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    Court sustains Judge Sargent ruling
    The District court has sustained the decision of Judge Sargent, the Monterey County Superior Court judge presiding when Carl Rhodes was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison for the killing of Eva Galinda of Pacific Grove.  The decision was written by Justice Hall and is concurred with by Justices Kerrigan and Lenndova.
    Judge Sargent had been accused of failing to issue to the jury proper instruction, thus voiding the trial.  Also, Sargent was accused of telling a then-hung jury that such an august group of gentlemen should have no difficulty in reaching a decision, considering the massive evidence presented, including testimony from eye witnesses.  The jury was then dispatched to the jury room for further deliberation, and it subsequently reached a unanimous guilty decision within a couple of hours.
    Rhodes was found to have shot Miss Galinda, with whom he was smitten, to death after observing her dancing closely with another young man at a friend’s birthday party.  The killing occurred at the back door of the Galinda home in the Grove after Miss Galinda returned home.1

    New company forms
    A new company named Monterey Amusement Park and Hotel Company registered with Sacramento last week for the purpose of taking over the affairs and property of the now-defunct Hot Springs Company of which H. R. O’Bryan had been the president.  Capital stock in the new organization was announced at $500 per share.
    Mr. O’Bryan has agreed to transfer title of several buildings and other assets, without quarrel.  Included is the Hot Springs Hotel, now run down.  The new Company announced that it will immediately commence to renovate the hotel, beautify the grounds, and to plant more trees and shrubbery.  Outdoor plans have been laid out by a professional landscape gardener.  The company said that it also intends to add more rooms and a sizable casino.2  Many other plans devised by O’Bryan will be adhered to, including installation of a great, inland bathing pool below cliffs rising to a height of well over 100 feet.  Into this pool will be constantly pumped fresh seawater by picturesque, Dutch windmills.  Cottages dot the cliff top.  The Monterey-Del Monte Railroad will soon have rails laid out to the amusement park.
    The new company is an exceptionally strong one and the board of directors includes some of the leading people in the state.  The president is Mr. J. H. Van Horne, who will manage the million dollar hotel, and members are John Murray, J. E. Lewis, Hammond Weeks, O. C. Wilson, and B. F. Fly.3

    Pacific High School counts heads
    With work on the high school building almost completed, the Pacific Grove school board ordered a census of students expected to enroll next term.  It was later reported that 110 young men and women can be expected to show up.  That makes next year’s enrollment the largest ever.

    Adverta-news pays off
    There is only one way to become better known and that is to hammer your name and business so thoroughly into the people’s heads that if folks take a walk down the street their heads will automatically turn to your location … even if these folks are walking in their sleep.  To advertise, the news page is your best friend.  In spite of the many criticisms about blending news and commercial print, your adverta-news will gain the largest number of eyes possible.  The news page is nothing less than your best friend available.  Submit your name, business name, address, and telephone number (if any) for help in creating the most appropriate text.  You’ll be in your grave before you can find stronger advertising.

    Snippets from around the area…

    • Icing Sugar, a delicious candy, is always in the oven at the Grove Bakery.  Stop in and try a piece for free.
    • The Monterey County Gas & Electric would like you to know that there is no finer way to cook than with gas.  Discounts on gas stoves.  Save the wood for your fireplace.
    • F. J. Wyeth, the Grocer, has added pure Blue Ribbon butter to its line at 15¢ a pound bar.  None better.  Absolutely great on toast.  Six loaves of yummy bread for half-a-dollar. 4
    • The Grove Laundry invites you to have it call for your dirties this week.  Judge our service after you get them back.  That’s all!  At Sixth and Lighthouse.  Phone Red 43.
    • Culp Bros. is now selling “rags” at special prices.  Ragland music is becoming all the rage.  Available as sheet music or in entire books.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • Lots for sale!  The Pacific Improvement Company has announced discounts available upon sale of its finest lots.  Also, the purchaser of a lot(s) from the Pacific Improvement Company results in the new owner being qualified to receive all the rock and sand needed for building purposes, free.  The only charge will be for the actual cost of hauling, including loading and unloading, computed at $13 per wagon load.  Call upon J. P. Pryor, the Pacific Improvement Company’s general agent.
    • A fine line of Havilland China is available at Burlingame’s.  The “Forget-Me-Not” pattern, manufactured in England, is on special.  A set of twelve teacups and twelve saucers can be yours for only $2.18.
    • The Fair is holding a special sale of table-top picture frames.  Silver or gold plating.  Scalloped edges.  6” tall.  90¢ each.

    Author’s Notes

    1. This unfortunate incident was related in an earlier issue of the Cedar Street Times.
    2. One hundred years ago, the word “casino” referred to any large space dedicated to full-time recreation, not necessarily gambling.
    3. Several hot spring “resorts”―such as Boyes Hot Springs, Fetters Agua Caliente, and Harbin Hot Springs―dotted the central California region, but it is not yet clear which hot springs was being taken over by Monterey Amusement Park and Hotel Company.  Can any reader lend a hand in solving this riddle?
    4. Unsliced bread, of course.  The selling of sliced bread did not begin until the late 1920s.


    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).


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