian has been arrested.  The individual, tribal affiliation unknown, was caught selling fish not in season.  Also, the subject had no permit to sell.  He has been placed in jail until bail in the amount of $50 is furnished.

    Dead-beat husband given his due!
    Learner Wiley, a resident of Monterey, was recently jailed on the basis of continuing complaints that he abandoned his wife in dire straits.  He appeared in Judge Dorn’s courtroom.  After hearing what Wiley had to say for himself, the Judge was unimpressed.  He found the defendant guilty as charged … again.  Dorn ruled that the man could be released from jail on his own recognizance so long as he found a way to raise $500 within ten days.  That amount is to be paid toward $1,200 in attorney fees, $40 in court costs, and as partial payment for his wife’s past expenses.  Judge Dorn also ruled that Wiley would pay $40 monthly to his wife in the future, this without tardiness or exception.

    Fire may be prank
    The Pacific Grove (volunteer) fire deparment was called out in response to billows of dark smoke indicating a fire of considerable proportions.  Our volunteers arrived in force, ready to do what might be necessary to save a portion of our city from flames.  The alarm and follow-up effort was for poor purpose.  Discovered burning were two discarded tar barrels.  The Constable is checking to see if the conflagration might have been the work of pranksters.

    Suspicious shooting under investigation
    The Monterey constable is investigating a death by shooting.  The circumstances are considered to be suspicious.  Daniel Castro, age 14, was shot to death under happenstance that may or may not have been accidental.  The victim and his brother, Alex, had departed Pacific Grove to go hunting afoot.  Each of the lads was walking along a separate side of a hill in search of game.  Alex heard several shots ring out.  He rushed over the hill to see what was what.  He found his brother lying prone, a bullet having pierced his stomach.  The victim was trying to speak, but Alex could not make out the words.  Alex rushed home to fetch his father and a horse.  As the victim lay in an area of nearly impenetrable brush, extracting the lad proved a job of considerable proportion.  The victim was still alive when he was delivered to his bed, but he weakened and died before a doctor could be summoned.  Before slipping away in death, the victim is believed to have tried several times to whisper the circumstances of his shooting, but he had too little strength to do so.  The coroner rode in to investigate.  Upon completion of the coroner’s investigation, funeral services will be held at the home of Jose Torres, located at Pierce and Jefferson Streets in Monterey.

    Ban bicycles?
    An investigation is underway that may result in bicycles being restricted in Pacific Grove.  A guest decided to ride a rented bicycle along our country lanes.  Seated upon his high seat, he was in poor control of the machine.  He gathered speed going downhill.  As he rounded a curve, the man was unable to apply any sort of braking, even after seeing an approaching buggy and horse.  He skimmed by the horse and rammed headlong into the buggy.  The horse ran amok.  Before the buggy could be brought to a stop, the driver, W. A. Jones, was thrown to the ground and badly bruised.  Many are complaining that the madness of bicycling, and the many accidents resulting therefrom, must be brought to a halt.

    Fishermen at odds?
    The Constable is investigating foul work that may be the result of continuing arguments among groups of local fishermen.  The people of pacific Grove and Monterey were awakened about midnight by the clamor of fire-alarm bells.  Flames were consuming a boat-storage building on the beach that is owned by Mr. M. B. Duarte.  Within this structure, Mr. Duarte provided boat, sail, and net storage for fishermen.  Joe Felix, a fisherman of Spanish decent, has reported a number of disagreements with fishermen of Italian descent.  He was sleeping in the building as watchman, and he barely escaped with his life after suffering severe burns over most of his body.  However the fire may have started, the fire department and volunteers arrived promptly, but no water was available, All were thereafter advised to withdraw to a safe distance.  Mr. Duarte estimates his loss at $400.  The amount of storage destroyed has not been determined.

    Shopping wisely
    The White House, a store on Alvarado Street in Monterey, has decided to offer a special on woolen goods, 25¢ a yard plain, 35¢ a yard detailed.  Pacific Grove’s bakery is selling whole-wheat bread at 15¢ a loaf, or ten loaves for a dollar.  Coast Counties Real Estate, Monterey-Pacific Grove, has lots in the Withers Addition available for $100, $5 down and $5 a month.

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