• High Hats and Parasols, December 14th, 2012

    Pebble Beach lots for sale
    The Pacific Improvement Company has begun the sale of home sites at Pebble Beach, the suburban villa tract recently laid out along the 17-mile drive property fronting Carmel Bay. Prices of the lots range from $500 to $2000, according to their situations and surroundings. Building restrictions are included with the deeds in order that a strictly desirable neighborhood shall be assured to the buyers.
    The PIC asserts that Pebble Beach is destined to become California’s most delightful residence colony, and there is every reason for believing the company’s statement to be correct.
    The first building to grace the new tract is Bay Lodge, a commodious structure built of logs in a most-pleasing style. The Bay Lodge stands close to the beach, commands a magnificent view of ocean and forest, and is superbly furnished. Some of its features will be the assembly hall (with two immense fireplaces), the grill, and the reception rooms. Meals will be served under the same management as the Hotel del Monte’s dining hall.
    Pebble Beach is not on the railroad and, to furnish rapid transportation for residents, an Omnibus has been purchased. Visitors may also ride the omnibus, after payment of 25 cents in order to view the rock-bound, surf-pounded shore. The area is heavily forested in cypress, pine, cedar, and oak. The omnibus will pause at locations from which Monterey Bay and Point Lobos views can be seen.

    Mrs. Mary Ayers to be buried
    The funeral service for the late Mrs. Mary G. Ayers will take place Friday afternoon at 3, and will be held at her former home on Spruce Avenue. The last of her family is expected to arrive from the east tomorrow on the afternoon train. After the service, Undertaker J. A. Pell will transport the remains to Cypress Lawn Cemetery for interment.

    Call for mail
    PG Postmaster W. H. Standsbury has announced that the post office is holding mail for two people who have been difficult to locate. One is addressed to Mrs. Susan Hettier and the other to Mssr. Max Millas. A third letter has been received, addressed only: George. Stop by and pick up your mail.

    Good side to bad news
    Mssr. A.O. Gates, of Pacific Grove, complained about a recently poisoned puppy. Gates has a small shed on his Ninth Street property, which he turned into lodging for his new family puppy. However, some unknown villain slipped into his yard during the night and placed poisoned meat inside the shed. The puppy, of course, canine that it is, greedily consumed the treat and is now dead.
    Gates said that his baby son also has free access to the shed and, save the grace of God, could have been the victim of this wanton act. The puppy was a harmless little animal that never so much as barked. Why anyone should poison it is hard to understand.
    Gates promises that it will go hard with the villain, if discovered.

    PG Pavilion to open for dancing
    Looking for a gay time? Why not try the Pacific Grove Pavilion? Previously a center for skating, the Pavilion has been renovated into a dancing center. The Peninsula Band plans to offer a preview of its music with a free mini-concert outside the pavilion before dancing begins. Tickets will be made available after the audition. All who decide to attend are assured a jolly time.

    Stage stars Kolb and Dill to appear
    The artists Kolb and Dill will soon be appearing on stage at the Work Theatre, accompanied by a very capable company of comedians and singers. Yes, this is the same Kolb and Dill who played the leading roles in the San Francisco production (very-well received) of The Bostonians. The orchestra is to be conducted by J. A. Baynes, whose music is one of the evening’s highlights. Residents will be strolling about Pacific Grove whistling the melodies Sweetheart Town and Time to Kiss a Girl after attending this extravaganza.

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