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    News-100 years and more ago
    by Jon Guthrie

    Conservatives Organizing
    Many in Monterey County are now organizing to protest the government’s intrusion into the daily affairs of the people who are governed. The group is also protesting the sorry state of affairs caused by the so-called, gold-standard crisis contributing to the present, persistent depression.
    Conservatives all, the group has called upon the services of the famed attorney, Mssr. George Gage, for leadership. Mssr. Gage, of Los Angeles, is well-known for organizing protest movements in the southern portion of our state. He has executive abilities of the highest sort, and he is a tireless worker.
    Organizers state that Democrats and Republicans alike are welcome to join their ranks. The only requirement for membership is a personal sense of having had enough … and being willing to take a stand for change.

    Another construction accident
    Mssr. B. S. Kennedy became the latest victim of an accident while working in construction. The victim was helping put up a high-level building. He was carrying a bar of red hot iron up a ladder from the ground floor to the top.
    It was necessary to have the iron in place before it cooled, and Kennedy was making haste to climb the ladder as fast as possible. About 10 feet from the ground, one of the rungs broke. Kennedy fell and the red-hot iron rod came down on top of him, inflicting large and painful burns. Dr. Freeman dressed the wounds and made the injured man as comfortable as possible.
    Many are concerned by the numerous accidents occurring at construction sites. It may be that the constant pressure for swiftness in completing plans is taking an unnecessary toll.
    The latest victim may be more fortunate than other victims, however. Kennedy holds an accident policy issued by the California Mutual Benefit Society that is expected to reimburse his expenses.

    Charged with battery
    A warrant charging A. C. Huckeiden with battery has been sworn out in Justice Browne’s court.
    The complaining party is Mrs. Lucy Anna Haske, who is the mother-in-law of the person named as defendant. Mrs. Haske alleges that the battery was committed by her son-in-law upon Huckeiden’s wife. The injured party is a daughter of Mrs. Haske.
    Mrs. Haske testified that the battery took everyone as a complete surprise. Mr. Huckeiden had just returned with his bride from their honeymoon. It is possible that alcohol is involved?

    Sheep coming to valley?
    J. H. Anoitzbehere of San Ardo is reported as staying in Pacific Grove for the purpose of his employment, which involves taking surveys.
    Mssr. Anoitzbehere is also well-known as a leader in the sheep-raising interests of Monterey County. Anoitzbehere is said to be considering the Carmel Valley area as a site for expanding his commercial sheep interests.
    The sheep man has commented that he feels the climate and natural-feed sources in Carmel Valley are ideal for sheep-growing endeavors.

    Problems at bank?
    Mssr. Charles Knight, Jr. has arrived for purposes not fully revealed. The visitor stated only that he is here in the capacity of a bank examiner. It is said that Mssr. Knight is checking the affairs at the First National Bank, where there may be problems.
    Knight wishes it known that he is lodged at the Washington Hotel in Monterey. Anyone with complaints concerning the way the bank conducts business is encouraged to get in contact.
    Meyers Interviewing Business Leaders for Unknown Purpose
    Louis Meyer, formerly of Monterey County, is now with the Meyer Brothers firm that recently moved to San Francisco. Meyer is said to have been interviewing businessmen around our County. Whether this is for purpose of luring these people and their businesses to San Francisco, or for the possibility of getting them to represent the interests of the Meyer Brothers around here is not yet known.

    Sudden Death
    Word has been received that Mrs. Anna Lora Trout, the beloved wife of C. W. Trout, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. No notice of “cause of death” has been received because, as of yet, the coroner is still checking into the matter.
    Mrs. Trout left this earth at the tender age of 26 years, 11 months, and 20 days. Service arrangements are pending.
    A. A. Schuchard, Optician and Jeweler, encourages everyone to give up paying good money to a photographer for pictures. Now you can take your own. Mssr. Schuchard is offering to sell large-size La Crosse cameras for $3.50.
    H. H. Kessler has been named the authorized agent for Singer Sewing Machines. Mssr. Kessler assures all women that each can make clothing for the entire family quite easily at home. All that is required is one of Singer’s fine machines.
    New machines are available for $5 each. Reconditioned units cost $3.50.
    Mssr. J. P. Laubitter is opening a small livery where guests may board horses by the day or by the week. The cost, including feed, is 25¢ daily, $1.50 weekly.
    Pescadero Ranch, in the Carmel River area, is hereby giving notice that hunting, fishing, or otherwise intruding without a license is strictly prohibited. Permits are available for 50¢ per person, daily, and may be purchased at the ranch house.
    The White House Store, located on Alvarado Street in Monterey, has become the agent for the Cresco Corset line. These garments are guaranteed to add considerably to a lady’s attractiveness. The store offers one price for every fit, no matter the girth of the lady. $1.75 per corset.

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