• High Hats and Parasols, August 27th, 2010

    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Be chums! Help stem divorce!
    The trouble with the people who are stampeding for the divorce court is that the ordinary husband and wife do not bother themselves to become chums.
    The wife who mopes around the house while her husband goes off fishing is headed for the divorce court. The advisory from this editor is that you should go romping out in the woods with your spouse. You will then learn that you can grow in mind and body. By and by your husband’s hand will linger carelessly ou your arm and the old look will return to his eyes and in the sublime hush of the forest your voice will become tender and the thought of the divorce court will be a sacrilege, buried in the pleasure of doing what you are doing. Do not read the romances of life; go forth and feel them. Every man is a Paul and every woman a Virginia. They should wander together among nature and worship at the shrine of nature’s folly1.
    When a man can say to his wife, “Come, chum of mine, let’s go to the hillsides where the scarlet berries hang like drops of blood from the crimson heart of the wildwood,” you can bet that that couple are not headed for the divorce court. With the beautiful scenery so easily available in the Grove, what excuse can men
    and women have for ignoring the splendid value of the natural world?

    Carnegie helps church
    Many are unaware that Mr. Andrew Carnegie’s philanthropy extends beyond libraries.
    It is true that Mr. Carnegie is a significant contributor to the new Pacific Grove Public Library, but while the mogul is in town to inspect the library, he became aware of the needs of the Mayflower Congregational Church, so recently destroyed by fire.
    Mr. Carnegie donated the sum of $1,000 to the church, which is to go toward the purchase of a new pipe organ2.

    Grove compiling list of attractions
    Mr. E. Simpson, President of the Pacific Grove Board of Trade, has announced that his group is assembling the attractions of Pacific Grove to publish in a pamphlet.
    Pacific Grove is the ideal summer and winter resort. Our mean temperature in January stands at 56 degrees. In July, it stands at 65 degrees. We offer visitors such attractions as the 17 Mile Drive, the Carmel Mission, the Cove, historic sites. Boating and fishing are among the best anywhere and we have the bath house. Our electric street railway is available to carry riders to points of interest. There are open-air concerts and entertainments to enjoy. All is back-dropped by scenery that is beautiful, grand, and diverse. Nothing on the coast equals Pacific Grove.
    Write R. M. Fitzsimmons, secretary, to contribute additional ideas or to order a copy of the pamphlet at pre-print discount.

    Takes scam to San Luis Obispo
    Most will remember the story of Caspar Blattler, which is certainly without bounds. Mr. Blattler moved from door to door in Pacific Grove, begging alms. His child, the
    man said, had been killed in a house fire and a little cash was required for a Christian funeral. Mr. Blattler showed a photograph of the child.
    After suspicions arose, Blattler was arrested and remanded to the Monterey county jail. For some unexplained reason, he was never tried. Blattler was released
    eight months later and told to “get out of town.”
    Yesterday, officials at San Luis Obispo telephoned the local officers and inquired if a fire here had destroyed a home and caused the death of a child. Deputy Jim Robinson immediately recognized the game, and connected the requested information with Blattler. The deputy asked for a description of the man, which proved out his suspicion.
    Blattler was working the same game in San Luis Obispo, most likely using the same photograph. Robinson recommended that the con artist be immediately clapped
    behind bars2.

    Notes from around the area…

    • The ladies of the Christian church invite you to participate in a cooked food
      sale next Saturday. The event will be held at the store of F. J. Wyeth and will
      commence at 10 o’clock and remain open until all is gone.
    • N. B. Burlingame of the Grove is returning from Missouri. Burlingame plans to
      spend a few days visiting in San Francisco before coming home.
      The Fair, a store, wishes to announce that it has installed a “sporting goods”
    • The Tailor has reopened at 214 Grand in the Grove. Stop in and view the large
      stock of pre-made clothing. “We will adjust purchases to your size.”
      Frances Willard Lodge No. 267 of the International Order of Grand Templars
      meets at Scobie Hall in Pacific Grove each Friday evening at 7:30. This
      announcement is posted by Mary Gilman, CT, and Anna Cooper, Sec’y.

    The cost of living…

    • A four-room house with interior bathroom and pantry is now for rent. Large
      basement, porch, electric lighting, garden, and a splendid view of the bay.
      Corner of Wave and David. $35 monthly.
    • Clean flickers at the Work Theater. No smut. 10¢, general seating. 20¢ first ten rows.
      Mr. G. R. Higby, proprietor of the Imperial Dyeing House at 210 Grand avenue,
      will clean and block gentleman’s hats for 50¢.
    • Pasture your horse behind good, tight fencing. We feed. Contact Bat Mitchell.
      $1.50 a month, plus supplies.
    • Paper-covered books on sale from the book table at Culp Brothers. Well-known
      authors. 15¢each.

    1. Paul and Virginia were the principal characters in Jacques-Henri Bernardin
    de Saint-Pierre’s famed novel, first published in 1787, Paul et Virginia. This
    halcyon couple, friends since childhood, represent the fate of “children of
    nature” who are devoured by the fals sentimentality and standoffishness that
    prevailed at the time.
    2. Caspar Blatter also worked his scam in King City and Salinas. Research has not
    yet revealed that Blatter was indicted, tried, or convicted. In each community,
    the scammer seems only to have been ordered “out of town.”

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