• High Hats and Parasols, April 20th, 2013

    Do you dare think for yourself?
    A source of never-ending astonishment to the person who dares to think is the large number of men and women who do not believe the simplest and plainest of facts.  When you consider Columbus back in the day the world was thought to be flat and square, or think of Salem when witches had no defense, the thought is laughable enough and a child of ten smiles at the ignorance of the fifteenth century so-called scholar.
    But the world is not yet free from falsehoods and one has but to look about with half an eye to see absurdities more ridiculous than even the one debunked in 1492.
    Consider this, for instance.  Practically no one will claim that any person deserves anything for which a service not commensurate with the reward has been rendered.  And as almost any man who thinks will see at once, it is foolish and cruel to deny men who desire to do so the right to work independently.  It would be far easier to reinstate the Mason/Dixon line.  Yet that very evil is involved when the law gives any man title to a natural resource of which he will not make use.  For instance, to grant a railroad a franchise and then have the railroad hold that franchise until later on so that profits can grow not only allows a certain set of men to earn without service, it precludes others from building a railroad, even a narrow-gage, until the first set have realized their gain.
    To grant a railroad land and then have it hold that land until it can be profited from, which is another form of franchise, is ludicrous, to say the least.  It means that some speculators are profiting without working for their profit and, in the meanwhile, denying passage to the Pacific Grove–Monterey Street Railroad.  Let’s let Sacramento know that government should withdraw any unused land grant.
    After all, these august gentlemen should start thinking for themselves.

    Pickering weds
    Lieutenant Ford, of the 12th U. S. Infantry, and Miss Edith Pickering, from Pacific Grove, chose the pretty chapel at Del Monte to have the knot tied.  Miss Pickering, now Mrs. Ford, is the sister of Captain Pickering, also of the 12th Infantry.  The bride, one of the most popular young ladies to ever spring from this area, was charming in a white, satin gown trimmed with rose buds.  St. Mary’s choir, of which Edith is normally the lay leader, sang the bridal chorus from Lohengrin.

    Relax your nerves!
    The Nerve Rest Sanatorium treats our guests like “royalty” and not like “patients”.  We know that kindness and sympathy work wonders.  We also use all the latest techniques, including electroshock.  The aftercare is delightfully restful and our nurses are the best.  We are endorsed by physicians unequivelantly.  Contact us at Box 5, Belmont.

    Man dies, returns to life
    A certain G. E. H. was working in a hay field when his heart gave out.  The man, who has asked not to be identified, says he recalls passing through a bright light and then talking with lots of folks, quite a few of his ancestors among them.  He says they knew lots of facts they couldn’t know if they were charlatans.  After a long chat, the head chap (God?) asked if the dead man wished to return to earth.  The man replied affirmatively and the next thing he knew he was lying in a hospital bed, recovering.  The man says that he plans to attend church every Sunday from here on in.  Which is a fine plan for all of us.

    New way to clean clothes
    The New York Renewing Company, with its cart located in front of the moving picture show, is now offering a new method of treating your clothes known as “dry cleaning”.  No matter how badly worn or soiled your duds may be, this new process renews the material and makes your old suit look new.  To introduce you to this new process, the New York Renewal Company will clean any man’s (or lady’s) suit for just $1.  Why not take in a show and drop your dirties off at our wagon on your way inside.  Your clothes will love you for it.

    Melville here
    Rose Melville is on stage at the Monterey Theater Saturday in the renowned play, “Sis Hopkins”.  This is a presentation of extreme importance.  Full of laughs.  25¢ admission.  Curtain at 7:30.

    Tidbits from here and here…

    • •Wilford Hoffman, who returned with his bride from honeymooning last week in San Francisco, were treated by friends to a serenade while the new Mr. and Mrs. stood on the porch of their new home.
    • •Bay View Homes is offering discounts and time payments on newly completed houses.  For details, call on us at 153 13th street.
    • •Paint your own boat with paint from Wright’s Hardware.  Also, brushes, wood oil tar, and sealant.
    • The County Board of Supervisors met in Salinas yesterday.  Present were Chairman Casey and Mssrs. Abbott, Roberts, Talbot, and Stirling.  Casey reported that “nothing of significance” was accomplished.
    • •Pacific Grove Auto Mobile Garage is located on Grand above Lighthouse in a fireproof building to protect your auto mobile.  We work on all models.  Our services are guaranteed.  L. H. Phytherson, proprietor
    • •The Coffee Club is open on Sundays!  Fresh pie every day!  Yummy!
    • Mrs. N. R. Burlingame is planning a trip to San Jose to visit a friend.  She will be away several weeks.
    • Mrs. M. W. Mathey and daughter from Sacramento are visiting in the Grove for a couple of w

    And the cost is …

    • •Wallpaper at J. R. Paul’s store.  Your choice of colorful patterns; all are gilt embossed.  Just 65¢ for a double roll.
    • •Need some get-up and go?  Culp Bros. is featuring Drover’s whips.  Eight-plait soft leather, oiled buckskin point, Jacksonville knot,1 and revolving handle.  $1.25 each.
    • •Ladies single texture Mackintoshes at the Lace House.  25” cape attached.  Lovely brown or gray stripes.  Manufactured by Lady Chumley.  $3.40.
    • •Rocky Mountain Coal from the Pacific Improvement Company.  End of season sale!  Large bag delivered for just $1.55.  Hot stuff for stoves, grates, furnaces, etc.  Discounted if you buy a full ton.
    • Coast Valley Gas & Electric Company sells gas or electric appliances.  We also sell service!  Cline’s improved steam washer, $6.60

    Author’s Notes…

    1. Plait referred to a strand.  A Jacksonville knot was designed not to loosen or slide.
    2. Single texture refers to a woven material on the outside with a rubber-like material painted on the inside.

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