• High Hats and Parasols, April 27th, 2012

    Special election over, new trustees seated
    Mr. A. E. Bunker, J. K. Paul, and W. J. Gould were selected for the Pacific Grove Board of Trustees over Edward Berwick, E. C. Smith, and Wm. Oyer.  Mrs. Anderson was chosen city treasurer by a margin of 35 votes over R. M. Fitzsimmons, the incumbent.  City Clerk E. S. Johnston was re-elected by a hefty vote, there being no opposing candidate.  The people selected are all representative citizens who have the welfare of the city at heart, and they are also good business men and men of integrity who will look carefully after the interests of our municipality.
    The new board will have the appointing of a city marshal and tax collector, a city recorder, street superintendent, city attorney, animal pound master, and night watchmen as its first order of business.  C. E. Tuck, E. B. Rich, and Robert Stockird are all aspirants for the office of city marshal.

    Seton speech set on new date
    The Review newspaper published incorrect information in advising that Mr. E. D. Seton was planning to speak Tuesday evening, next.  In fact, Mr. Seton will trod the boards Wednesday evening, next.  Seton’s topic is to be the adventures of a traveling man, accompanied by photographic slides with background music performed by Miss Margaret Varien.  The event takes place in the Work company center beginning at 7:30.  All seats, 10¢.  Children in laps, free.

    Notice to printers and publishers
    The new Board of Trustees of Pacific Grove hereby invite sealed proposals (bids) from all qualified printers or publishers for the printing and advertising of all notices, ordinances, resolution, statements, and reports of this city or its officers.  The contract will be let only to the lowest bidder publishing a newspaper of general circulation which has been in business at least one year at the time of the awarding of the contract.  All applicants must bid at the rate of X amount per standard square of advertising (6 point) type without spacing between the lines.  Headings are to be set in 24 point type, and sub-heading in Brevier (8 point).  The winner of this bid is to be considered Pacific Grove’s newspaper of record.

    Aluminum ware the best
    The are several tidbits of interest to learn about aluminum.  For instance, aluminum is a silvery member of the boron grouping of chemical elements.  It has the symbol Al, and does not dissolve in water.  Aluminum is the third most abundant element (after oxygen and silicon), and the most abundant metal in the Earth‘s crust.  Aluminum makes up about 8% of the weight of the Earth’s non-liquid surface.  The chief ore of aluminum is bauxite.  Aluminum is remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion and is well tolerated by plants and animals.  All of this makes aluminum remarkable for use as kitchenware.  It is light to lift and conducts heat with ease.  And, most importantly, the finest in aluminum kitchen wares is Alumaware.  Thomas Cope serves as your Grove representative. 1

    State printer grabs Smith
    State Printer Friend W. Richardson announced today that he has appointed Frank J. Smith to the position of general foreman of the state printing office.  Smith is recognized as one of the best systematizing print executives in the business.  Smith has no political pull whatsoever and received his appointment solely as a matter of merit.
    Smith was born in Ohio in 1874, and his first printing experience was in a small-town newspaper office.  Later, Smith finished learning his trade in the great Werner book factory at Akron, one of the largest printing establishments in the nation.  There he eventually supervised the running of 100 cylinder presses.  Smith came to California after being recruited by job printers of Los Angeles, Kingsley, Moles, and Collins.
    Even while operating the state printing office with a reduced force, Richardson, a tyrant of tight budgets, has been able to reduce the cost of manufacturing California’s school books more than 30%. 2

    Snippets from around the area…

    • Grove girl seeking position doing housework.  Not very experienced, but eager to learn and will work cheaper than most.  Contact Miss Rosie Maynard by dropping a note at the Review office.
    • Feeling poorly?  Devine healing can be yours Wednesday next, beginning at 7:30.  The Devine Healing gathering takes place at the Bethel Mission.
    • The hanging of the 450th bell along the El Camino Real was celebrated this week.  The bells, a project initiated in 1906, are intended to denote historical sites and points of interest.
    • Secret society meets.  Lodge Number 9014 of the Ancient Order of Foresters meets in Scobie Hall every Thursday evening at 8.  Sojourning brethren are cordially invited to attend.  Posted by J. M. Wright, ruler, and Glenn Ryan, secretary.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • “For Sale” signs and signs of every description are available at the Review office.  Price is 55¢ per sign.
    • Ranch for trade.  96 acres in Lake county with house, barn, year-round creek.  Spring water piped into house and barn.  Includes farm implements and animals.  Will trade for property in Pacific Grove.
    • Spacious bungalow for sale.  Living room, dining room, two bedrooms, bath room with hot and cold running water, and large store room.  Two porches, both electric lighted.  Woodshed and chicken house outside.  Set on two lots.  This property is offered by S. L. Fritz at a bargain.  $1,700 takes it all.
    • Clearance sale.  Wall paper offered at 1/3 off.  Your choice of design starting at 50¢ per roll.
    • Launa “Oil and Buttermilk” complexion soap.  Excellent for preserving the skin and leaving it soft and pliable.  Packaged three cakes to a box.  Each box, 27¢.  Check our front window to view a display of other quality toilet soaps.

    Author’s Notes

    1. Today, the potentially beneficial (or otherwise) biological roles of aluminium compounds are of compelling interest.
    2. A former newspaperman, Friend Richard would be elected governor of California in 1923.

     References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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