• High Hats and Parasols: area news from 1888

    By Jon Guthrie

    Tumble taken from Bagby’s Opera House
    Bagby’s Opera House may be located on Alvarado Street in Monterey, but many theater-goers from Pacific Grove patronize this establishment.  Warning of an ever-present danger should therefore be passed along to our readers by the editor of this newspaper.
    Patrons who are seated in the upper level are inclined to exit by way of the landing and its outside stairway.  This can be dangerous as lighting and a railing are both non-existent.
    After the Saturday night presentation of First Love, said to have been enjoyed by all, a gentleman attending alone stood and made ready to leave.  His eyes, which had become accustomed to the glare of stage lighting, failed to adjust to the outdoor darkness.  The patron, who asked that his name not be revealed, stepped to the edge of the landing and tumbled right over the side.  He was treated by Dr. Trimmer who reported multiple bruises and abrasions plus two broken bones.
    All are encouraged to participate in our effort to persuade the Bagby to install both lighting and a railing.  We want no more patrons pitching headlong to the ground.

    Invest in Salinas sugar
    Mssr. Claus Spreckles recently visited Salinas and the surrounding area to check out the atmosphere for a new beet-sugar manufactory.  The magnate is reported to have been most favorably impressed.
    The proposed sugar plant is reported to cost $425,000.  Mssr. Spreckles stated that the cost of construction is not his concern, however.  His concern is being able to persuade enough area farmers / ranchers to plant beets to make his industry worthwhile.
    Four thousand acres devoted to beet farming is the requirement.  Spreckles is prepared to pay $7 per ton, delivered to his factory.  At an average yield of 20 tons to the acre, each farmer will realize $140 per acre on his crop.  Deduct $20 per acre for expenses and handsome earnings remain.
    Spreckles noted that Salinas area beets are better than most, yielding twenty percent more saccharine matter.  “This factory will be an excellent opportunity for Salinas and all of Monterey County,” he said.  “It will inaugurate a new era for Monterey County.”
    Individuals interested in profiting from beets are asked to subscribe cash which will be used to help farmers farm beets.  Collections from Pacific Grove investors may be submitted at the office of Eardley & Appleton.

    District Attorney dead
    Mssr. B. B. McCrosky, who resides in San Juan Bautista but was formerly a Pacific Grove resident, was recently in Hollister on business.  While there, he was run over and trampled upon by a drunken horseman’s steed.  The horseman, who is to be arraigned, is named A. Patterson.
    Although McCrosky received the best in medical care, he has now succumbed to the severity of his injuries, may he rest in peace.
    Mssr. McCrosky, a good friend to all, was District Attorney for San Benito county.

    Notice from your Uncle Jack
    Your family name need not be mentioned, Edwin, you know who you are.  You borrowed five hundred dollars from me a fortnight past and I have learned you spent that entire amount in carousing.  Not a penny on the investment described.  Shame!  Be advised that I now intend to cut you off without a shilling more.

    Proper attire for heaven is topic
    Mrs. S. Y. Scott opined that the fashion-conscious of Pacific Grove should be made aware that there are no “best clothes” which should be worn in heaven, like going to Sunday services on earth.  The clothes of heaven are simple and made so that the wearer can move about with ease.

    From the market place…

    •  Those who shop the Avenue Store (opposite post office) will soon come to realize that a dollar saved is a dollar made.
    • Frazer Axle Grease is the best lubricant sold anywhere.
    • The California Wagon and Carriage Company announces that it has for rent one-horse haulage carts.  $12 a month, $4 a week.
    • Invest in our new oil well about to be drilled; $20 per share.  A. J. Homer, driller.  Details from Vale & Bickford, Representatives.
    • The Weekly Post is the best newspaper weekly in America.  Twenty-five issues mailed to you for $1.50.  Correspondence: Evening Post, San Francisco, Cal.

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