• High Hats and Parasols, August 24th, 2012

    Planned robbery foiled
    Miss Amanda Perry and Miss Katy Halle are good friends of the first order who live in close proximity in cottages overlooking the Bay.  Often, the pair takes it upon themselves to travel to Monterey or San Jose or even San Francisco to do a bit of shopping.  Such a journey was recently planned, with the ladies intending to lodge in the queen city at the Burlington Hotel.  However, Miss Perry had recently met a handsome young man, a J. B. Wheatley, and had spent a great deal of time conversing with the gentleman, not knowing that he had recently been released from prison and was not doing at all well financially.
    Mr. Wheatley traveled to San Francisco and revealed the ladies’ plans to a pair of ruffian cohorts.  He said that it was likely that Misses Perry and Halle would be carrying a goodly amount of cash with which to do their shopping.  Wheatley then returned to the Grove to await the day of travel.  During this time, Wheatley became remorse.  He then stopped by the Perry home and told Amanda’s mother of the plot.  Mrs. Perry asked why Wheatley had not contacted the police.  Wheatley said that he did lack adequate nerve.  Mrs. Perry insisted.
    San Francisco police indicated they would void any charges against Wheatley in exchange for his cooperation.  Wheatley agreed.  On the appointed day, Wheatley traveled to San Francisco and was placed in union with a pair of female constables.  The three wove their ways toward the Burlington Hotel.  At the precise spot intended for the robbery, the two accomplices stepped from the shadows, waved pistols, and demanded money.  The female officers and a couple of male officers following the group leapt forward and snatched the pair of thugs.  As soon as he testifies in court, Wheatley will be released to go his own way.

    The Steamer Newark Schedule changed
    A spokesman for the Steamer Newark, sailing between San Francisco and Monterey Bay, has announced a change in its schedule.  The Newark now sails from Harrison street wharf in San Francisco each Monday and Thursday at 10 AM.  Freight is accepted until 8 AM the day of sailing.  The Newark plans stops at Santa Cruz, Moss Landing, and Monterey Bay.  Returns to San Francisco are scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday.  Rail connections for Salinas, Spreckles, and Watsonville are available.  The Peninsula office is located on the Monterey Bay Wharf.  Telephone Main 232.

    SPCA urges cooperation
    Charles B. Few, president of the Monterey-Pacific Grove Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, encourages everyone to cooperate with the society’s mission.  Please report any observed case of animal cruelty to Mrs. H. D. Chase, F. B. Maugery, George Harper, or Chas. Few.  We promise to check into the matter!

    Paraplegic and infant die in fire
    H. B. Beason and an infant, Johnny Heim, both residents of the McGlashan Sanatorium, died yesterday in the conflagration that consumed the entire building.  The infant was the son of Mrs. Helen Heim, the sanitarium’s general manager.  Another resident, Mrs. J. C. Helm, suffered serious burns and is not expected to survive.  The fire started while Mrs. Heim was bathing a patient by the light of an oil lamp.  Heim reached for the lamp, intending to turn up the flame, when she knocked it to the floor.  The lamp had been recently filled and the fuel quickly spread.  Beason, only 24 years old, had been paralyzed in an auto mobile accident and had been a patient for 7 years. 1

    Snippets from around the area…

    • Dr. Martin McAuley, physician and surgeon, has established a Pacific Grove office in the T. A. Work building.  He will be available there, Monday through Saturday mornings, 10 to 12.  Dr. McAuley will work afternoons in Monterey where he will be available at the McAuley sanatorium from 2 to 5.  House calls and special appointments available by asking the operator to connect you with Black 192.
    • M. Callie Armstrong offers Electric Vibratory Massage treatments.  Also, Electric Light and Medicated Baths.  A trained nurse is always on hand.  Recommended by leading physicians.  Stop in at 200B Forest avenue.  I will show you around and offer you a five-minute test-treatment, free.
    • Our new lines of men’s and women’s spring suits and coats are now available.  These are exclusive models that are full of the same incomparable style you have found in the past.  Owing to our splendid organization in New York, we are kept constantly supplied with the very latest fancies at very modest prices.  Prussia & Co.  Purchase your suit from us and we will reimburse train fare for two to San Jose or San Francisco.
    • I hereby announce myself a candidate for the position of school trustee.  Laura Duncan.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • Obtain your genuine cork-centered baseball made by A. G. Spalding Company of San Francisco from Culp Bros. on Lighthouse avenue.  Just $1.25.  Also … bats ($2.60) and leather gloves ($4.40).  Why not enjoy some summer fun?  We’ll treat our special customers to ticket for a delicious bag lunch perfect for carrying to the beach or a ball game.
    • Manager E. R. Martin of the Pacific Grove Hotel invites you or your friends to lodge at the most up-to-date hostelry in the Grove.  Meals available on site.  Rooms with private bath, $2.50 per night.  Telephone Main 45.
    • Slippers will keep your feet warm and toasty.  Styles for men or women.  50¢ to $1.75 at Bernard’s Shoes and Boots.
    • Don’t judge this laundry by your experiences with other laundries.  We are not an ordinary establishment.  You won’t find buttonless shirts, frayed collars, ragged cuffs, and damaged shirttails coming back from us.  Have us call for your dirties next week and judge us after you get your cleaned things back.  That’s all.  Men’s cuffs and collars, carefully laundered, starched, and ironed.  15¢ each.  The Grove Antiseptic Laundry.  12th and Lighthouse.  To arrange pickup, ask your operator to connect you with Red 43.
    • Keep your feet and floors clean.  Obtain a rubber doormat from Wright’s Hardware.  $1.35.

    Author’s Notes

    1. A somewhat difference version of this story was also found in a competing newspaper.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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