• High Hats and Parasols, December 18th, 2009

    Public School children walk beach
    Children attending the Pacific Grove public school were given a fine lesson in
    shoreline nature last week. The children went walking on the beach in the vicinity of
    the Point Pinos Lighthouse under sponsorship of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural
    History. One teacher offered explanations of what the children observed. Afterward
    they were treated to a picnic lunch. Principal Metzler supervised.

    Notes from the library
    The library board, at its monthly meeting, elected Mr. E. Berwick as chairman of
    the trustees. Other trustees are James Williams, Abby Bigger, A. Bunker, W. Smith,
    and H. Abbot. From various reports, it was learned that during the past year (October
    1 through September 30, 1909) the library purchased 403 books. That addition brings
    the number of books-on-the-shelves to 3,8000, from which the library garnered 30,588
    circulations. Holdings of the library include subscriptions to twenty magazines. Readers
    visiting the library’s reading room numbered 19,380. The library now boasts 1,124
    cardholders. Individuals who made significant contributions to the library include Dr.
    O. Trimmer, D. Folger, Rev. C. Aldridge, C. Cussing, Dr. J. Williams, Mr. H. Wilcox,
    Dr. T. Grimes, and Miss W. Fielding. Special thanks are extended to the Andrew
    Carnegie fund for its help.

    Jealous murderer found guilty
    The arrest of Mr. Howard Hatch, previously reported by this newspaper, resulted
    in the accused murderer’s recent trial and conviction. Jurors were told that Miss Maud
    Walker of San Luis Obispo was shot and killed by the defendant while the victim was
    socializing at the local home of the victim’s sister.
    The sister, Miss Ethel Walker, who testified that the victim had traveled north
    from San Luis Obispo to visit with her and other friends, including Hatch, said that the
    murdered girl was, at nineteen years of age, four years the junior of the woman who
    was testifying.
    The court then accepted the testimony of friends of the deceased, some of whom
    witnessed the shooting. One of those who testified, a young man, name withheld as a
    juvenile, said that he was sitting next to Miss Walker when the murderer entered the
    room, brandishing a weapon. According to these assertions, Hatch walked up to the
    girl, placed the pistol against her breast, and fired. Hatch then turned to the youth and
    pressed the gun against his stomach, saying: “I’ll get you too, you ….” Hatch then
    attempted twice to fire the gun, but the cap failed on both attempts.
    The young man then fled through the house with Hatch at his heels. Near the back
    door, the killer decided to try again and he raised the pistol and attempted to fire the
    weapon. The pistol’s cap again failed to go off. At that time, the then fatally-wounded
    woman staggered into the kitchen, with blood spurting from a gaping hole in her breast,
    and fell dead in a heap.
    Other men then dashed in and succeeded in wrestling Hatch to the floor and in
    securing his pistol. Although Hatch refused to testify, it is believed that jealously
    provided the principal motivation. The time of sentencing will be announced.

    About town…

    • The IOOF Lodge No. 182 meets Tuesday evenings at Scooby Hall which is
      located at the corner of 17th and Lighthouse Avenue. This notice has been
      posted by A. Posner, N.G.
    • The Postmaster is holding a letter addressed only to an unknown name residing
      in the Grove: Mrs. Susan Hettice.
    • The El Bethel Mission is holding a Divine Healing this coming Wednesday.
    • Mssr. J. A. Littlejohn and his family of Yuba City have rented a cottage at 236
      Cedar Street where they plan to spend the summer.
    • Complaints about gas or water service? Notify the Monterey County Gas &
      Electric Company. Telephone Mr. J. O. Richesin at Main 191.
    • Marshal E. B. Rich reports that an unfortunate has lost a gold bar pin with a
      diamond star at its center. Please return to 162 19th. Reward.

    Cost of Living…

    • Mssr. F. R. Sargent has been named agent for Wannamaker & Brown, the
      Philadelphia Clothiers. Sargent promises prices so low they cannot be
      published for fear of frightening the competition. Ask!
    • Save big! Buy your tickets now for round-trip summer excursions by rail.
      From Pacific Grove to Houston, $61.50. Boston, $111.60. Kansas City, $61.00.
    • The Passmores of San Francisco will be in the Grove Saturday to offer a concert
      of singing at Saint Marys by the Sea. 15¢ donation.
      Kill your cough with Dr. King’s New Discovery for coughs and colds. 45¢ a
      bottle at the Pacific Grove Pharmacy.
    • Roderick Groceries offers a full line of food stuffs, including the best meat your
      money can buy. Purchase a get-acquainted New York steak at 15¢ a pound.

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