• High Hats and Parasols, August 10th, 2012

    Golf links map available
    Residents of the Pacific Grove Hotel and all residents of the Grove are cordially welcome to play golf at the Del Monte Golf Course.  These beautiful links are located only 20 minutes away from the Grove by electric street car.
    The Pacific Grove Hotel is kept open all the year, more for the benefit of Pacific Grovians than others.  You’ll enjoy the dances, socials, outings, and poolside parties.  An excellent choice of destination for holidays and vacations.  The Del Monte also caters to private parties on any occasion.  Sign up for 18 holes of golf and you’ll receive a map of the Golf Links of Del Monte, California.  The first nine is composed of 3,109 yards.  The second nine, 2,931 yards.  Contact J. W. Foster, assistant manager, for details.

    Other side of the story
    The answer of Julius Trescony and Robert Johnson, trustees under the will of the late Alberto Trescony, to the complaint of Mrs. Anna Purdy in the “pavilion” suit, commenced last month, is most interesting.  Suit has now been filed in the superior court.  This is an interesting document alleging as it does that Mrs. Purdy is not indebted to the trust-estate in a sum approximating $14,000.
    The counter-claim alleges that Mrs. Purdy does owe the money and has failed to, and refuses to, repay that amount.
    The trustees claim they have no doubt that Purdy has used trust money, and appropriately so, but has not used much of it in a manner that complies with the conditions of the will.  They demand that the sum of $14,000 be returned to the trust.
    The judge has called for time to review the facts surrounding the document before rendering a decision.

    Soldiers and Indians at the Colonial
    Those desiring excitement in motion pictures should not fail to attend the Colonial tonight.  The program is a little different from the ordinary and is bound to please even the most demanding.  The hero-story is a pleasing little comedy sure to create a laugh, as is the principal story, “between life and death.”  This is a thrilling story of the Mexican border, and shows a charge of the United States Cavalry across the border to rescue an American in dire peril.  As a “Man of Honor”, the third feature plays out as an adventure that is bound to win your admiration, especially the marvelous acting of a child prodigy kidnapped by savages.  You should not miss this fine collection of films, shown tonight for the first time.  Tomorrow at 3 pm is our regular, Saturday matinee.  This show consists of three reels of film stories plus sing-along features, accompanied by piano.  The matinee may be attended for 5¢.  The evening show is priced at a special 10¢ per seat.

    Foreclosure suit filed
    Mrs. Mariba Cooper has commenced suit against Charles Howe, and Ilattle Howland, and others to foreclose a mortgage on a considerable acreage located on the coast below Monterey.  According to the complaint, the mortgage was given June 20, 1908, to secure payment of a promissory note for $14,800, plus 8% interest.  The suit alleges that payment-in-full is now past due.

    Swiss Colony coming
    George M. Obradovich has arrived from Seattle with his wife.  The couple have the intention of making their home in the Grove, and are now living at a location on Fourteenth street.  The Seattle Times has published the following, which will be read with much local interest.  Obradovich is working with Hermes Zürich to bring Swiss families here.  As stated by Obradovich, as many as 29 Swiss families are now expected, but within the year, a fleet numbering 25 ocean-going steamships will depart Europe loaded with colonists, and fifteen more ships will carry Swiss cattle.  Land will be offered for sale in the amounts of 200 acres per allotment.  Obradovich stated that he arrived here 25 years ago with $15 in cash, used as down to purchase 40 acres of land and a house.  He is now a millionaire. 1

    Learn shorthand now!
    Want to learn how to transcribe shorthand.  A thoroughly competent secretary will teach you how in exchange for a good guitar.  Contact the Review. 2

    Opium found
    Acting for the United States government, Custom Collector Frederick Stratton had a signed draft issued by the Bank of Monterey for several tins of opium and papers seized from a safety deposit box.  Stratton verified the rumor and went to see Lin Toy in jail at Salinas.  Lin Toy denied he had a safety box in the bank.
    Last Monday, Stratton and Eplow, an assistant, came here and conferred with Colonel Charles Bilan, special deputy of the port.  Bilan instructed Eplow to obtain the services of a locksmith who could open the box.  Bank officials offered no argument.  When the box was opened, seven tins of opium, $240, and the tell-tale letters were found.  It is believed that Lin Toy has been the leader of a Chinese smuggling ring which has been operating in Monterey and the Grove for several years.

    Snippets from around the area…

    • Pacific Improvement Company is offering Rocky Mountain Coal at mine-bottom prices.  Purchase by the sack or the ton.  Delivered without charge.  We’ll provide a free trial order.  This is hot stuff for stoves, grates, and furnaces.  Located on Fountain avenue.  Ask the operator for Main 721.
    • Mrs. Ed Ingram and daughter are here from Los Angeles for a familial visit with Mrs. Ingram’s former husband.
    • Lost!  A small black velvet purse containing a ten-dollar bill.  Finder please return same to 207 Wood street or to the Review office.  Reward will be paid.
    • The “Road of a Thousand Wonders” awaits.  The Sunset Limited, trains 1001 and 1002, runs between San Francisco and New Orleans, as well as points between.  See C. E. Estabrook for details.  Sleepers available.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • Save money on beautiful extension tables offered by Paul’s furniture store.  Extra heavy with classic, ornamental design.  Solid oak.  Highly polished.  Eight feet long.  $11.80.
    • Pure, spun aluminum pots and pans.  Guaranteed for 15 years.  See my display.  Small tea pot serves as sample.  25¢.  J. Barlett, agent.  231 Park street.

    Author’s Notes

    1. Whatever happened to the enclave?  An immigration of Swiss never happened in the proportions proposed by Obradovich.  Could this have been an early scam?  Each immigrant was required to make a deposit of $75.
    2. Shorthand was an important skill of the era.  Those proficient in shorthand were assured higher wages than those who were not.  For several decades, your author’s mom taught shorthand, not in exchange for a guitar, however.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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