• High Hats and Parasols, August 31st, 2012

    Squatters return
    A couple of weeks or so ago, constables rousted the homeless people camped around the Custom House and sent them packing … or so the constables thought.
    This week the area is once again fraught with rag tents, box houses, blankets-in-bens1, and other crude accommodations of sleeping.  The local gendarmes, however, have not been resting on their laurels.  They dispatched an attorney to San Francisco to petition the United States District Court for permission to expel the hooligans once and for all.  The Court complied.  A deputy United States Marshall is expected here within a day or so to serve papers on the rabble.  Whether or not the eviction notice sticks remains to be seen.

    Crude leap almost a tragedy
    Rodin Lewis, a military parachutist from the Peninsula, traveled to New York to demonstrate his skills by leaping from such heights as the Statue of Liberty and tall buildings.  Next on Lewis’s agenda was a leap from the Brooklyn Bridge, to which the jumper had invited the men of Wall Street to attend as spectators.  Lewis became entangled in cords, however, and he fell from the bridge instead of jumping.  The hapless plummeter fell 150 feet before managing to free his body.  He finally got his parachute to open.  The giant umbrella lowered him slowly until he landed in the water and was quickly pulled to safety by a waiting boat.

    Harahan among victims
    Four persons were killed in the private rail car of F. O. Melcher.  The car was attached to the Senator Elyer, Train No. 25, which was taking on water when it was struck by the engine of Train No. 3.  The errant engine plowed through the private car without even slowing.  The dead consist of former bank president J. T. Harahan, former bank vice president S. K. Menander, general solicitor J. R. Witter, and vice president of the Rock Island Railroad H. E. Pierce.  Arrangements are being made separately.

    Bazaar coming up
    The summer Bazaar and Sale of useful and fanciful articles will take place Saturday next on the lawn of St. Mary’s Parish House.  Following the sale, a box lunch auction and dance is planned.  The New Times Band has been obtained to provide music.  Plan now to attend.  25¢ donation for admission to both the bazaar and dance.

    Man jumps to death
    A Grovian who had moved to San Francisco to try his luck in investments fared not well at all.  J. W. Lewis, after losing heavily in his investments made on-margin, became despondent after receiving multiple margin-calls.  He made his way to a high cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and jumped.  After being pulled from the rocks, Lewis was pronounced dead.  Arrangements are pending.

    Wirt is Chautauqua speaker
    Lincoln Wirt, who is an explorer and author, will take to the Chautauqua stage this weekend.  Wirt plans to focus on his artic explorations with tales and slides.  The Chicago Advance has the following to say regarding Wirt’s lecture: “Mr. Wirt will tell the romantic story of the three years he spent living in Polar Regions.  It is one of the best stories of the day, and Mr. Wirt knows how to spin it well.”

    Returned from Idlewilde
    The party of high school girls who went to Idlewilde for a week’s outing returned Monday evening.  The group was accompanied by their chaperones, Mrs. J. Kyle, Mrs. O. R. Sherpa, and Miss Emma Loppentine.  Those who participated in the outing were: Misses Eunice and Helen Allen, Alta Daingerfield, Margaret Jenkins, Ruth Kyle, Darlene Neighbor, Geneva Marcellus, Louisa Sheppard, Edna Goldsworth, and Beth and Marjory Dysuria.
    The following young men from the high school were enjoying camp life about a mile from the Young ladies.  Lachlan and Kenneth McLean, Harry Wylie, Harry McMahon, Charles Stockbird, Renaldo Coe, Henry Gruden, Llewellyn Lewis, and Donald Hale.
    The extent to which the girls and boys mingled for various activities is unknown.

    Greene to look after breakwater bill
    H. A. Greene of Monterey will leave for Washington in the next day or so to be present at a hearing on the Monterey breakwater proposition.  There is very little opposition to the issue and it is believed all will go well .  Rapid progress can then be made.  It is widely believed that the Congressional appropriation will be made.

    Snippets from around the area…

    • Mr. G. D. Todd has booked passage on the Southern Pacific for travel to Sacramento.  Mr. Todd has been notified of the untimely death of his brother, and he plans to attend services and burial.
    • Col. E. A. Prebic has traveled to the Grove from the Presidio, San Francisco, to spend some time with his daughters, Maie and Eianthe.2
    • Devine Healing will meet Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 in the Civic Club.  Prayer study class is planned for Thursday, 5:30, Civic Club.
    • Mr. A. J. Steiner has departed for San Jose by auto mobile to visit with his son, Ray.  Father and son are discussing a joint business venture.  The trip is expected to require four to five hours.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • Girl wants work cleaning houses.  Trustworthy and thorough.  Works with a smile.  25¢ by the hour.
    • Fresh-picked strawberries available at F. J. Wyeth, Grocer.  15¢ a carton.
    • Make your walk through life easy!  Ladies Hi Cut Velvet shoe.  $3.58.  At the Holman store.
    • The Roth-Coney Co. is giving away Wm. Rogers best silverware, free.  Triple plated.  One piece is yours with each purchase more than $5.
    • Burlingame now handles the famous SealShipt Oysters, fresh from the boats.  $1 per heaping basket.
    • Professional nurse desires full-time patient.  Wish to be compensated at the rate of $5 per 24 hours.  Weekends are kept free.  Contact me by asking to be connected with Red 217

    Author’s Notes

    1. Does any reader know what a blanket-in-ben is?
    2. Were the spellings correct?  Could the editor have erred with both names?  Perhaps Mr. Prebic was an immigrant from, say, Greece, and preferred the spellings of his native language.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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