• High Hats and Parasols, December 3rd, 2010

    The News From 100 Years Ago

    PG High chooses hymn
    Students and alums of the Grove’s high school have selected an institutional hymn. The song is to be sung as one of the features of each planned occasion in the future.
    The hymn’s refrain:

    Where ocean’s waves are bluest and friend’s kind hearts are truest,
    Our beacon light of learning is ever brightly burning.
    While joyous hearts are beating, these happy hours are fleeting.
    And oh! The bitter parting from dear old schoolmates parting.

    The hymn’s chorus:

    I love, I love Pacific Grove. Her praise I’ll
    sing wherever I rove. Dream of worlds to conquer beyond the ocean’s border. I’ll sing
    when school days are over and I sail the sea as a rover.

    Caravan to Reno
    It is being billed as one of the greatest sporting events ever!
    James Jeffrey, former heavyweight champ of the world, has agreed to enter the ring against Jack Johnson, a colored who has won every one of his fights for the past five years. Now, it is time to set matters right. Jeffrey and Johnson have agreed to pull on their gloves in Reno. A caravan is being formed to travel there by auto mobile. Interested? Stop by your newspaper office to sign up1.

    Hotel Manx features Pacific Grove Review
    It is remarkable how appreciative the people living in the Grove are of courteous treatment, good service, and right prices.
    That is noted in the fact that there were twelve people from here registered at the Hotel Manx in San Francisco just last week. The Manx, located at the intersection of Powell and O’Farrel streets, cost a million dollars to build. It is complete in every detail; everything about it being the newest, brightest, and cleanest.
    Former patrons of the Old Lick House and the Occidental Hotel who have moved their business to the Manx feel right at home in their new abode. Several of the more popular of the clerks were hired away by the Manx and are receiving guests in the identical, hospitable manner as before. The same popular prices prevail, but far better accommodations and services are to be had. The immense, home-like lobby will be the scene of many of San Francisco’s finest social functions.
    Is it possible that the Manx Hotel caters to Grovians? One end of the parlor is dedicated to being a library and writing room. Newspapers considered to be of the top ilk are on file there. Among those papers: the Pacific Grove Review.

    The museum quarterly meeting
    The second-quarter meeting of the Pacific Grove Museum Association was held on Saturday afternoon beginning at 2:30.
    Vice President J. P. Pryor presided at the session. There was a good attendance.
    Treasurer E. E. Prussia presented his report showing a treasury balance of $22.95.
    Miss Laura Duncan, the curator, gave a fine accounting of her work during the quarter. She calculated 420 people visiting the museum, also during the quarter. Miss Duncan spoke highly of the work done by her assistant, Miss Murray, and also of the work done by Mrs. Green in arranging and classifying birds. Miss Duncan suggested the need of a flag to fly over the museum building. She said if the gentlemen of the association will furnish a pole the ladies will furnish the flag.
    The gardener said that snails are fast destroying the vegetation and that something will have to be done in the near future. The gardener also suggested that the croquet ground on the east side of the museum be returned to a condition appropriate for play.
    Miss H. B. Chase reported that $78.40 had been realized from the “Cafeteria” fund raising drive. She thanked the Pacific Grove Hotel for providing its kitchen and dining room for the effort2.

    Notes from around the area…

        • The Carnegie Library of Pacific Grove is changing hours. The library will open at 10 am and close at 9 pm each day. Sundays and legal holidays are excepted.
        • Why cook at home when you can stop by 210 Grand and get everything you want hot and palatable. Strictly home cooked.
        • Mrs. A. S. Bacon has returned to her home in San Jose after spending several weeks visiting friends in the Grove, her former home.
        • Interested in winter fishing or abalone gathering? Get whatever equipment you need at Wright’s Hardware. The water’s fine! Come on in!

    The cost of living…

        • Folgers “Golden Gate” Coffee. Available at Johnston Bros & Campbell for 35¢ a pound.
        • Mr. W. P. Stewart, the piano tuner, has checked in at the Pacific Grove Hotel for at least a week. Mr. Stewart will be available to tune pianos with great precision. Uprights cost $5. Grands are $5.75. Leave word with the hotel desk.
        • I have a small, neat cottage for rent at 412 16th Street. Inquire with W. B. Flicher.
        • Broilers are available from W. B. Filcher for 18¢ a pound. Hens cost 12¢ a pound. 412 16th street.
        • Sweet, delicious apricots. 10¢ a pound at Burlingames.

    Author’s Notes
    1. Jeffrey was viewed as “The Great White Hope” by Arian elitists hoping that
    a white could regain the title. The entire fight, then referred to as a “contest”,
    was filmed and is still available for viewing today. Jack Johnson won the
    2. The “Cafeteria” fund raising drive offered lunch at the Pacific Grove Hotel in
    exchange for a donation to the association.

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