• High Hats and Parasols, August 3rd, 2012

    Valiant ladies almost slugged
    The San Francisco Chronicle plastered a story of importance in an important position on yesterday’s front page.  Miss Kate Perry, Mrs. J. Hilary, and Mrs. Glendenning―all local ladies; Mrs. Glendenning manages the Centrella House―had traveled to San Francisco for shopping and visiting with friends.  A Mr. James Ferrell later confessed that he, along with a couple of buddies, knew that the women were well-heeled and planned to follow them along Powell street until reaching an area where the men could knock the ladies in the heads.
    At 6 o’clock, evening before last, the three men sidled toward the friends who had settled in at a soda fountain with Miss Margaret Massey, a friend from Berkeley and the soda fountain’s cashier. The men greeted the women and, after introductions were made, asked which one it was who lived in Berkeley.  Miss Massey identified herself and said that another of the group, Mrs. Emma Hiller, also resided there.  Mr. Ferrell laughed and stated that he, too, lived in Berkeley.  After a little more pleasant chatting, the group agreed to go together to the Victoria where they would dine together.  After eating, the group continued down Powell street.  Miss Massey said that she needed to stop by a bank to make a deposit for the soda fountain.
    As soon as the group entered a dark area on the way to the bank, the men pulled brass knuckles from their pockets and gave the ladies a resounding threat.  Thereupon, one of the women screamed and claimed that she had suspected the men of harboring ill intentions.  Miss Massey, who carried the soda shop money, mostly coins, in a shoulder bag supported by a lengthy strap, slipped the strap from her shoulder and began shouting while swinging it like a weapon.  One of the men was knocked off his feet.  Another’s nose was bloodied.  The third raised his brass knuckles and shouted, “the blow that I will strike will do its business!”  But then he changed his mind and fled the scene, as did the two others soon after.
    The ladies gathered their wits and strolled away, leaving the business of being robbed for another day.

    Lighthouse burns
    The Point Adams Lighthouse, a historic landmark built in the year 1858, was destroyed by fire yesterday under orders of Lieutenant Colonel Stevens, commander of the coastal defenses at the mouth of a river.  Having served its purpose better than a half century, the lighthouse was determined to be obsolete.  Also, the river had changed course.  Once a mere ten feet from the foot of the structure, the river has moved nearly a full mile away.

    Land transaction
    The deed to two lots well-outfitted with one house has changed hands.  The Del Monte Corporation has sold the property to Manuel Buckley and Agnes Sullivan .  The price was $10 and some labor.

    Ousting squatters next call?
    Monterey may call on Pacific Grove for assistance in from the Custom House property.  Actions have been commenced in the United States District Court, San Francisco, against the parties who are holding the property, allegedly illegally.  A deputy United States marshal was expected here Monday to serve papers.  Two squatters, who operate a fish market out of a hut between the Custom House and the steamship wharf, protested.  The men, Louis Duarte and Sam Carty, claimed that their families have been in business there for decades.  These defendants and others, are being cited to show cause why they should not be convicted for contempt of court,  Earl Prior, assistant United States district attorney, said yesterday in reference to the suits: “The huts are an eyesore and the government will make every effort to have these intruders ejected from the premises.  The government is in a good position to prove the fishermen have squatted on government land.”

    Paralytic and baby die in fire
    H. S. Hugo who has been a long-time patient, and the infant son of John McGlashan, a staff member, were burned to death today in a fire which destroyed an area sanatorium.  Mrs. J. C. Holm, manager of the facility, received burns from which she is not expected to recover.  The building was totally destroyed, mainly because low water pressure in the fire main handicapped the fire fighters.  The blaze ignited when Mrs. Holm started a kerosene heater to warm the bathroom where she was bathing McGlashan’s son.  Her gown lighted and the fire quickly spread to other parts of the building.  When firemen arrived, the entire structure was ablaze and they could not check the flames.  Hugo, who had been paralyzed for seven years, was unable to move from his wheeled chair.  He was 64 years of age.

    A good picture show appreciated
    From the large attendance last Saturday evening at the Colonial theater, it appears that the people of the Grove are beginning to realize that they can get a fine evening’s entertainment at a low price.  Every program has just the right dash to be exciting to everyone.  This weekend, the show features twelve films that include the Land of the Lost, The Toys, In the Commissioned Ranks, and others.  The time is right.  Don’t fail to attend.  A dime admits you to the complete showings beginning at 7 o’clock sharp.

    Snippets from the area

    • Mrs. G. Grant traveled to Salinas on Saturday.  She intends to stay for several days, visiting.
    • Mrs. Wiley and daughter are over from Salinas for a holiday.  Mother and daughter are occupying the family cottage on Lighthouse avenue.
    • Burlingame now handles all sizes of the famous SealShipt Oysters, fresh from their ocean beds.  Delicious!

    And your bill amounts to …

    • In stock at the Pacific Grove Garage.  Michelin tires.  You cannot know what a good tire is until you try a Michelin, properly inflated.  Four tires with leather siding, $12.

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