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    The News From 100 Years Ago

    PG Scam may be underway
    One week ago, it was reported that W. E. Rogers was on his way to Mexico to check on the condition of gold mines in which he had invested.
    Now, the truth can be revealed. Rogers is investigating a scheme with one overriding question in hand. Do the alleged gold mines exist at all? For the past year or two, so-called investment counselors have been encouraging PaGrovians to put their money into gold mines either in the Big Sur area or in Mexico. Mines in both areas were reported as extremely productive and enormous profits were promised all who invested.
    After investors began receiving no return on their money, a surprise visit to the Big Sur operation revealed nothing but a ramshackle shack and the area was occupied
    by nothing more valuable than bed bugs and mites. If a mine existed, same could not be found.
    With that information in hand, Rogers volunteered to head south into Mexico to determine what conditions exist there. Most expect him to find exactly what was found in Big Sur: nothing!1.

    California wrongly considering Asian exclusion
    The truth is this: most fail to realize the gravity of refusing to use Asian labor on this coast or the danger to our political status and social standard. Yet, this is exactly what will happen if our state legislature has its way. They are saying that the truth is that laboring white men will not work with Asiatics, and if Asiatics are freely admitted to our state, the white laborer will either fight or leave.
    In the opinion of this editor, that is all wrong.
    With free admission of Asiatics it would be possible for owners of large ranches to cultivate fruit and truck farms. It is the sort of enterprise that requires the Asiatic sort of labor, and labor these people do. While most PaGrovian acquaintance to Asiatics has been limited to those living at China Point, their experiences with the Japanese Tea House, the Lawrey Company, and the Grove Laundry Company point out the Asiatics as an industrious bunch peculiarly inclined to tend their own business. What is really the truth is that this anti-Asiatic movement is being brought on by the big labor bosses eager to keep everything in the hands of white workers.
    You are encouraged to take pen in hand and advise your representatives in the legislature to say “no” to excluding from California those hailing from the Asian countries2.

    Dr. Whitewolf’s property may go on block
    Suit has been commenced in the superior court by Mrs. A. Barara Knayer of Monterey against Dr. V. Whitewolf of the Grove to foreclose a mortgage on property owned by Whitewolf in the portion of Rancho Noche Buena known as the Villa subdivision.
    The complaint alleges the mortgage was given to secure the payment of a promissory note in the amount of $6,000. The note became due a year later and was to bear interest at the rate of 9% per annum. The complaint alleges that neither principal nor interest has been paid and that there is now due the total of $9,737.68.
    Plaintiff is suing to recover that sum plus $1,000 in counsel fees3.

    Notes from around the area…

    • Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Blackburn have been chosen as the new managers of the Hotel Del Mar. The Blackburns promise their lodging will be first-class in every respect. They will be offering both American and European plans and a free bus will deliver customers wherever they wish to go in the Grove.
    • Worried by the amount of catarrh going around? Purchase a small bottle of llyomei and a pocket inhaler from a drug store. Upon sensing yourself going under, pour a few drops of the magic llyomei (pronounced light-o-me) into the inhaler, add water, and spray the mist into your nose. Breathing the potion will speedily begin the work of killing catarrh germs4.

    The cost of living…

    • Set your table rustically with russet “Wheatware” place settings. Your get-started set
      of fourteen different items, including crock pot, is now available from the Pacific
      Grove Hardware for $10.95. Add pieces weekly, 95¢ each.
    • Enjoy the sweet, smooth taste of molasses? Grandma makes the best. Buy from the
      Campbell Grocery for $1.40 by the jug.
    • T’is the season for … cranberries! Eatmor cranberries are available by special consignment to the Del Monte green grocer. A large tin is yours for only 85¢ … but
      the cost is 35¢ with purchase of ham or turkey.
    • The 1910 pack of salmon was the lightest for a number of years. In consequence, the
      price on all grades has advanced about 30%. However, we have just received a
      shipment which we ordered before the price advance and we can stick to the old
      price while this shipment lasts. Red Label is 20¢ by the can and Puritan is selling 2 for 25¢. At the Oliver Grocery Company. Get your tasty, packed salmon

    Author’s Notes
    1. The lust for easy wealth is nothing new. This scam was evidently a Ponzi scheme
    in which part of the money from new investors was used to make it seem that
    old investors were being paid dividends.
    2. You’ll be pleased to learn that this abhorrent bill did not make it out of the state
    legislature, and probably would have been found illegal if it had. W. Lawrey was a respected contractor who employed multiple Asians in his contract
    business. His slogan was “no job too large, no job too small.” Lawrey spoke
    proudly of the work done by his Asian laborers.
    3. Dr. Whitewolf’s name has not yet been found among any of the Pacific Grove
    medical mentions of 1910. Was he a medical doctor? If not, what was he? What
    was the cause of his financial failings? Anyone with knowledge of the 1910
    Dr. Whitewolf is encouraged to contact the contemporary author, profguthrie@
    4. Catarrh is an inflammation of the mucous membranes affecting the nose and
    air passages, as with a cold or the flu. Whether the spray actually “killed” the
    catarrh germs is questionable, but the relief it provided sufferers certainly must
    have made it seem that way. Llyomei is made from the Australian eucalyptus

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