• High Hats and Parasols, April 5th, 2013

    Congressman speaks
    Congressman E. A. Hayes came to the Grove on Tuesday and during the evening he addressed the crowd gathered at the Civic Club Hall. Mrs. B. L. Hollenbeck served as chair and was joined on the platform by Miss Etta Lloyd, Mrs. J. A. Pell, Col. T. H. Weaver, Dr. Himmelsbach, and Mr. F. L. Buck. Mrs. Hollenbeck introduced Hayes who then voiced his opinions briefly, making known his views on questions now before the public. The Congressman then spoke eloquently for 1 ½ hours during which he told the story behind getting the “Breakwater” bill passed.

    Recital in song
    Miss Helen Patia Balch will present a recital in song Friday evening In the Civic Club Hall. Miss Balch will be accompanied by Miss Hilda Heatherington, playing piano. Do not fail to hear Miss Balch as a fine program has been prepared.

    Military academy
    Col. Ted Eadeal is inviting the interested public to a smoked meat luncheon and open house this Saturday at the Mount Tamalpais Military Academy. Services will be offered by current cadets. A demonstration of riding skills will be made by the cavalry troop. Tours of the open-air gym and the covered swimming pool are to be on tap. The Academy, which is fully accredited, was founded twenty-three years ago. Arthur Crosby serves the school as headmaster.

    Get thin!
    You are guaranteed to lose weight following the new “Tea and Banana” diet. Just replace your meals with a cup of tea and a banana. You may mash the banana to blend with the tea, if desired. Fast results.

    Going dry
    The citizens of Long Beach, California, have voted for what is called the “most restrictive” prohibitionatory measure in the state. Anyone caught taking a drink inside city limits will be fined $500 and may face a term in jail. There were 3,553 votes cast in favor, and 1,512 against. Both the imbiber and provider will be considered equally guilty if the transgression occurs within a bar, restaurant, or other building. It is thought that, by far, a goodly portion of the affirmative votes were cast by women.

    Park opposed
    The Pacific Improvement Company has decided to back the park/windbreak being proposed for the Grove with a sizable contribution of cash which will enable Pacific Grove to purchase the proposed property. A price for the land has already been settled upon. All that remains is to determine how to pay for recurring, future costs such as maintenance. Such cost must be provided for over a 25 year period.

    Road to Castroville
    Mr. Allen’s proposed road to Castroville may be in trouble. A well-funded and powerful group has just announced opposition to the project. That group is the Pacific Grove and Monterey Railway Company. It is thought that the presence of a quality road would do little to increase the profits of a narrow-gauge railroad. The Review, favoring the good of all the people, still supports the road.

    Tidbits from here and here…

    • A handsome and expensive new home is under construction across from Pinehurst on Lighthouse. The name of the gentleman who is thus showing his faith in the Grove is Smith. Alas, the Review could not learn the gent’s initials.
    • Prof. and Mrs. R. M. Jamison are the happy parents of a little girl who arrived at their home a little after one yesterday morning. The stranger’s name is Alma Evalin.
    • Three bridal couples are now guests of the Pacific Grove Hotel. Two couples are from San Francisco and one is from Mission San Jose.
    • Mr. W. N. Furlong has purchased the site that once housed the Bank of Monterey on Alvarado in Monterey, paying $1,000 for the property. Furlong plans to remove the vault and convert the space into small offices.
    • We will deliver a full “Winston” meal directly to your home. Contact the Winston Cafeteria.
    • To be independent is to invest in real estate. Contact the Monterey County Real Estate Exchange at 207 Forest Avenue.
    • Check your auto mobile’s temperature from inside your vehicle with a new monometer replacing the radiator cap. Installed by Pacific Grove Garage. On Grand one block above Lighthouse. Prices vary according to brand and size, but all are much cheaper than replacing a heat-damaged engine.
    • Mrs. N. R. Burlingame is planning a trip to San Jose to visit a friend. She will be away several weeks.
    • Mrs. M. W. Mathey and daughter from Sacramento are visiting in the Grove for a couple of weeks.

    And the cost is …

    • Buy an irrigated farm near Patterson. Any size, five acres or more. Ten percent down and your choice of terms on the balance. $200 per acre. Monterey County Real Estate at Pacific Grove. 207 Forest Avenue. Ask your operator for Red 125.
    • Build on your own land. Lot #27 for sale for $25. Must sell fast. Cash only. Inquire at Review office.
    • We will lend you the cash against your property at 4%. Harris Co. Serves the Grove.
    • “The Rose of Panama” and other films will screen this weekend at the Monterey Theater. John Corte offers an elaborate production filmed at Daley’s Theater in New York. 20¢ a seat.
    • Culp Bros. gives Green Trading Stamps with all purchases. Mazda “Sunbeam” lamps are on special. 150 watts for $1.35.

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